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Session Start: Thu Jan 28 20:07:04 2010
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01[20:07] <~miketechshow> Hello all
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[20:07] <+jrpcrepair> hey mike...
[20:07] <+jrpcrepair> just got home from work
01[20:07] <~miketechshow> Just getting ready
[20:08] <+jrpcrepair> gotta work on a system tonight
01[20:08] <~miketechshow> What kind?
[20:08] <+jrpcrepair> nice mixer
01[20:08] <~miketechshow> Thanks
[20:08] <+linuxman32147> ubuntu server rj
[20:08] <+jrpcrepair> hp desktop..spyware..
01[20:08] <~miketechshow> Mackie Onyx 1220
01[20:08] <~miketechshow> :-)
01[20:08] <~miketechshow> Try the superantispyware portable
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[20:08] <+jrpcrepair> the guys kids use frostwire
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01[20:09] <~miketechshow> Hey Lou
[20:09] <@loutrekshow> Hello Mr. Smith.
[20:09] <+jrpcrepair> just turning it on to see what happens..alot of windows process errors
[20:10] <@loutrekshow> I was listening to Bruce Williams until you started. [20:10] <@loutrekshow> Is the audio going bad for anyone else?
01[20:10] <~miketechshow> :-) Thank you
01[20:10] <~miketechshow> I hope not
[20:10] <@loutrekshow> its me.
01[20:10] <~miketechshow> Sound check everyone, let me know
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[20:10] <@loutrekshow> my ustream keeps reloading the page.
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[20:10] <@loutrekshow> let me refresh.
[20:10] <+jrpcrepair> sounds good here
01[20:10] <~miketechshow> Good
01[20:11] <~miketechshow> It sounds good in my headphones
[20:11] <@loutrekshow> ok thats better. I shut down firefox and restarted.
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01[20:11] <~miketechshow> Good
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[20:11] <@loutrekshow> Mike you know who Bruce Williams is?
[20:11] <@loutrekshow> Its shocking he is still on the air.
01[20:11] <~miketechshow> No
[20:12] <+jrpcrepair> nice setup
[20:12] <@loutrekshow> Talk show host. He was with Marconi the day the Radio was invented.. :)
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[20:12] <+cooltech> ipad
[20:12] <+linuxman32147> hay mike
[20:12] <+randy_nacol2002-1> hi MIke
01[20:12] <~miketechshow> I will get the version 2
[20:12] <+jrpcrepair> i thought the ipad wouldve been more
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[20:13] <+cooltech> yup i agree
[20:13] <@loutrekshow> I don't buy ANYTHING when it comes out. I'll let others be pioneers.
[20:13] <+cooltech> version 2 will have camera usb etc
[20:13] <+randy_nacol2002-1> 2nd generation for me too Mike
[20:13] <@loutrekshow> TV 21?
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[20:14] <@loutrekshow> I've been bored at work lately I need more shows to download. [20:14] <+linuxman32147> ipad is just awwsome
[20:14] <+jrpcrepair> i had to deal with retards today at work
[20:14] <@loutrekshow> Who needs sudafed when you have Mike Tech Show
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[20:14] <+jrpcrepair> projector wouldnt work..hello turn the surge on
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[20:15] <+Timster> Hi Mike.....and everyone else :)
[20:15] <+tlee58> hey mike
[20:15] <+m3rc1978> lo
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[20:15] <+jrpcrepair> thats right
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[20:15] <+m3rc1978> my first live show :)
[20:15] <+jrpcrepair> i love people with phd's and no common sense
[20:16] <+Timster> hi m3rc1978
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[20:16] <+m3rc1978> hey timster [20:16] <+Reliant> Hello everyone
[20:16] <+Timster> reliant hey
[20:16] <+Reliant> hey Timster
[20:16] <+m3rc1978> hopefully ill be awake by 9pm
[20:16] <+Reliant> hello mike
[20:17] <+jrpcrepair> its 5:16 here
[20:17] <+m3rc1978> its 01:17 here
[20:17] <+linuxman32147> love your show
[20:17] <+Reliant> UK m3rc1978?
