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ny quiz - gen knowledge, pic and music answers

S6 BBQ – New York Quiz
1. What was New York originally called?
2. Which Art Deco-style skyscraper was the world's tallest building for 11 months
before it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931?
3. Which of New York City's five boroughs is home to JFK International Airport and
LaGuardia Airport?
4. How many times does the Empire State building get hit with lightning per year (on
11 b) 23 c) 45
5. Which neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan has been known as the
Bohemian capital, an artists' haven, and the cradle of the modern LGBT movement?
6. What has been referred to as 'the Center of the Universe', 'the Crossroads of the
World', and 'the heart of The Great White Way'?
7. True or False – was NYC ever the capital of the United States?
8. Which art museum is the largest in the United States?
9. Which salt water tidal estuary separates the borough of Queens on Long Island from
the Bronx on the mainland?
10. Which of New York City's five boroughs is the most populated?
Break – total marks
11. Which stadium do the New York Yankees play in?
12. Which newspaper, established by Alexander Hamilton in 1803, is the longest-running
newspaper in America?
13. Which NYC zoo is the largest city zoo in the United States?
14. What was the name of the coffee shop The Friends character hung out in
15. In 1933 who climbed to the top of the Empire State Building?
16. Which free passenger ferry shuttle service runs 24/7 between Manhattan and Staten
17. Until 1954, which island in New York Bay housed an immigrant inspection station
for over sixty years?
S6 BBQ – New York Quiz
18. Which department store has conducted the annual New York City Thanksgiving Day
Parade since 1924?
19. Which public park in Queens is host to the annual U.S. Open tennis tournament?
20. Which New York institution has the largest gold storage in the world?
1. New Amsterdam
2. The Chrysler Building
3. Queens
4. 23
5. Greenwich Village
6. Times Square
7. True – NYC was the capital of the US for 5 years from 1785 to 1790
8. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (or 'the Met')
9. The East River (note: despite its name it isn't actually a river!)
10. Brooklyn
11. Yankee Stadium
12. The New York Post
13. The Bronx Zoo
14. Central Perk
15. King Kong
16. The Staten Island Ferry
17. Ellis Island
18. Macys
19. Flushing Meadows
20. Federal Reserve Bank
S6 BBQ – New York Quiz
Picture Round –
Statue of Liberty
2. Empire State Building
3. Times Square
4. Central Park
5. Chrysler Building
6. Brooklyn Bridge
7. George Washington Bridge
8. Guggenheim
9. Flat Iron Building
10. Grand Central Terminal
11. Coney Island
12. Flushing Meadows
Music Round
1. Name the song – Empire State of Mind (part 2)
2. Name the singer – Alicia Keys
3. Write the first line of this song ‘Start spreading the news’
4. Lou Reed sang this song, which band was he a member of? – Velvet
5. Name the song – ‘Walk on the Wild Side’
6. Who composed this song? – George Gerschwinn
7. Name this song – ‘I’ll be there for you’
8. Which famous tv programme is this the theme tune for?
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