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EDUFI Fellowships
Scholarships for foreign Doctoral level students and young
Application instructions
To university departments
The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) awards scholarships for foreign
Doctoral level students and young researches to carry out postgraduate studies and
research and teaching in Finnish universities. Scholarships are mainly targeted at
those Doctoral level students who will be doing their whole Doctorate or
Double Doctorate at a Finnish university. Visiting Doctoral level students and
researchers who are doing their Doctorate degree at some foreign university can also be
considered eligible, provided that the motivation letter of the hosting Finnish university
department presents exceptionally good grounds for such an application. (rf. Annex 1.
Applicant’s motivation letter). The scholarship holder cannot receive another full
scholarship nor salary with an EDUFI grant.
The scholarship programme seeks to increase mobility to Finland, to support the
internationalisation of research and teaching and to foster links between Finnish and
foreign universities. The scholarship is meant for foreign Doctoral level
students/researchers to be invited to Finland or who have not resided in
Finland more than 1 year at the time of applying.
Applications can only be submitted by representatives of Finnish universities who wish
to host foreign scholarship holders and commit to shared goals with them. While the
application is submitted by the host institution, the scholarship is awarded as a personal
grant to the foreign postgraduate student or young researcher. Post-doctorate research
will not be funded. The applicant should have no more than one application being
processed at a time. The number of EDUFI Fellowships previously granted to the hosting
department may restrict receiving new grants at the same time.
Administrative contact person
The application should be signed by both the applicant and the university department’s
administrative liaison, as the department is responsible for any practical arrangements –
such as payment of grant, study right, accommodation and working space – for the
duration of the scholarship period. The administrative contact person may refer to, for
example, an amanuensis or departmental secretary.
Application deadline
There is a rolling deadline. Applications must be submitted at least 5 months before the
proposed scholarship period. Decisions will be made within approximately 3 months
after receipt of application. During the summer months, the processing time is longer.
Applications should be submitted on the attached EDUFI Fellowships application form,
which should be filled in electronically, printed and signed. You can move from field to
field using, for example, the tab key. Use your mouse or the space key to select the
EDUFI 6/2017
appropriate option. Open text fields should be filled in the section appearing in grey.
Please remember to save the form on your computer before filling it in! The application
can be made in Finnish, Swedish or English.
Two copies of the application with required attachments should be submitted to the
following address: Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), P.O. Box 380, 00531
Helsinki. Please mark the envelope with “EDUFI Fellowships”.
The following attachments are required:
1. Applicant’s motivation: take no more than one page to present the motivation for
the proposed cooperation, its significance to the host institution, the background for the
cooperation and a short description of the research environment. You should also
explain the commitment of the host institution to the project and its possible financial
support to the scholarship holder, especially if your application is for less than €1,500
per month. A preliminary plan for subsequent funding of proposed research will be
required in case the application is submitted in order to begin a doctoral dissertation in
Finland (or to continue a doctoral dissertation at its early stages).
2. Complete CV of the scholarship candidate, which should include, for example,
any previous visits to Finland, qualifications (a Master’s degree is a minimum
requirement) and publications.
3. Research plan (3 to 5 pages, including an introduction, objectives, work plan/work
methods, expected results and their possible applications, as well as most relevant
references. If the proposal is part of a larger project, the candidate’s role should be
described in the research plan.
The grant is 1,500 euro/month. The grant is personal and is intended to cover for the
subsistence costs of the scholarship holder in Finland. Additional support for
accommodation will not be paid nor will EDUFI pay travel or visa / residence permit
expenses. Trips abroad to collect research materials cannot be included in the
scholarship period.
Duration of the scholarship period
The scholarship period may last from 3 to 12 months. The period may be extended only
in exceptional cases. Visits shorter than 3 months will not be funded.
Payment of the grant
The grant will be paid to the relevant university department. The university will pay the
grant to the scholarship holder as a personal grant and will invoice EDUFI one month
after the end of the scholarship period at the latest. In cases where the scholarship
period extends over two calendar years, EDUFI should be invoiced each year for the
amount paid to the scholarship holder. A budget report should be attached with the
invoice. The university must not deduce any general costs from the grant.
Practical arrangements
The host institution/applicant is responsible for all practical arrangements, such as entry
arrangements to Finland, hosting, accommodation, etc. The scholarship holder should
attach an invitation letter from the host institute and a copy of EDUFI’s scholarship
decision with their visa / residence permit application.
It is recommended that the host institute makes sure that the scholarship holder will
already have an insurance to cover for accidents and acute illnesses when arriving in
Finland. EDUFI will not pay for the cost of the insurance.
EDUFI 6/2017
Within one month after the end of the scholarship period, a representative of the host
institution will have to submit a report to EDUFI. The form of the report is free and
should present the main results achieved during the scholarship period, as well as an
estimation of how well the goals were reached. The report should also tell if the
scholarship holder continued his/her research in Finland with funding from another
source or, for instance, returned to his/her home country.