[20:17] <+m3rc1978> northern ireland
[20:17] <+Reliant> ah
[20:17] <+Timster> oh nice
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[20:18] <+tlee58> big itouch
[20:18] <+Timster> imaxipad
[20:18] <+jrpcrepair> lol
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[20:18] <+linuxman32147> yay for ipad
[20:18] <+Red3Kgt> Good evening Mike
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[20:19] <+Reliant> you can't use say a logitech keyboard on a Mac?
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[20:21] <+linuxman32147> do like linux
[20:21] <+cooltech> what is the model
[20:21] <+m3rc1978> nice lookin
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[20:22] <+cooltech> its 64 at amazon
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[20:24] <+Reliant> hub?
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[20:24] <+DGMurdockIII> mike
[20:24] <+jrpcrepair> what do you use to change camera views?
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[20:24] <+bryan96> Hey mike wats up!
[20:25] <+DGMurdockIII> mike: this mike help you with virus software removel http://www.appremover.com/
[20:25] <+DGMurdockIII> might
[20:25] <+duffertv> Hi Mike, hi everyone
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[20:25] <@loutrekshow> Guess what I made tonight Mike. A multi cutural pizza. Rotella's Italian Bakery dough, Enchalada sauce, Mild Cheddar cheese and Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. I'll tell you how it tastes.
[20:25] <+DGMurdockIII> sound good
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[20:26] <+bryan96> Hey mike, what do you think on usb vs firewire?
[20:26] <+jrpcrepair> im on no salt or soda right now
[20:26] <+N3ws123> hi mike! I have not been here for a while!
[20:26] <+duffertv> sorry I missed what software you used for the cameras?
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[20:26] <+jrpcrepair> webcam max
[20:26] <+cometflyer> how do i get mike tech show at :-)
[20:27] <+duffertv> thanks jr
[20:27] <@loutrekshow> ok...usb vs. firewire. My book 1gb external. On firewire the computer just seems to lose it. Its there at night and missing in the morning. From my computer that is. USB its there all the time. Any ideas
[20:27] <+cometflyer> how do i get a mike tech show hat?
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[20:27] <+DGMurdockIII> this might help you with virus software removel http://www.appremover.com/
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[20:27] <@loutrekshow> tb
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[20:27] <+Jumboshrmp1> Hi
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[20:28] <+bryan96> Giveaway!
[20:28] <+Red3Kgt> You need a make a swag purchase
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[20:29] <+bryan96> Please giveaway!!! I would love to have that hat
[20:29] <+jrpcrepair> AAA shirts are the best
[20:29] <+randy_nacol2002-1> check out zazzle.com
[20:29] <@loutrekshow> really? I'm on my way Mike
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[20:30] <@loutrekshow> The Tech of Trek??? I really want to do that
02[20:30] * ustreamer-15011 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:30] <+cometflyer> any good remote offsite backup services you would recommend for MSP? we are looking at intronis..
[20:30] <+duffertv> cool I'd love that
[20:30] <+DGMurdockIII> that be really cool
[20:30] <+bryan96> Mike, your mic sound pretty badass! Who makes it?
[20:30] <+Red3Kgt> Alantic City would be a good meeting spot
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01[20:30] <~miketechshow> Enveloc
01[20:30] <~miketechshow> I365
[20:31] <+jrpcrepair> ill be back mike..gotta make dinner today
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[20:31] <+N3ws123> i have not been here for a while. I was just wondering why you changed your time????
02[20:31] * ustreamer-87828 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:31] <@loutrekshow> I'll do it
03[20:31] * ustreamer-17582 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
01[20:31] <~miketechshow> http://mtswiki.com/index.php?title=MTS_Studio_Technical_Details
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[20:32] <+m3rc1978> is it usual to have the text run 10-15secs faster than the live feed? i maybe laggin cos im so far away
[20:32] <+bryan96> Im on my iphone and I cant copy the link!
02[20:32] * +reallytech ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:32] <+Reliant> MIKE for your indie music outro could you please play that lady from Phillie you like so much?
[20:32] <@loutrekshow> Bryan if you can just remember mtswiki.com you'll find it.
