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Research Questions and Issues in Areas of Psychology copy

Psychodynamic psychology
How can unconsciousness affect us?
Clinical psychology
What are the best treatment methods for
people who suffer from extreme anxiety?
Social-cultural psychology
How will people behave in collectivism and
individualism society?
Cognitive psychology
Why are some people particularly good at
reading maps?
Counseling psychology
How can psychologists help college students
make career choices?
How to evaluate intelligence?
Developmental psychology
What happens to short-term memory as
people age?
Educational psychology
What qualities make for effective teachers?
Evolutionary psychology
What are the origins of human jealousy?
Social Psychology
Why do people behave in different ways in
What side effect will anti-depressant medicine
Positive psychology
How can one person feel his/her life is
Industrial/organizational psychology
What factors make a good manager?
Personality psychology
Do lonely people have low self-esteem?
Community Psychology
How to change school bullying?
Biological Psychology
What brain structure do criminals have?
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