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Modern Product Engineering Where DevOps and Cloud Go Hand in Hand

Modern Product Engineering:
Where DevOps and Cloud Go Hand
in Hand
13 Aug 2019
www.gatewaydigital. de
We have all witnessed a rapid disruption across various industries and businesses in the past few
years. Product engineering has become really sophisticated over the years. Agility and faster timeto-market are the core focus of modern product companies and their customers, while developing
and launching a product.
Product companies work on multiple product concepts with a core focus to solve business
challenges. Most of these companies face the challenge of building innovative product engineering
solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses, and launching them successfully in the market.
By embracing cloud and other digital technologies, there has been a shift in the way software
products are developed and deployed, along with numerous other benefits. By using DevOps, both
development and operations go hand in hand, and bring speed and agility to the business.
Before we dive deep into the benefits of using DevOps with cloud, take a look at some key
considerations every product development company needs to follow for launching a product
Market Scenario: Analyse the market potential by studying the customer, their competitors, their
capabilities, and cost potential.
Business Requirement: Document the requirements of the business and build a clear strategy to
execute the project.
Product Roadmap: Build a product roadmap by elaborating on the various stages and phases of the
product development and deployment lifecycle.
Modern Product Engineering: Where DevOps and Cloud Go Hand in
Product Design: In the case of new products, design the product by keeping user requirements,
usability, and visual requirements in mind.
Product Engineering: Follow the product engineering best practices such as leveraging DevOps, and
implementing test automation.
Project Management: Manage processes of resource allocation, communication, and project
timeline effectively.
Capital and Funding: Plan and allocate money wisely to make sure your product launch is not
Launch Timing: Focus on launching the app on time by managing development bugs, change
requirements and other such factors.
Usability Testing: Test your product for usability and performance testing before its launch.
Product Maintenance: Ensure product availability and maintenance by continuously monitoring the
security, device updates, OS, servers and backup/restore.
On top of these processes, modern product engineering uses digital technologies such as cloud, IoT,
mobility, and many more to develop and deploy products faster and reduce their release cycles.
Top 3 Business Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud
Centralized platform
Cloud provides a centralized platform for DevOps production, testing and deployment. This solves
the complexities of managing software product development and deployment in a decentralized
and distributed system. It improves monitoring as all the tools related to backup, automation,
infrastructural services, and monitoring are easily accessible to all the developers associated with
the project.
Automation made easy
Clubbing cloud with DevOps enables organizations to pace up IT modernization and manage the
infrastructure efficiently. It automates the development, deployment, and testing processes. Cloud
will speed up the automation process and make it more reliable, error-free, and robust. It will
increase the efficiency of the overall product development process and thereby increase time-tomarket.
Faster product deployment
When the processes are automated with the support of cloud computing, it increases the speed of
coding and code deployment. DevOps ensures that the code that is deployed is free for errors, and
the deployment is customized to meet all the business needs.
Modern Product Engineering: Where DevOps and Cloud Go Hand in
Wrapping Up
The capabilities and value of DevOps and cloud are synergistic and will impart more value and
opportunities for businesses. When used hand in hand, it improves the overall development and
deployment processes and enhances the performance of software products.
If you are looking for a reliable technology and DevOps partner who can help you deploy the right
tools and efficiently develop software products, Gateway Digital can be an ideal fit.
We serve companies across industries with innovative product concepts and end-to-end product
engineering solutions. Our agile and DevOps approach focuses on developing and deploying highquality products. With over 110 successful deliveries and 80+ product migrations, we have emerged
as the most trusted partner for product engineering and digital transformation services.
To know more about our capabilities in product engineering, get in touch with us at
[email protected] or visit www.gatewaydigital.de.
Modern Product Engineering: Where DevOps and Cloud Go Hand in
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Modern Product Engineering: Where DevOps and Cloud Go Hand in
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