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[20:33] <+bryan96> I just taked a snap shot! Hahah xD
03[20:33] * ustreamer-00908 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:33] <+randy_nacol2002-1> MIke I'm having problems with my dvd on my laptop.. i get a can't read error would that be from bios ?
[20:33] <+Reliant> no no no I meant for your indie music selection
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[20:34] <+catester> hiya mike
[20:34] <+meClaudius> ...Last week's show was a gem on slipstreaming ! Real keeper. Thanks Mike
[20:34] <+Reliant> hello cate
[20:34] <+catester> hey reliant
[20:34] <@loutrekshow> Hi Cate... I Barb.
03[20:34] * ustreamer-84357 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:34] <@citizenX> I barb
[20:34] <+tlee58> hey cate
03[20:34] * Xeogin-1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
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[20:34] <+catester> lou!
[20:34] <+Reliant> hello barb :)
[20:34] <+catester> hey tony, barb
[20:34] <@citizenX> Hey e v e r y b o d y
[20:34] <+catester> evening, all
[20:35] <+tlee58> hey guys
[20:35] <+Reliant> ouch
03[20:35] * kins ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
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[20:35] <+cometflyer> i really like windows home server
[20:35] <+DGMurdockIII> mozy
[20:35] <+Timster> B A R B
[20:35] <+tlee58> barbra
[20:35] <+kins> hi all
[20:35] <+meClaudius> where do you purchase?
02[20:35] * ustreamer-98978 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:35] <+xman_charl> emily by angel pier was a goodie
[20:35] <@citizenX> Hey Mike
[20:35] <@loutrekshow> Hey ya all if your new to the show, welcome.... You've noticed we have a really warm fuzzy family show here..
[20:35] <+cometflyer> logitch keyboard what model is it?
[20:35] <+DGMurdockIII> mike: mozy.com
[20:36] <+kins> trying to get some exercise here with the wii
[20:36] <+kins> while listening to mike at the same time
[20:36] <+Xeogin-1> can't recover with spinrite + testdisk?
[20:36] <+kins> too lazy to go to gym
[20:36] <@loutrekshow> has anyone ever been able to successfully use spinrite?
[20:36] <+u-al> lost all the barry manilow music. lol
[20:36] <+kins> this way I don't have to go far from the couch
[20:37] <@loutrekshow> I have to wonder if Steve spends hours thinking of letters to write to himself about the product.
[20:37] <+m3rc1978> http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/keyboards/keyboard/devices/4740&cl=us,en
[20:37] <+Xeogin-1> what kinda raid?
[20:37] <+Jumboshrmp1> Mozy is unlimited for internal drives
[20:37] <+N3ws123> so mike wat is on the show tonight? :D
[20:37] <@loutrekshow> BANG.
[20:37] <+Timster> ouch
[20:37] <+Xeogin-1> lol
[20:37] <+bryan96> Mike, what do you think of the ipad?
[20:37] <+Reliant> RAID 0 ?
[20:37] <+cometflyer> you didn't finish chat about remote backup services you used
[20:37] <+Timster> going for speed huh?
[20:37] <+kins> thats how I have mine set up
03[20:37] * ustreamer-89645 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:38] <+cooltech> http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Illuminated-Ultrathin-Keyboard-Backlighting/dp/B001F51G16
[20:38] <+kins> but I don't have anything that I can't afford to lose
[20:38] <+Xeogin-1> Oh, u mean the iTouch XL? it seems SOOO stupid
[20:38] <+Xeogin-1> lol
[20:38] <+Timster> it's pretty...but is it practical?
[20:38] <+Jumboshrmp1> (Jumbo is Apple since the 1980s)
[20:38] <+randy_nacol2002-1> I like the pricing of it thought
[20:38] <+duffertv> but you still need a computer
[20:38] <+kins> I just ordered the wii fit plus
[20:38] <+Reliant> can you imagine handling that thing like a phone :P
03[20:38] * ustreamer-103 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:38] <+Xeogin-1> I can't see anyone not looking like an idiot walking around with one
03[20:38] * ustreamer-43164 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:39] <+kins> with the balance board from a marketplace merchant on amazon.com
[20:39] <+DGMurdockIII> bring back the cube computer
[20:39] <+Timster> no doubt
03[20:39] * NateDawg32 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
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[20:39] <+cometflyer> without flash for ipad how do you think that hurts it?
