Students will explore the nature of comedy by informally staging the opening scenes in Shakespeare's As
You Like It. Students will consider a variety of stylistic approaches that may be used in staging the play and
select the one they think is most interesting and that will most effectively convey the text to the audience.
Students will seek support for their choices from theatrical tradition.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Present informal scenes from As You Like It.
Develop multiple interpretations and visual and aural production choices.
Justify interpretation, and visual and aural artistic choices made for performance with support from the text and
theatrical tradition.
Constructively evaluate their own and others' collaborative efforts and artistic choices in informal presentations.
Analyze and critique presentations by their peers, taking into account the context, and constructively discuss the
effect of their artistic choices.
Teaching Approach
Arts Integration
Teaching Methods
Discovery Learning
Experiential Learning
Assessment Type
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