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Student Interest Survey
What is the best thing you remember
learning about last year? Why is it so
Favorite subject
Favorite book(s)
If you could choose one famous person
(living or not) to be the substitute teacher
for a day, who would choose? What would
you hope to learn from them?
What do you enjoy doing when you are
not in school? (any hobbies, talents, sports
you play, etc.)
Favorite movie and/or Favorite song and/or
TV show
musical artist
List three words that describe you.
What one word best describes how you usually feel about
school? ___________
Think about the best teacher you ever had. List three
words that describe great teachers.
As your teacher, how can I help you to be successful?
What are you most excited about in this
school year?
What is one goal you have for the school
year? What is something you hope to
What else should I know about you that I might not think to ask about?
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