02[20:39] * ustreamer-58208 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:39] <+Jumboshrmp1> the iPad will do all I normally do w/ my netbook...
[20:39] <+DGMurdockIII> netbook has a keyboard
[20:39] <+NateDawg32> Hey, y'all
[20:39] <+catester> does the ipad do wifi?
[20:39] <+randy_nacol2002-1> you have to remember there's not enough US manufacturers anymore and Apple is one of the better for the industry
[20:40] <+NateDawg32> ipad does wifi and 3G
02[20:40] * ustreamer-89645 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:40] <+duffertv> no usb [20:40] <@citizenX> 3g and wireless
[20:40] <@citizenX> yes
[20:40] <+kins> hey NateDawg
[20:40] <+Xeogin-1> And a netbook can RUN crap, not just apps
[20:40] <+linuxman32147> im a big ipad fan
[20:40] <+NateDawg32> 3G with AT&T
[20:40] <+cometflyer> 499 899
[20:40] <@citizenX> well yeah the at&t thing
[20:40] <+Xeogin-1> It's unlocked 3G I heard
[20:40] <+catester> this isn't for those of us who have horrible, horrible data plan rates. which is all of canada, essentially
[20:40] <+duffertv> i think the ipad is an overpriced e book
[20:40] <+Red3Kgt> no camera on the iPad :-(
[20:40] <@citizenX> difference is the HD space right?
[20:40] <+kins> just had a ladys computer that was an emachine with a 3rd part mb
[20:40] <+NateDawg32> I don't have any issues with AT&T, so I will be getting the 3G iPad
[20:40] <+N3ws123> it is said that it will be around 500-600 canadian and 400-500 US
[20:41] <+cometflyer> flash???
[20:41] <+duffertv> no ichat
[20:41] <+cometflyer> no flash
[20:41] <+meClaudius> tethher to your iphone
[20:41] <+NateDawg32> no flash
[20:41] <+Xeogin-1> If they had N wireless, a usb port, and bluetooth, it would be kinda nice... but no
[20:41] <+kins> it had a broken usb port, over 150 spyware infections
[20:41] <@citizenX> I dont understasnd why a camera is a make of break deal
[20:41] <+linuxman32147> lol
[20:41] <+tlee58> video phone mike
03[20:41] * ustreamer-9754 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:41] <+kins> just problem after problem with the thing
[20:41] <+cometflyer> ipad does not sure flash??? hula :-(
[20:41] <+Xeogin-1> Oh really? I read G
[20:41] <+kins> I just gave up on it
[20:41] <@loutrekshow> See guys I have an Alltel 75 cents a day prepaid with two features. That with my google voice number for my favorite number and I have unlimited inbound and outbound calls for $22.50 a month. I don't need all the bells and whistles for a cell phone...
[20:41] <+Xeogin-1> No Flash? xD
[20:41] <+Timster> Podnutz Steve has his sites set on the ipad.
[20:42] <+kins> plus I think it had a pirated version of windows xp pro
[20:42] <@citizenX> lou..wow I need to look into that.. dont say it is a cricket
03[20:42] * vstromdek ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:42] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v vstromdek
[20:43] <+kins> I cleaned the thermal interface material and reseated the cpu, it seemed the person that built it put too much TIM and it looked like it seeped over the edge
[20:43] <+duffertv> some of the fanboys are trying to sell it as good for seniors who want simplicity but u still need a computer
[20:43] <@loutrekshow> No Barb its Alltel. I got one last year when I went on vacation. It since switched to Verizon but Verizon would not sell me a second one for my wife, so I used a South Dakota address and got a second line from Alltel. Soon it will turn to AT&T though.
[20:43] <+kins> also the front panel connections were all messed up
[20:43] <+N3ws123> mike, lots of e-mails to go through tonight?????
