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Lesson 1 Handout

1. Calculate the area of the following shapes:
2. A very old gate has slumped over to appear as shown. What area does the gate’s frame now enclose?
3. Which of the following calculations shows how to calculate the area of the parallelogram, in cm2 ?
4. A parallelogram with base length 25 cm has an area of 375 cm2. The height of the parallelogram is:
a) 30cm
b) 20cm
c) 15cm d) 7.5cm
5. Find the area of the following figures in: i) m2 ii) cm2
6. This parallelogram-shaped building is found on the banks of the Elbe river in Hamburg, Germany. If the base
length of the parallelogram shape enclosing the windows is 85 m, and each of the five floors is 3.5 m high,
what is the area of glass on the front face of the building shown?
7. Amanda’s restaurant has a floor plan in the shape of a parallelogram. She knows that the floor has an area
of 48 m2. Give three possible combinations for the base length and height (in whole numbers of metres) for
the floor of Amanda’s restaurant.
8. A rectangular floor area is to be tiled. The floor has a perimeter of 280 cm. Its length is 2.5 times its width.
160 square tiles will be used. What is the area of each square tile, to the nearest cm 2?