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getting to know me

Getting To Know Me (ACT Explore)
Time Required: 30-45 minutes
Content Standards:
AA.S.2 Students will complete school with the academic
rigor and preparation essential to choose from a
wide range of substantial postsecondary options,
including college.
AA.S.4 Students will acquire the skills to investigate the
world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to
make informed career decisions.
AA.S.8 Students will make decisions, set goals, and take
necessary action to achieve goals.
Understand the components and relevance of the ACT Explore to educational
and career planning.
AA.A.8.4.12 Utilize the ACT Explore to explore career options.
AA.PSD.8.8.06 Utilize ACT/EXPLORE results to set plans necessary to achieve goals.
GOAL: Students will demonstrate understanding of their ACT Explore
results in relation to their academic and career goals.
Activity Statements:
1. Using the booklet, “Using Your Explore Results,” the instructor will discuss each area of
the ACT Explore Student Score Report.
2. Students will discuss the importance of being aware of their academic strengths and
weaknesses as revealed by the ACT Explore.
3. Students will discuss the importance of knowing how they are progressing academically
in terms of college readiness if planning to attend college after graduation.
4. The instructor will help students understand the importance of academic rigor in
planning their high school coursework leading to post-secondary education and a
5. Students will use the World-of-Work Map to gain insights into their personal interests as
they relate to occupational work tasks.
How To Write A Resume
Getting to Know Me (ACT Explore)
6. Students will complete an activity to help them set goals for academic improvement,
and help them understand the importance of knowing themselves as they think about
career plans.
Student Copies of their ACT Explore results – “Your Score Report”
Student copies of “Using Your Explore Results” booklets.
Handout 1 “Thinking About My Explore Results”
The instructor will use the booklet, “Using Your Explore Results,” to guide students through
interpreting and understanding their results. Discussion questions and talking points
through each of the three main sections of the ACT Explore follow:
“Your Scores”
1. What do your scores mean?
Using the “Using Your Explore Results” as a guide, explain that their scores are based on
the number of correct answers and the composite score is the average of the four
2. How do you compare with other students?
Using a sample percentile score (such as 75%), ask students if anyone can explain what
that score means? (That student scored as high or higher than 75% of the students who
took the ACT Explore.)
3. Why would it be helpful for you to know how you compare with other 8th grade
Explain the importance of standardized test scores when students apply for college
entrance and scholarships. Knowing how students compare as 8th graders provides them
with insights about their academic progress if they are planning for college.
4. What else do your scores tell you?
Explain that their scores also show their academic strengths and weaknesses.
Is this good to know? Why?
How To Write A Resume
Getting to Know Me (ACT Explore)
“Your Plans”
1. What are cores? Why are core courses important?
This may be a good time to review the basic requirements for graduation from high
school, and the requirements for the professional pathway for students planning to
enter a four year college after graduation.
2. Discuss students’ responses for “Your Reported Needs” and “Plans After High School.”
3. Explain the value of college readiness. What can students do to prepare for college if
any of their scores fall below the benchmark scores that show readiness for college
level work?
“Your Career Possibilities”
1. Discuss the “World-of-Work Map.”
Explain the four basic work tasks and how they relate to the occupational areas
presented on the map.
2. Discuss the importance of the blue shaded areas on their Score Report’s World-of-Work
map. This indicates career areas that may be of interest to the student based on their
responses on the Explore Interest Inventory.
3. Remind students that the occupational interest they chose as a Career Area Preference
is highlighted in blue on the World-of-Work Map. A good question may be: Does your
highlighted career area of interest fall within the blue area on your map? What does
this mean?
1. Distribute Handout 1, “Thinking About My Explore Results.” Instruct students to complete
the statements as they think about their Explore results and what the results mean to their
academic and career planning.
2. You may instruct students to complete the academic portion of the activity individually,
and complete the My Career Interests portion in collaborative pairs. Students often enjoy
talking with other students about their career interests.
How To Write A Resume
Getting to Know Me (ACT Explore)
Additional Resources:
Explore Interpretive Guide for Student and School Reports
Interpretive Session Visuals available through ACT Explore
For additional information about the ACT Explore test and additional reading about what
the test reports reveal, visit:
Extension Activities:
Students may visit www.explorestudent.org with their parents for further reading about the
Explore test and what the results mean. There is also information to help students plan
their high school coursework based on their post-secondary and career goals.
While at www.explorestudent.org, students may go to “Your Future,” click on “Your Career
Opportunities,” and then “Launch World-of-Work.” This will take them to an interactive
tool where students can click on a career area on the World-of-Work Map and get
details of specific occupations.
Resource or Adapted from:
ACT Explore Using Your Explore Results
Lesson Developed by Cathy Grewe, School Counselor
Jackson Middle School (2009)