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freshwater vocab quiz (1)

Freshwater Vocabulary Quiz
A. nutrients building up in a lake over many years, turns into a meadow
B. substances such a nitrogen and phosphorous that enable plants to grow
C. a natural ridge of land that separates watersheds
D. land area covered with water during some part or all of the year
E. a lake that stores water for human use, man made
_______ Unsaturated Zone
________ Estuary
F. a low area of land where surface water run-off accumulates
________ Delta
G. all the land that feeds water into a river
H. streams and smaller rivers that feed into a main river
I. a large, flowing stream of water fed by other smaller tributaries
J. the portion of Earth that contains water
K. allows water to pass through
________Water Table
________ Meander
________ Aquifer
_______ Oxbow lake
L. underground layer of rock that holds water and allows water to move through it ________ Sediment
M. the deposits that build up at the river’s mouth
________ Impermeable
N top of the saturation zone
________ Runoff
O. does not allow water to pass through
________ Divide
P. an area where salty ocean water mixed with fresh water from rivers
Q. bends and turns in a river
R. the crescent-shape, cutoff body of water that remains
________ Flood Plain
________ Erosion
________ Watershed
S. process by which fragments of soil and rock are broken off from the ground
________ Hydrosphere
and carried away
T. Rain that flows off of land and into streams
________ River
U. the particles of rock and soil that are picked up and moved
________ Tributaries
by erosion and deposition
________ Wetland
V. the layer of rocks and soil above the water table, no water
________ Reservoir
________ Lake
W. a nearly flat plain along the course of a stream or river that is naturally subject to flooding
________ Nutrients
________ Eutrophication