Test Bank Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition By Masters

Test Bank Role Development in Professional
Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition By Masters
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Chapter 6 Sample
1-Match the following cognitive stages for professional role development to the
predominant characteristics of the stage
[a] 1. Unilateral Dependence
[c] 2. Negative/Independence
[d] 3. Dependence/Mutuality
[b] 4. Interdependence
1. student places complete reliance on external controls; searches for one right answer
2. learning from others and the ability to independently problem solve are evident
3. student begins to pull away from external control; characterized by cognitive rebellion
4. student moves from a position of opposition toward a more realistic evaluative stance
2. Match the following stages of clinical nurse development to the characteristics of the
stage as identified by Benner:
[d] 1. Novice
[b] 2. Advanced beginner
[a] 3. Competent
[e] 4. Proficient
[c] 5. Expert
1. characterized by the ability to analyze problems and prioritize
2. ability to identify principles but lacks the experience to know how to prioritize in complex
3. has moved beyond a fixed set of rules
4. characterized by a lack of knowledge and skill
5. ability to grasp the situation as a whole; begins testing the rules
3. The student nurse assigned to a patient on a medical unit. As the student cares for the
patient his focus is on facts and rules. The student nurse is displaying behavior typical of
which of Benner’s stages of professional socialization?
*a. novice
advanced beginner
4. Professional socialization has four goals which include which of the following?
to learn the technology of the profession—the facts, skills, and theory
to learn to internalize the professional culture
to find a personally and professionally acceptable version of the role
to integrate this professional role into all of the other life roles
*e. all of the above
5. Which of Benner’s stages of clinical nurse development is characterized by
characterized by the ability to analyze problems and prioritize?
1. Novice
2. Advanced Beginner
*c. Competent
1. Proficient
2. Expert
6. The process that occurs over time since and denotes “the development of perceptual
abilities, the ability to draw on knowledge and skilled know-how, and a way of being and
acting in practice and in the world” is known as what process?
1. Socialization
*b. Formation
1. Education
2. Interdependence
3. Independence
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