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BP FlowBasedQnA.2 (1)

1). What will be the Output Stored in Result?
Ans- 5(Result Value is 2 already)
2). What would be the Output of Result stage?
Ans: 0
3) what should be the value of B So That the flow can run Correctly.
4) what is the wrong with in the flow.
5) What will be the Value of Result Stage?
6) what will be the value of Result Stage?
7) Which of the below shows that an item of the queue is being processed?
14) In the following diagram in the work block (blue color) recover and resume stage will be missing
1. Select the correct statements Options:
The flow is correct and give the respective o/p
Throw an exception
The recover and resume stage is missing in the work block.
15) From the below flow:
They will miss the Calculation Stage (which causes to infinite Loop)
They will miss the decision stage (which causes to infinite Loop)
Check after the retry the link of resume stage should be connected to the node outside the block as shown in fig.
Retry Limit Data Item should have a fixed value (they will not be initializing it).
16) If there is a scenario the flow may go to Recover1 or not (Explore)
20) What missing from the process
22) 2 Questions on this flow – Two sequential page stages and it is mentioned that the first page stage has
error inside it. It is not mentioned if it has Recover stage inside this Page 1. Questions were:
1. If we do Step in – where will the flow stop.
2. If we do Step Over – where will the flow stop.
The options had mention of having a recover stage inside it. These were two sequential questions.
23) Some question on this stage symbol. We need to identify that this is sub-process symbol and answer
24) What is the benefit of block in below scenario
A : It avoids exception loop
25. Questions like Step which will be executed before recovery mode is “STARTED”
26. Best practice around retrying an exception.
Note the decision and calculation blocks to check & increment counter
27. Question around function of checkbox –
The current exception is released when the ‘Preserve…’ checkbox is ticked. 
A new exception is generated when the ‘Preserve…’ checkbox is not ticked. 
28. Standard exception handling in process main page
29. Questions on Exceptions occurring during Recovery Mode which can’t be recovered
Below process will terminate due to second divide by 0 exception
Correct use of blocks in recover mode below
30. Run Modes
31. Raise exceptions using caught exception details
32. Use of block
33. Correct use of business /system type of exceptions
34. Exception handling on subpages
35. Capturing exception details in data items
36. In the example below a notification step is performed before updating the queue, but if this step was to fail
the second Recover would catch the exception. Then the data items containing details of the first exception
would be used to update the queue.
37. Nesting exception blocks is NOT allowed
38. Overlapping exceptions blocks are NOT allowed
39. Always use Resume BEFORE raising new exception
Incorrect way :
Correct Way:
40. Best practice on main page exception handling. When exception is thrown from subpage process doesn’t
terminate. This ensures queue items are either marked as completed or terminates.
41. Subpage Retry loops to recover from temporary system issues which can work on retry.
42. Process Template
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