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Scope of Bamboo plantation in India

Yield: Average yield 40 tonnes per acre.
Planting: Conventionally, about 200 of them are planted per acre. In medium density planting, the
number rises to 500 and, in high-density planting, the number is doubled to 1,000 plants per acre.
Planting Cost:
1st Year: The initial cost is Rs 14.39 lakh per10 acres for land preparation, soil improvement, sinking a
well, weeding, fencing, laying a drip system, ploughing, digging pits and installing an electrical pump.
2nd – 4th Year: Rs 3.26 lakh per 10 acres
5th Year onwards: Rs 4.40 lakh per 10 acres.
From 3rd Year: 297 tonnes per 10 acre. Yields remain steady at 400 tonnes per 10 acres from the
fifth year onwards.
At Rs 4,000 a tonne (for sun-dried 15% moisture bamboo), Namby says the net income from such a
plantation will be about Rs 70 lakh over 10 years.
According to the World Bank, India’s per person emission of carbon dioxide was 1,730 kg a year in
2014. Another website says this has risen to 1,900 kg in 2016.
Bharathi Namby, a scientist, says it will take just five bamboo plants a year to make an Indian
carbon-neutral, because each of them absorbs about 400 kg of CO2 a year
From Budget speech : Bamboo is ‘Green Gold’. We removed bamboo grown outside forest areas
from the definition of trees. Now, I propose to launch a Re-structured National Bamboo Mission with
an outlay of Rs.1290 crore to promote bamboo sector in a holistic manner.
Firstly the market for bamboo needs to be identified. If we can do value chain addition than income
will be higher. In a rough figure in one hectre we can harvest 1600 and more clumps of about 35 to
40 kg weight. So if we can get RS. 3-4 per kg than income will be about 1.5 lakh per annum which is
very Less. Similarly if we sell primary process bamboo or treated than income will be higher.
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