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Take Action Group.
My health my priority!
• Tag is a dynamic group that was founded on 11
November 2018, following a sensitization on
reproductive health of the youth.
• The original inspiration came from a presentation
made by SWAAG-Group from makueni in
collaboration with afya halisi at KMTC MWINGI.
• Initially the group started with 10 members and a
month later 9 more, joined the group.
• The group was open to all students who were are
aged between 18- 25 years.
• One was required to pay a registration fee of
• Improve the reproductive health of the
youth in KMTC Mwingi campus and
outside the campus-:
• Provision of education session aimed at creating
awareness of reproductive health.
• Provision of reproduction health services like
family planning.
• Honoring world health days like- HIV day, TB day,
Hand washing day.
• Construction of youth centered clinic.
• Mentorship programs through: motivation of
students, self esteem, academic achievements.
• To create a youth friendly society that is aware of
their reproductive health needs and can protect
themselves and seek acceptable medical services
without fear.
• Empower the youth with accessible reproductive
health services and knowledge.
• Condom distribution
• Two members were appointed to manage the
filling of male and female condom dispenser in the
Kenneth Too and Cate David
• Provision of education session aimed at creating
awareness of reproductive health. Eg
• Prevention of HIV and sexual transmitted infection
by use of:• A:- abstinence
• B:- be faithful to their partners.
• C:-correct and consistent condom use.
• The session are contacted during attitude training day
which is done after every 6 month.
• Previous session we targeted a minimum of 100
students but we managed to get 90, 50 F and 40 M.
Honoring world health days likeworld AIDs day.
• We meet the youth and do focused group
discussion about:-HIV/AIDS and STIs, family
• Last section that was held on 1/12/2018 we
managed to give 20 woman family planning.
• we offer family planning methods:-implants, depo,
IUCDs, COC. All this methods are given as per client
• Also we distributed 360 condoms to youth who
visited our section.
• Mentorship programs through: motivation of
students, self esteem, academic achievements
• The program are held monthly and focus on:1} sexual behavior e.g, multiple partners, use of
condoms and family planning.
2] we advice the students to set goals that can aid
them to achieve there academic structure.
Educative messages
• We have wall board at campus where we post
educative massages for other students.
• The massages are posted monthly.
• No Glove No Sex
• Safety first is SAFETY always.
• #Always use a ‘CONDOM’ sense
Future plans
• To construct a youth friendly clinic that will focus
on problems facing the youth
• To create an outreach program that targets the
youth in the society
• To collaborate with other health sectors in
improving youth reproductive health