EDUFI 6/2017
EDUFI Fellowships
Hakulomake  Ansökningsblankett  Application form
1. Hakija  Sökande  Applicant
Virka tai tehtävä
 Släktnam  Family name
 Tjänst eller befattning  Title
 Universitet  University
 Förnamn  First names
 Institut  Department
Postinumero ja -toimipaikka
 Postadress  Mailing address
 Postnummer och -
anstalt  Postal code and city
 Telefon  Telephone
 Telefax  Telefax
 E-post  E-mail
2. Stipendiaattiehdokas  Stipendiekandidat  Scholarship candidate
 Släktnamn  Family name
 Kön  Sex
 kvinna  female
 Förnamn  First names
 Medborgarskap  Citizenship
 man  male
 Födelsedatum  Date of Birth
Ei ole vielä Suomessa
On ollut Suomessa
 Är inte ännu i Finland  Is not yet in Finland
 Har varit i Finland
Milloin ja missä
 När och var  When and where
 Has been in Finland
Akateemiset tutkinnot, niiden suoritusvuodet ja suorituspaikat
 Akademiska examina, utförande år och
institut  Academic degrees, examination year and institution
Viimeisin ulkomainen yliopisto/tutkimuslaitos ennen suunniteltua stipendikautta
 Sista utländska
universitet/forskningsinstitut förran planerat stipendieperiod  Latest foreign university/research institution before the planned
scholarship period
Tämänhetkinen yliopisto/työpaikka Suomessa, jos stipendiaattiehdokas on jo maassa
 Nuvarande
universitet/jobb i Finland, i falls stipendiekandidaten är redan i landet  Present university/place of employment, in case the
scholarship candidate is already in Finland
EDUFI 6/2017
3. Haettava apuraha  Stipendium  Scholarship
Apurahan määrä
 Stipendiebelopp  Sum of scholarship
Täysi apuraha 1500 €/kk  Full stipendium 1500 €/månad
muu, mikä
 annan, vilken  other
Apurahakauden kesto
 Längd av stipendieperiod  Length of scholarship period
 månader  months
Apurahakauden ajankohta
 Full scholarship 1500 €/month
 Stipendieperiod  Scholarship period
4. Työsuunnitelma stipendiaattia varten  Arbetsplan för stipendium  Working plan for
the scholarship candidate
Tieteenala* (ensisijaisesti)
 Vetenskapsgren* (primärt)  Field of study* (primary)
 Syfte  Purpose
väitöskirja Suomeen/kaksoistutkinto
 avhandling (finländskt universitet)/dubbelexamen  dissertation (Finnish
university)/double degree
väitöskirja ulkomaille
muu, mikä
 avhandling (utländskt universitet)  dissertation (foreign university)
 annan, vilken  other, please specify
 Tema  Topic
Tutkimuksen kuvaus lyhyesti ja stipendiaattiehdokkaan rooli sen toteutuksessa (tarkempi
tutkimussuunnitelma esitetään liitteenä)  Kort beskrivning av forskning och stipendiekandidats roll
(forskningsplan bilagas)  Short description of the research and the scholarship candidate’s role in it (please enclose research
5. Hakijalle myönnetyt Opetushallituksen (tai CIMOn) apurahat viimeisten
kahden vuoden ajalta
 Kandidatens stipendier från Utbildningsstyrelsen (eller CIMO) under de senaste två åren  EDUFI
(or CIMO) scholarships awarded during the last two years
Hakijan allekirjoitus  Sökandens underskrift  Applicants signature
Paikka ja aika
 Ort och datum  Place and date
 Underskrift  Signature
Hallinnon yhdyshenkilön allekirjoitus  Administrativa kontaktpersonens underskrift
 Signature by administrative contact person
EDUFI 6/2017
Paikka ja aika
 Ort och datum  Place and date
Virka tai tehtävä
 Tjänst eller befattning  Title
 Underskrift  Signature
 Namnförtydligande  Print name
* Tieteenalat  Vetenskapsgren  Field of study:
Maatalous- ja metsätieteet  Agrikultur och forstvetenskaper  Agricultural science and forestry
Insinööritieteet/arkkitehtuuri  Teknisk-vetenskaper/arkitektur  Engineering sciences/architecture
Humanistiset tieteet  Humanistiska vetenskaper  Humanities
Oikeustiede  Juridik  Law
Lääketiede/biolääketiede  Medicin/biomedicin  Medical sciences/biomedicine
Luonnontieteet  Naturvetenskaper  Natural sciences
Yhteiskuntatieteet/kauppatieteet  Samhällsvetenskaper/handelsvetenskaper  Social
Liitteet: perustelu apurahan hakijalta, ehdokkaan CV, tutkimussuunnitelma  Bilagor: sökandes motivering,
kandidats CV, forksningsplan  Annexes: applicant’s motivation letter, candidate’s CV, research plan
EDUFI Fellowships  Opetushallitus
 PL 380 (Hakaniemenranta 6), 00531 Helsinki  http://www.cimo.fi
EDUFI Fellowships  Utbildningsstyrelsen
 PB 380 (Hagnäskajen 6), 00531 Helsingfors  http://www.cimo.fi
EDUFI Fellowships  Finnish National Agency for Education
 P.O. Box 380 (Hakaniemenranta 6), 00531 Helsinki  http://www.cimo.fi
EDUFI 6/2017