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35 Reasonable Rewards

35 Reasonable Rewards
Be the line leader
Pick a game at recess
Sit with a friend
Sit with the teacher at lunch
Sit next to the teacher during story time
Teach the class a favorite game
Take a homework pass
Have lunch with the teacher
Sit at the teacher's desk for the day or a set amount of time
Have the teacher make a positive phone call home
Enjoy a positive visit with the principal
Eat with a friend in the classroom (with the teacher)
Choose the game during gym
Be first in the lunch line
Be the teacher's helper for the day
Choose a book for read aloud
Read a book to the class
Have a free serving of milk
Draw on the chalkboard
Chew sugar-free gum
Choose any class job for the week
Choose music for the class to hear
Use colored chalk
Get a drink
Make a bulletin board
Help in a classroom of younger children
Assist the custodian
Use the teacher's chair
Work in the lunchroom
Take home a class game for a night
Keep a stuffed animal at desk
Operate a film projector or other equipment
Be the leader of a class game
Do half of an assignment
Take extra computer time
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