03[20:43] * ustreamer-92831 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:44] <+m3rc1978> imagine the repair costs when it slips out of your hand the screen smashes :(
[20:44] <+kins> the front panel connections were connected were the speaker connection should have been!
[20:44] <+catester> no worries, mike. [20:44] <+bryan96> Mike, do you like the macpro?
[20:44] <+catester> you can save it if you like
[20:44] <+Xeogin-1> have u tried using one of the newer fujitsu lifebooks? I wish they'd compare the iPads with those
[20:44] <@loutrekshow> What he means Cate is he's saving the best for last.
[20:44] <+kins> that is for pcs that still have speakers
[20:45] <+kins> it was just too much, I told the person they are better off getting a new pc
[20:45] <+N3ws123> since i have not been here for a while, when does the show start?
[20:45] <+Xeogin-1> *gasp*
[20:45] <+kins> just problem after problem I had with the thing
[20:45] <+m3rc1978> 9
[20:45] <+DGMurdockIII> what the letter of the 03[20:45] * ryan112ryan ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:45] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v ryan112ryan
[20:45] <+DGMurdockIII> day
[20:45] <+catester> you're hilarious, lou!
[20:45] <+N3ws123> oh thx
[20:45] <+m3rc1978> np
[20:45] <+kins> I just listend to the last one mike
[20:46] <+u-al> I saw Carey on BagelTech last week
[20:46] <+catester> i have a couple of customers who are thrashing with Java updates. they're all running xp.
[20:46] <+kins> thats cool mike, so a ten minute show than?
[20:46] <+bryan96> Mike, what do you think of the macpro?
[20:46] <+catester> anyone know anything about this?
03[20:46] * ustreamer-60512 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:46] <+catester> i have tried
[20:46] <+catester> but it mostly hurtws
[20:46] <+Xeogin-1> Anyone loving the new Avast 5? It's awwwwesome
[20:46] <+catester> more than helps
[20:47] <+catester> javara really screwed up the last times i tried it
[20:47] <+DGMurdockIII> macpro desktop
[20:47] <@loutrekshow> I hear once you go Mac you never go....
[20:47] <+catester> they have an excellent reputation
03[20:47] * ustreamer-44552 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:47] <@citizenX> MSE here microsoft security essentials
[20:47] <+Xeogin-1> ah, that rootkit tool?
[20:47] <+kins> I have been using panda cloud antivirus
[20:47] <+Red3Kgt> We use it at work Sophos
[20:47] <+bryan96> Once you go mac, you NEVER go back
[20:47] <+catester> but i don't know about the support side
[20:47] <+DGMurdockIII> nod32 business edition
[20:47] <+Xeogin-1> We're using the newest Trend Micro
02[20:47] * +ryan112ryan ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:47] <+cometflyer> what about AVG?
[20:47] <+catester> barb, i keep finding myself installing MSE
[20:47] <+catester> just did two this week
[20:47] <+kins> its free, pretty good virus protection, any elese use Panda Cloud?
[20:47] <+u-al> catester did you try and update from the java control panel?
[20:47] <+Red3Kgt> so fgar so good
[20:48] <+N3ws123> mike y did u change ur time slot?
[20:48] <+catester> and i'm running it on my netbook
[20:48] <+AgentJohnson> ESET NOD32
[20:48] <+catester> al, my update went fine
[20:48] <+DGMurdockIII> mike: nod32 business edition
[20:48] <+bryan96> Mike my sister's dell laptop is an xps m1330 and has vista, when she logs iinto her account the screen goes black, any ideas?
[20:48] <+cometflyer> don't use bitdefender
[20:48] <@citizenX> Al -- you have a link for the bagel tech with Carey???
[20:48] <+catester> but i have that in my notes when i go out there
[20:48] <+Xeogin-1> Trend it pretty good, but it's no fun to install via a web server
[20:48] <+catester> the last time this happened, i had to use the microsoft uninstall cleanup tool
[20:48] <+kins> Norton?
