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Post Discussion Questions - The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Discussion Questions: ​The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
1. Would you have left the reservation? Explain why or why not.
2. What does it mean for Arnold to be a "part-time" Indian? Do you think of yourself as a "part-time"
something? What? And why?
3. Arnold asks his parents: "Who has the most hope?" (6.7). What do you think? Why is it so important
to have hope?
4. Why does Rowdy call Junior a nomad (30.182)? What does it mean to be a nomad? Do you think this
is a positive thing?
5. When Arnold starts at Reardon High he has a bit of a culture shock even though it’s only 22 miles for
the reservation. Have you ever had that experience?
6. Arnold says his parents are pretty good parents … “Sure, my dad has a drinking problem and my
mom can be a little eccentric, but they make sacrifices for me. They worry about me. They talk to
me.” And best of all they listen to me. What do you think? Are they good parents? How would you
describe a good parent?
7. Nobody is more surprised than Junior when he becomes popular at Reardon. What about him draws
people to him?
8. Poverty plays an important role in Arnold’s life. Does he experience things due to being poor that you
never thought about?
9. This book has received more than one challenge suggesting it is not suitable for teens. What do you
think? What would people find objectionable in the book?
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