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BTC.com Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Backup Sheet - mywallet-5611ddc40ae9a05f

Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Data Sheet
This document holds the information and instructions required for you to
recover your BTC Wallet should anything happen.
Print it out and keep it in a safe location; if you lose these details you
will never be able to recover your wallet.
Wallet Identifier (v3)
Backup Info
Encrypted Primary Seed
library expand useful hollow inherit build alert abuse search amount abandon above
cat clarify helmet assist ghost home misery coyote allow sad wrist december discover
innocent dolphin cradle prize response replace size loop real bomb skill style
boring antenna gym language confirm clinic gesture punch deal maid eyebrow begin
plate uphold sheriff soap demise escape there else outside future jump
Backup Seed
anchor aim luggage game gravity scare magnet bullet daring lonely estate swamp delay
fiscal sword awesome swarm dove glide exile find only dice use
Encrypted Recovery Secret
library faculty amazing topple advance any horn super kingdom session abandon absorb
bless soldier palm bamboo catch visual piano congress dynamic ghost juice cage
strong rich bicycle address force bag rose bitter seven alarm squirrel gold magnet
manual welcome lamp liquid essay tenant dove jaguar pipe pizza knee main stay
improve phone input nice state dawn topple pizza short top
BTC Wallet Public Keys
2 in total
KeyIndex: 0 Path: M/0’
KeyIndex: 9999 Path: M/9999’
[email protected]
Support Secret
this can be shared with helpdesk to proof ownership of backup document
Backup Info - part 2
This page needs to be replaced / updated when wallet password is changed!
Password Encrypted Secret
library figure elegant bottom range evoke gravity cargo anger session abandon about
pause lounge fork trophy negative shoe drop chat syrup whip action cry soap intact
ramp color north face decline ancient scissors legend vanish ramp legend net meadow
apology toward glory paddle garage crowd clump space neck belt quick indicate equip
zone parrot mushroom valley bottom aunt debris hour
Wallet Recovery Instructions
You can recover the bitcoins in your wallet on https://recovery.blocktrail.com
using this backup sheet.
For a more technical aproach on how to recover your wallet yourself, see the
’wallet_recovery_example.php’ script in the examples folder of the Blocktrail