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Logistics Execution and Warehouse Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5
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Question: 1
You want to stage in consistent quantities independently of an order. Which material staging
indicator would you use?
A. Indicator 4 (manual staging)
B. Indicator 3 (release order part)
C. Indicator 1 (pick part)
D. Indicator 2 (crate part)
Answer: D
Question: 2
What is the purpose of the storage bin field in the "Warehouse Mgmt 2" view of the material
A. To identify the fixed storage bin for that material in the storage type
B. To identify the next empty storage bin for that material in the storage type
C. To identify the open storage bin for that material in the storage type
D. To identify the bulk storage bin for that material in the storage type
Answer: A
Question: 3
How the determination of door and staging area happens during the outbound delivery?
(Choose three)
A. It also depends on the route schedule
B. Staging area determination can also take place at the delivery item level if the storage conditions
are also taken into account
C. The determination can take place at the delivery header level depending on the goods recipient
D. The determination can take place at the delivery header level depending on the goods issuer
Answer: B, C, D
Question: 4
There are several documents created during the creation/posting a transaction in SAP.
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Which of the following documents are not specific to Logistics Execution?
(Choose three)
A. Transfer order
B. Material document
C. Transfer requirements
D. Inbound delivery
E. Purchase Order
F. Sales order
G. Outbound delivery
Answer: B, E, F
Question: 5
What are the things to be taken into consideration for the implementation of RF solution?
(Choose three)
A. Recovery of connection in case of connection drop and reconnection
B. Customization and flow logic development in the production environment of SAP
C. Support for different connection types of RF terminals
D. Implementation of new devices with ease
E. Replacement of each screen with our own screen without change of processing logic
Answer: A, C, E
Question: 6
How the differences handled during the putaway process? (Choose two)
A. Differences that can be track backed to errors in warehouse are generally putaway in a separate
storage bin
B. The processor who identifies the differences during the putaway process records the missing
quantity on confirmation of the transfer requirement
C. The goods receipt posting has to be corrected with a partial reversal to complete the activity in
Inventory Management
D. If error lies with the vendor the missing quantities can be posted back to the goods receipt area
using a separate difference indicator
Answer: C, D
Question: 7
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What are the options available for creation of outbound deliveries? (Choose two)
A. We can create outbound delivery manually with or without reference to a particularorder
B. We can deliver purchase orders also if we create a delivery manually
C. We can use collective processing to deliver goods for all types of shipping documents
D. In collective processing the system automatically creates outbound deliveries in background only
Answer: A, C
Question: 8
Your goods are stored in different storage sections. What do you do to ensure that goods receipts are
stored in the appropriate storage section? (Choose two)
A. Assign the storage section to the material master data
B. Activate the storage section check at storage type level and maintain the storage section search
C. Create a storage section indicator and add it to the material master data
D. Assign the storage bin type to the storage section
Answer: B, C
Question: 9
You receive stock that was purchased for a specific project. The stock should be separated from
unrestricted stock of the same material. What do you have to customize in the system?
A. Define a new interim storage type and assign it to the WM movement type.
B. Create an entry in the storage type search table and add the stock category indicator.
C. De-activate the 'addition to stock' indicator in the material master data.
D. Create an entry in the storage type search table and add the special stock indicator.
Answer: D
Question: 10
What are the document changes possible in Decentralized Warehouse Management? (Choose three)
A. At item level we can change weight, volume
B. We can also able to change partners or partner addresses and delete items
C. We cannot able to change delivery quantity at item level
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D. At header level we can change weight, volume, delivery date, and external identification number
E. We can change all the information at the header or item level
Answer: A, B, D
Question: 11
How is the connection of the organizational units in the warehouse to MM Inventory Management?
A. The assignment of warehouse to a plant
B. The assignment of warehouse to company code
C. The assignment of warehouse to a storage location
D. The assignment of warehouse to a combination of plant and storage location
Answer: D
Question: 12
What are the features of Lean Warehouse Management which makes it lucrative to implement in
place of full Warehouse Management System? (Choose three)
A. Reduced time of implementation
B. Less complexity compared to full Warehouse management
C. Storage at storage bin level
D. Usage of storage sections not required
Answer: A, B, D
Question: 13
You have been asked to explain the salient features of storage bin master record. Which of the
following statement correct?
(Choose two)
A. The storage bins are always created within a storage section
B. We can assign a picking area and, where necessary, a fire-containment section for hazardous good
C. Storage bin can be assigned to a storage type
D. Every storage bin is uniquely identified by coordinates in the storage type, and up to 12 characters
are available for constructing the storage bin coordinates
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Answer: A, B
Question: 14
What are the steps involved in the picking process Using Warehouse Management? (Choose four)
A. Printing of transfer orders
B. Printing of transfer requirements
C. Post goods issue
D. Confirmation of quantities
E. Creation of transfer requirements for outbound delivery
F. Creation of transfer order for outbound delivery
Answer: A, C, D, F
Question: 15
Which of the following options are available in standard SAP ECC system for handling of inspections
lots during putaway in Warehouse Management? (Choose four)
A. Interim storage of inspection samples in a work center
B. Putaway the inspection lots and the remaining quantities
C. Interim storage of inspection samples in a storage bin
D. Pass over the transfer requirement items that belong to an inspection lot
E. Inspection lots remain in the goods receipt area
F. Inspection lots remain in the goods issue area
Answer: A, B, D, E
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