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Job Spec

You値l act as the team痴 chief operator responsible for the daily operation of a complex set of teams and product areas
You値l ensure the team rhythm is clear and maintains a healthy cadence
You値l partner with our talent acquisition partner to sync the hiring and onboarding processes for new team members and ensure smooth and effective onboarding of new members to the team, both external and internal
You値l own the strategy on information radiation through our central tools (Confluence, Coda, etc), and find creative ways to help our teams connect with our objectives
You値l support all needs around work environment including team member work space & tools
You値l assist with social & event planning including: scheduling, booking, ordering, set-up and facilitation when needed
You値l partner with agile coaches to provide specific program-level leadership support when needed, and help us grow that expertise in the team over time
You値l support the team in training & learning opportunities by finding and scheduling/facilitating courses that meet the needs of the team
You値l be based in Stockholm, with potential travel up to 10%