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Linear Equations - Simple Word Problems

Linear Equations - Word Problems
1. Shakara and Jake are starting a business tutoring students in
math. They rent an office for $400 per month and charge $40
tutoring session. If they get 15 sessions booked in a month,
how much profit do they make together in a month?
2. Tia and Khiyala want to rent a car for a trip to Brisbane. They
call Avis car and truck rental here in Charleville and are told it
costs $75 to rent a care plus $0.11 per kilometre driven. How
much will they have to pay if they drive 1500km to Brisbane
and back?
3. Matt and Laura want to build a new goat pen in the Ag plot.
They know it’s going to cost them $1300 for the materials
needed to make the pen, plus $45 for every worker per day
they contract to help build the pen. If they hire 3 workers in
one day, how much will their total costs be?
4. Olivia and Kaylah enter a roo-catching competition. Together it
costs them $37 to enter the competition and are paid $3.50 per
kangaroo they catch. If the girls catch 18 roos during the
competition, what is their total winnings?
5. Isaac and Sam are told they will be given $200 if they manage
to keep completely silent during a math lesson. However, they
will be fined $15 each time they start chatting or make a sound.
If the teacher catches the two talking 12 times, how much
money do they take away from the lesson?
6. Jess is making vanilla slice for the whole school. It has cost her
$45 for all the ingredients needed to make the cake. If she is
charging $2 per slice, how much profit does she make if she
sells 39 slices?
7. Ethan and Kaiden want to buy a new PS4 and some games.
They know it costs $349 for a new PS4 consoles and on average
$89 per game. If they want to buy 4 games, what will their total
purchase price be?
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