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Bill Nye Flowers

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Name: _______________________________
Date: __ / __ / _____
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While watching, complete this video guide.
Three things I knew
that were confirmed in
the video:
A- ____________________________________________________
B- ____________________________________________________
C- ____________________________________________________
Three things I didn’t know
but I now know because I
watched the video.
A- ____________________________________________________
B- ____________________________________________________
C- ____________________________________________________
__ ∆
1. The life of a flower is a(n) __________________________.
__ ∆ 2. _______________________ is grown inside the stamen.
__ ∆ 3. Birds, bees, wind and _______________________ help pollen get from one flower to another.
__ ∆ 4. Flowers have to pollinate to make seeds / leaves.
__ ∆ 5. A bee uses __________________________ light to see.
__ ∆ 6. The _______________________ of a flower are grown in the pistil.
__ ∆ 7. The orchid makes the largest / smallest seed in the world.
__ ∆ 8. Seeds have __________________ on them so that they can attach to an animal to be dispersed.
__ ∆ 9. Maple trees have seed _______________________ that are shaped like helicopter blades.
__ ∆ 10. Humans use flowers or flowering plants for __________________________.
__ ∆ 11. A fruit comes from a(n) _____________________, has a fleshy texture and seeds inside.
__ ∆ 12. Some scientists say a tomato is a fruit and some scientists say it is a(n) ____________________ .
__ ∆ 13. Flowers can be edible, this means you can ____________________ them if they are not poisonous.
__ ∆ 14. After a(n) ____________________ eruption, flowers are the first plants to grow back.
__ ∆ 15. Water carries nutrients up the _______________________ of a flower.
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the requirements for younger or special needs students.
Reusable Quiz Print this on colored paper to reuse each year Next to
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