[20:48] <+catester> that's how fouled up it got
[20:48] <+NateDawg32> Has anyone heard of (possibly) fake antivirus that keeps popping but antivirus/antispyware will not find, as well as running hijackthis, autoruns and process explorer will not find it
[20:49] <+u-al> I'll check cx. I wasn't home then
[20:49] <+kins> I heard good things about Sophos
02[20:49] * +bryan96 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:49] <+Xeogin-1> ooooo
[20:49] <@citizenX> TY Al
[20:49] <+Red3Kgt> I'm running the free client now
[20:49] <+DGMurdockIII> ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 includes ESET's updated Remote Administrator to deliver a highly scalable enterprise-ready defense against malware.
[20:49] <+AgentJohnson> this is related/unrelated, what are your thoughts on MS security essentials?
[20:49] <+cometflyer> don't use bitdefendder
03[20:50] * ustreamer-55758 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:50] * bryan96 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:50] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v bryan96
03[20:50] * kellerpaul ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:50] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v kellerpaul
[20:50] <+kins> anyone try Panda Cloud antivirus?. I mean for home use
[20:50] <@citizenX> I love MSE AgentJohnson
03[20:50] * gunrights ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:50] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v gunrights
03[20:50] * John-T ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:50] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v John-T
[20:50] <+N3ws123> 10 minutes
[20:50] <+kins> I have been using for it awile now
[20:50] <+kellerpaul> I've had Panda Express
[20:50] <+AgentJohnson> @citizenX, I'm trying it i'll see how I like it
[20:50] <+catester> it's an interesting concept
[20:50] <+kins> doesn't slow the system at all and fast scans
[20:50] <+catester> panda cloud
[20:50] <+gunrights> Mike watching your show tonight on my new Google Nexus One with USTREAM Beta
[20:50] <+catester> china, mike?
[20:50] <+cometflyer> gaint panda virus lol
[20:50] <+randy_nacol2002-1> Kung fu Panda
[20:50] <+kins> the chinese place in the mall- I wouldn't eat there
[20:51] <+NateDawg32> Has anyone heard of (possibly) fake antivirus that keeps popping but antivirus/antispyware will not find, as well as running hijackthis, autoruns and process explorer will not find it
[20:51] <+linuxman32147> panda is not good at all
[20:51] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.eset.com/products/remote_administrator.php
[20:51] <@citizenX> @agentjohnson .. it integrates well into Windows.. on 7 I dont even know it is there -- very sleek and YES it finds stuff! 02[20:51] * +bryan96 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[20:51] * bryan96 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:51] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v bryan96
02[20:51] * +bryan96 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[20:51] * bryan96 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:51] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v bryan96
[20:51] <+kins> check it out,
[20:51] <+kins> http://www.cloudantivirus.com/en/
[20:51] <+bryan96> Im on my 3G S and it looks AWESOME!
[20:52] <+catester> i need some empty calories. be right back.
[20:52] <+gunrights> Ustream is streaming the show great on the Nexus One
[20:52] <+bryan96> I recieved a call hhahah
[20:52] <@loutrekshow> he's on his 3g...its not saying much if he keeps dropping and coming back.
[20:52] <+u-al> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bageltechnews
[20:52] <+cometflyer> does clonezilla work good for imaging desktop? Looking for freee product for business use [20:52] <@citizenX> ty al
[20:52] <+AgentJohnson> @citizenX, it does find stuff, only I keep having popups from IE some are related to Facebook, i don't know whats going on
[20:53] <@loutrekshow> easus
[20:53] <+kins> whiteout conditions outside right now
[20:53] <+u-al> Are you still mad about the pens game Sunday in Philadelphia? lol
[20:53] <+DGMurdockIII> esset just update there linux verson and just came out with there first mac verson
[20:53] <+N3ws123> mike, y hasn't there been many of your show recordings posted on ustream?
[20:53] <+bryan96> I recieved a call and when I ended the call, the phone opened again the ustream app and I had to search your show AGAIN!
[20:53] <+kins> probablly couldn't see your hand in front of your face out there right now
[20:53] <+u-al> yes rivalry
[20:54] <+u-al> interstate
[20:54] <+m3rc1978> http://www.easeus.com/
03[20:54] * ustreamer-46960 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:54] <@citizenX> @Al.. that Bageltech link is just their ustream page .. how do I hear the podcast?
