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Biology Syllabus Scavenger hunt

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Biology Syllabus Scavenger Hunt
1. When are tutorials held?
2. What major state test is given at the end of the school year for Biology?
3. List three topics that are taught in Biology:
4. List the materials you must bring to class everyday:
5. Austin likes bringing in two donuts and a 32oz. Dr. Pepper to first period every morning.
He can’t get going unless he’s had 180g of sugar for breakfast. Is he eating his breakfast
in class?
6. What drink is allowed in the classroom?
7. What should you do when you enter class?
8. If you are absent, whose responsibility is it to get your missing work?
9. A student didn’t turn in her assignment in on time. It is now two days late. If she gets an
80 on the assignment, what will be her grade with the late points taken off?
10. A student has forgotten to turn in an assignment and it is now 3 weeks late. This student
is in an extracurricular activity. If this student keeps this zero, they may not be eligible to
participate. What is the maximum grade this student can earn for this assignment?
11. What percentages are daily grades worth to your average?
12. What 2 examples of supplies you can donate to the class?
13. List three things that would cause you to violate the academic integrity policy?
14. What is the dress code for lab experiments?
15. What are two examples of “staying within the limits of the science activity”?
16. When are you considered tardy to class?