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Course: Business Law
1. Explain the mechanism of a Digital Signatures which is
recognized under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and state
at least two (2) of its applications (10 Marks)
2. Explain in details two (2) real-life instances of Anti-Competitive
Agreements which have been prohibited by the Competition
Commission of India. (10 Marks)
3. Abhay and Seema have entered into a commercial agreement to
license content. However, Abhay did not deliver the content to the
satisfaction of Seema. Hence, there are disputes arisen between
Abhay and Seema. Abhay and Seema do not want to go through a
protracted litigation process in Indian courts. Can you advise them
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a. What should be done to conduct an arbitration between Abhay
and Seema to resolve their disputes (5 Marks)
b. The difference between Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation?
What is the advantages and disadvantages of each of these (5
Course: Business Statistics
1. What is sampling distribution? An automobile manufacturer
claims that a particular model gets 28 KM per liter of petrol, but
the Environmental Protection Agency, using a sample of 50
automobiles of this model, finds the sample mean to be 26.8
km/ltr. From previous studies, the population standard deviation
is known to be 5 km/ltr. Could we reasonably expect (within 2
standard errors) that we could select such a sample if indeed the
population mean is 28 km/ltr? Justify. (10 Marks)
2. Raj studios a Tollywood casting company, is selecting a group of
extras for a movie. The ages of the first 30 men to be interviewed
are. 50 56 55 54 55 61 49 52 57 60 51 59 56 57 56 62 52 54 55 49 52
61 60 51 57 56 59 52 54 49 The director of the movie wants men
whose ages are grouped around 50 years. The director suggests
that a standard deviation of 3 years would be acceptable. Does this
group of extras qualify to the director’s requirement? (10 Marks)
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3. Historically, diesel has mostly been cheaper than petrol in South
Africa, though this has not always been the case, and not a trend
seen around the world. One of the key differences in the pricing of
diesel versus petrol, is that diesel prices reflect wholesale prices,
not the price you would pay at the pumps. For example, the
wholesale inland diesel price for August was at R10.96 at the
beginning of the month, while Caltex’s retail version – Caltex 50
diesel with Techron – sells at R11.33 per litre. Over the past
decade, both the petrol and diesel prices have seen some
significant fluctuations, but petrol (95 grade) has seen the biggest
overall increase, having jumped 75.4% since 2006.
The graph and table below show how the prices have changed
year-on-year, between August 2006 and August 2016. Year
PetrolUnleaded 93 PetrolUnleaded 95 Diesel 0.05% 2006 R6.92
R7.04 R6.54 2007 R6.88 R7.01 R6.51 2008 R10.20 R10.40 R11.27
2009 R7.52 R7.69 R6.65 2010 R8.02 R8.17 R7.38 2011 R9.91
R10.09 R9.30 2012 R10.83 R11.04 R10.25 2013 R13.32 R13.55
The fuel price is affected by two major components: the global
oil price, and the currency exchange rate between the rand and
the dollar. Between 2014 and 2016, fuel prices (both diesel and
petrol) have shown a year-on-year decline, boosted by a much
lower global oil price, which has dropped below $50 a barrel,
with little hope that it will balloon past that level in the near
future. However, much of the benefit delivered by lower oil prices
has been undone by weakness in the rand – brought about by a
struggling economy, poor growth policies and a number of
political scandals involving president Jacob Zuma. (Source:
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a. Explore the trend in the petrol price (for both unleaded 93 and
unleaded 95) using regression trend analysis. Using the data,
forecast the petrol price for 2017, 2018 and 2019. (5 Marks)
b. Explore the trend in the diesel price using regression trend
analysis. Using the data, forecast the diesel price for 2017, 2018
and 2019. Out of the three regression models, which model is the
strongest in predicting the fuel price? (5 Marks)
Course: Essentials of HRM
1. Discuss the process of induction (not a traditional one) being
followed in any organisation. (It should not be the traditional way
of induction, please cite only those which are different from
traditional methods) (10 Marks)
2. Kiara Enterprises is a very small organisation dealing with
export rejected clothing. They are growing slowly but steadily.
