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How will I teach Economics

How will I teach Economics?
8/12-8/21: Fundamental concepts of Economics
Student evidence should show that they can:
 Identify the factors of production and why they are necessary for the production of goods and services.
Students start a business
What do you want to create?
Analyze production possibilities curves to explain choice, scarcity, and opportunity costs.
Compare how the various economic systems (traditional, market, command, mixed) answer
the questions: (1) What to produce? (2) How to produce?; and (3) For whom to produce?
How will I teach these Seniors?
 Spiral NB in class –for brainstorming - keep under desk – 2 a week =1 grade. - Look at
every Friday – if they don’t have – a missing - after 3 days from day we completed gets
a zero - Write on board brainstorm word of day. Look at every Friday. You can turn in
after 3 days for a 50%
 Homework – done on paper – Every Monday due Tuesday – usually regarding word of
day. Half off for late.
 Quizzes - At least 2 per small unit and then a test. First Unit is Fundamental Concepts of
 Tests – every unit -3 a quarter
 1 project
Monday: What is my understanding of concept? (video, graphs, explanations)
Have students brainstorm every Monday –keep in spiral NB in class – color pencil.
Title it “My Brainstorm book
Tuesday: How will I enrich my learning? Students come up with ways to learn it better and research
to find answers to challenging questions
Wednesday/Thursday: How will apply my learning? Students will create something
Friday: How am I assessed? (Test)
Use Khan Academy – add students
Federal Reserve Bank: Circular flow Bank / Nonfiction articles
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