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Lesson Plan, Day 76
AVID – 10th Grade
Standards and Essential Question:
10-REA.A1 Expand vocabulary, especially those utilized on SAT®/ACT® testing, and properly incorporate them
into writings to vary word usage
10-CD.A3 Align learning and study strategies to personal learning style
10-CD.D3 Seek opportunities outside of the AVID classroom to ask questions, clarify thinking, and identify Points
of Confusion
EQ: “What steps can I take to ensure that I am ready for my finals?”
1. Vocabulary
Project Week 16 SAT/ACT Vocabulary PowerPoint
Candor – (n) [kan-der] frankness; open honesty. (The witness answered the
questions of the lawyer with total candor.)
Fastidious – (adj) [fa-stid-ee-uhs] paying attention to detail. (As it was his first date
with the beautiful girl, he was quite fastidious in selecting his outfit.)
Impeccable – (adj) [im-pek-uh-buhl] faultless. (It was no surprise that she received a
perfect score on the test, as her notes were impeccable.)
Venerate – (v) [ven-uh-reyt] revere. (There are many cultures in the world that
venerate their ancestors.)
2. Thank-You Card
Have students sign (or create) a thank-you card for Friday’s guest speaker.
3. Finals Study Plan
Group students into fours and have groups collectively brainstorm all of the things
that they can (and should) do to prepare for finals.
Have groups record their thinking on chart paper and share out.
Distribute the Backwards Mapping Template.
Have students thing about the finals that they have coming up soon.
 Students should rank sort their preparation planning by order of importance
(classes with lowest grades first).
Have students brainstorm everything they need to accomplish from now until finals.
Under actions, have students generate action items they can do to prep for finals.
 Look over all past tests.
 Examine Cornell notes.
 Generate specific times to form study groups (after school, weekends, etc.).
 Create sample tests (based on missed test questions).
Make sure that students are creating actionable steps.
Tell students that they will be revisiting this plan during the next month.
Week 16 SAT/ACT
Vocabulary PowerPoint
Class Set
Strategies for Success
7.9 Backwards Mapping
Template (Pg. 95)
Chart Paper
for Essential
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