Kiara, the owner now wants to expand it a bit more and hence
opts for Human Resource planning. It is advised to them to go for
qualitative methods for demand forecasting as they have limited
funds. Discuss all three qualitative methods of demand
forecasting. Conclude by suggesting the best method suited for
Kiara’s organisation. (10 Marks) 3. Swati and Prashant are both
working as sales managers. Swati was chosen for Assessment
Centre whereas Prashant for Development Centre, of which they
were not clearly aware. Few months later Swati got promoted
which agitated Prashant as he thought his performance was also
good. Prashant went to the HR head to discuss the same. In
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context of the case answer these questions: a. Explain to
Prashant why Swati got promoted. (5 Marks) b. Explain to
Prashant what a Development Centre is. (5 Marks)
Course: Financial Accounting & Analysis
1. A dealer of Mobile TV has the following items in inventory as
on March 31,2018
Item Quantity Cost Price per unit Market price per unit Nokia
50 100000 98000 Samsung 70 88000 90000 Sony 100 120000
115000 Motorola 80 75000 76000 Discuss the accounting
standard which talks about inventory valuation. Also, find out
and define the overall value of inventories as per the
applicable accounting standard. (10 Marks)
2. Define and Discuss the concepts of prepaid expenses and
outstanding expenses and their impact on the income
statement and Balance Sheet of an Entity? In case of firm A
which largely has the balance of prepaid expenses and
another firm B which largely has the balance of outstanding
expenses, what does this reflects? Discuss (10 Marks)
3. a. A logistics company sold a car of Rs 2.5 lacs. The
company had purchased the car three years back for Rs 10
lacs and had depreciated the same using straight line method
of depreciation, assuming its useful life to be five years and a
residual value of Rs77760. Calculate the WDV after charging
depreciation for third year, accumulated depreciation for three
years and profit on sale, if any. (5 Marks)
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b. Consider the following transaction pertaining Ammar’s
started business with cash Rs 3 lacs 2. Purchased goods for cash Rs
1.2 lacs 3. purchased goods on credit Rs 60000 4. purchased furniture
for cash Rs 20000 5. deposited RS 50000 in the bank Perform
transaction analysis for each transaction undertaken and present
accounting equation for these transactions. (5 Marks)
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Course: Marketing Management
M/s Tikhalal sells pickle and spices across the country and wants to
enter into the international market. The company is known for their
quality ingredients. The company sells the product at higher price but
customers don’t hesitate to pay the price as the quality is premium.
Their brands Mr. Tikha, Mr. Hara, Mr. Laal, which are various pickles
and spices are a hit brand in the Indian Market. The company has
decided to enter in US Market as it has a major market for Indian
pickles and spices.
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1. Explain various Micro and Macro environment factors that the
company should analyze before entering into the international market.
Explain the points with reason. (10 Marks)
2. The company is planning to take Mr. Tikhalal online in India. Explain
various ways to promote the brands of pickles and spice on Social
Media Platforms. (10 Marks)
3. M/s Tikhalal is also planning to sell paapads with the brand name
Mr. Crisp. The company is planning to sell papads at a price higher
than its competitors. The company also plans to launch various variety
of papads with different shapes and sizes.
a. How should company segment the consumer market for Paapads? (5
b. To introduce the product in the market what are the various sales
promotion techniques that should be used for the brand Mr. Crisp? (5
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Course: Strategic Management
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M/s Swadeshi is planning to start up a new business for Indian
traditional clothes. The product will be sold online and there will be
few retail outlets in major metro cities. The founder Mr. Ashish is of
the opinion to do a detail and through market scanning before entering
into the market.
Mr. Ashish appoints you as a consultant for M/s Swadeshi that deals in
manufacturing and selling clothes online and offline stores. The
company plans to give competition to brands like Manyavar and
Mohey. The company plans to provide quality product at lower price.
The company plans to save lot of cost because of online selling. The
website URL is www.swadeshi.com. The Company differentiates itself
by selling only Indian Traditional clothes for all age groups.
1. As a consultant you have been asked to prepare a STEEP analysis
report and present the findings to the top management. (10 Marks)
2. Analyze the business www.swadeshi.com from Porter’s approach to
industry analysis perspective. (10 Marks)
3. Answer the below questions: a. Prepare a SWOT Analysis for
www.swadeshi.com. (5 Marks) b. Explain any two types of forecasting
techniques that company should use for analyzing future demand.
Explain the same with reason. (5 Marks)
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