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30 Days – Off the Grid
Eighteen thought provoking questions about Morgan Spurlock’s 30 days episode where Johari and Vito live off
the grid. This video can be played for any class that is talking about saving the environment. The questions are
great for pausing the video and having good classroom discussions. The video can be purchased on ITunes for
$1.99 or watched free on the FX.
Example Questions
Off the Grid
1. Shopping bags are used for about an hour. How many years do they last for after their hour use?
2. Johari and Vito go get their ecological footprint calculated. How many planets would it take if everyone on the
earth lived like them? ______________________
3. What does the Dancing Rabbits car run on in the summer? ____________________________________
4. In your own words, explain what it means to be off the grid. __________________________________
18 What is most interesting about Johari and Vito going to Dancing Rabbit is that they went to learn about living a
more sustainable life but they, especially Johari, seemed to appreciate the sense of community more than
anything else. Do you think the big city life makes people lose a sense of community? Explain why or why not in
a full paragraph and give some examples in your answer.