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Care and Instructions
These plants require bright, but indirect light. Never put
in direct sunlight or outside. The glass will cook the plants.
Pour water directly into soil near the plant base to make
the soil moist but in very little quantity: typically once every
7-14 days depending on season and climate (more in hot or
dry weather, less in cold).
Keep soil moist between watering but not soaking wet. Don't
let open terrariums dry out completely.
Check for water in rocks at bottom of terrarium.
Many plants in a terrarium will gradually outgrow their
limited space. A little trimming often promotes side shoots
that fill out plants.
Be sure to remove all dead vegetation from the terrarium.
You should also trim tips if they start to touch the glass.
Remove any plants that begin to rot.
Rot is often associated with too much moisture so don’t
Periodically, the glass will need to be cleaned with a damp
cloth to remove build up on glass.
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