Test Final

Teacher Education Center
Makato, Aklan
Mid-Term Examination
Special Topics
Test I. MULTIPLE CHOICE (15 points)
Read the statements carefully and ENCIRCLED the letter of the correct answer.
1. In a cooperative learning, students learn more effectively when working together rather
than apart, and it is also one way in improving students’ ____________.
a. Self – direction
b. Self – confidence
c. Self – trust
d. Self – actualization
2. This is a cyber-ethical violation wherein an individual gives false statement that could harm
another’s reputation.
a. Cyber-bullying
b. Invasion of privacy
c. Cyber-libel
d. Cyber-stalking
3. An act enhancing the Philippine Basic Education system by strengthening its curriculum and
increasing the number of years for basic education.
a. R.A. 10533
b. R.A. 10553
c. R.A. 10053
d. R.A. 10335
4. One of the principles of stress management that involves knowing your capabilities and your
limits, your personal temperament and typical coping styles is?
a. Risk – taking
b. Self-acceptance
c. Self-knowledge
d. Self-interest
5. What is the correct chronological order of the abbreviated Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive
6. Is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance
in some ways?
a. Frustration
b. Stress
c. Depression
d. Anxiety
7. The following are the attributes of an effective teacher, EXCEPT one.
a. Exhibits positive expectations for all students.
b. Realizes that teaching is not a private practice.
c. Believes that what he/she does outside of here has no bearing.
d. Goes to professional meeting to learn.
8. Differentiated Instruction is based upon the theory of?
a. Classical Conditioning Theory of B.F. Skinner
b. Multiple Intelligence Theory of Howard Gardner
c. Behavioral Theory by Ivan Pavlov
d. Theory of Cognitive Development by Jean Piaget
9. Is a characteristic of an effective teacher as a stress manager who he/she is able to adapt
and adjust new circumstances that call for new ways of thinking and behaving?
a. Self-directed
b. Realistic
c. Positive Thinker
d. Flexibility
10. Is a good strategy in stress management where in you try yourself out to know your limits?
a. Risk Management
b. Risk Mitigation
c. Risk Taking
d. Risk Direction
11. Who was the President of the Philippines that signs the affectivity of the R.A. 10533, also
known as the “Enhanced Basic Education Act”?
a. President Rodrigo Roa-Duterte
b. President Gloria-Macapagal
c. President Benigno Simeo-Aquino III
d. President Erap Estrada
12. The following are the focus on 21st Century skills life and career skills, EXCEPT one.
a. Interpret drawing and calculations
b. Media and technology skills
c. Learning and innovation
d. Effective Communication
13. What is the correct order of the steps that teachers will follow in making questions?
1. Generating an overt response
2. Revising the response
3. Attending to the question
4. Deciphering the question
5. Generating a covert response
a. 3-4-1-2-5
b. 3-4-5-1-2
c. 3-4-2-5-1
d. 3-4-1-5-2
14. Is a type of question that used to explore students’ understanding of complex situations
beyond the scope of the particular encounter by creating hypothetical scenarios?
a. Justifying questions
b. Questions about questions
c. Hypothetical questions
d. Extension questions
15. The following are the principles of questioning in a classroom setting, EXCEPT one.
a. Balance factual and thought-provoking questions.
b. Encourage limited response and answers.
c. Stimulate critical thinking.
d. Asked both simple and exact questions.
Test II. MATCHING TYPE (15 points)
Match column A to column B. Write the letter of the correct answer in the line provided before
the numbers.
Column A
Implies involving student in the learning process so
they will have a deeper understanding of what they
are learning.
Help students to organize information easier.
It has both visual and auditory component in a
classroom setting.
Use of multimedia.
Put first thing first.
Circumstances that caused stress.
Causes anxiety and worry.
Help you to avoid extremes in feeling.
A statement that has an interrogative function.
________10. Used to get information from students.
________11. Question – Pause - Name
________12. Malicious programs shared with the intent or
shutting down computer system.
________13. The community of networked computers and the
culture that has developed among users of these
________14. Unauthorized duplication of items such DVDs.
It involves knowing your capabilities, limits,
personal temperament, and coping.
Column B
Graphic organizer
Attention Signal
Time Management
Inquiry based
Utilizing Technology
Factual Questions
Self – Moderation
Overhead Technique
Test III. TRUE or FALSE (15 points)
Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE it if the statement is not correct.
_____________ 1.
_____________ 2.
_____________ 3.
______________ 5.
______________ 6.
______________ 7.
______________ 8.
______________ 9.
______________ 10.
______________ 11.
______________ 12.
______________ 13.
______________ 14.
______________ 15.
An effective teacher knows how to design lessons for his/her own.
Technology – rich lessons have been found to keep students motivated and
engaged longer in a discussion.
An inquiry-based instruction is a classroom instruction which you engage each
student in accommodating their specific learning style.
Cyber-stalking is a violation resulting from usage of another person’s password
to access his or her online accounts.
Guarding your privacy is one of the rules of internet safety.
Plagiarism is a violation which an unauthorized duplication of item such CD’s
and DVD’s and others.
Eustress is a type of stress that is energizing.
Stress can be caused by not only bad happenings but also by good things.
A person becomes a master of stress manager overnight.
During the kindergarten, the Learning Domain is introduced.
In the K-12 Curriculum a student could proceed in Grade 1 even though he/she
doesn’t take kindergarten.
The Philippines is the last country in Asia with 10 year pre-university program.
Factual questions are used to provide clarity to both students and teachers.
Deciphering the meaning of the question is the final step for teachers to follow
in making questions.
Questioning are good checker of students prior knowledge.
Test IV. Essay (5 points)
1. How important is asking questions in the teaching and learning process?
God Bless
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