[20:54] <+gunrights> upgraded yesterday to Acronis True Image Home 2010 Plus Pack for only $39
[20:54] <+cometflyer> from chicago go blackhawks
[20:54] <+NateDawg32> got a quick virus question for anything
[20:54] <+NateDawg32> anyone*
02[20:54] * ustreamer-46960 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:54] <+NateDawg32> Has anyone heard of (possibly) fake antivirus that keeps popping but antivirus/antispyware will not find, as well as running hijackthis, autoruns and process explorer will not find it
[20:54] <+AgentJohnson> redwings
02[20:55] * ustreamer-55758 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:55] <+u-al> Barb I watched it from ustream.
[20:55] <+randy_nacol2002-1> yes
[20:55] <+AgentJohnson> AnitVirus Plus
03[20:55] * ustreamer-55253 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:55] <+cometflyer> right on Mike Go Hawks!!
[20:55] <+AgentJohnson> won't let you run .exe
[20:55] <+bryan96> Mike, I gotta go. I have a family dinner xD good luck on your show, I will download it on itunes! Good night to everyone!
[20:55] <+randy_nacol2002-1> it puts a trojan [20:55] <+Xeogin-1> I've had one running under a rundll and it replaced winlogon
03[20:55] * ustreamer-55253 is now known as jac378
03[20:55] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v jac378
03[20:55] * +jac378 ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:55] * jac378 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:55] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v jac378
[20:56] <+jac378> hello nice people..
[20:56] <@citizenX> hey jac
[20:56] <+meClaudius> Before it morphs again
[20:56] <+N3ws123> mike, y hasn't there been many of your show recordings posted on ustream?
[20:56] <+NateDawg32> I had a customer that supposedly has one, but it did not reproduce itself for me
[20:56] <@citizenX> remove all past restore points too
03[20:56] * MSSmallBizSpec-1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:56] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v MSSmallBizSpec-1
[20:56] <@loutrekshow> News they had to be removed
[20:56] <@citizenX> it will hide there
[20:56] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.eset.com/products/email_servers.php
[20:57] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> GeekNewsCentral still on, doing an early show, he is logging out now
[20:57] <+N3ws123> oh
03[20:57] * ustreamer-84569 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:57] <+N3ws123> thx
[20:57] <+NateDawg32> Thanks, Mike and guys/gals
[20:57] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.eset.com/products/file_servers.php
[20:57] <+randy_nacol2002-1> DG i'm a Nod32 fan too
[20:57] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> I have both streams going, 02[20:57] * ustreamer-84569 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:57] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.eset.com/products/gateway.php
[20:57] <+Xeogin-1> The fakevirus I had to remove erased malware bytes if installed, and it would wait 3 days before it would replicate after u deleted parts of it
03[20:57] * ustreamer-93854 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[20:57] * +meClaudius ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:57] <+bryan96> Mike I have to go, I have a family dinner! xD haha good luck on your show, I will download it on iyunes! Good night to everyone
[20:57] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> He is in FLA
02[20:57] * ustreamer-93854 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:58] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> business and visiting daughter, been there almsot all week
[20:58] <+bryan96> Good night
03[20:58] * ustreamer-69070 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[20:58] * +bryan96 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:58] <+Red3Kgt> ITs 2 mins to 9 PM do you know where your tech guy is?
03[20:58] * bryan96 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:58] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v bryan96
02[20:58] * +bryan96 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[20:58] <+randy_nacol2002-1> there's a new Ccleaner update for anyone's info
03[20:59] * ustreamer-14660 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[20:59] <+Reliant> Tweet
[20:59] <+DGMurdockIII> mike what about VIPRE
[20:59] <+catester> back with my empty calories http://twitpic.com/108q7q
[20:59] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> BTW Mike I didn't see it on your stream but his stream had a 15 sec commercial from Blackberry prior to launch, ustream overdubbing
[20:59] <@citizenX> already yweeted
[20:59] <@citizenX> tweeted
03[20:59] * Tech-Phreak ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[20:59] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Tech-Phreak
[20:59] <@citizenX> cool cate! french PBR
02[20:59] * ustreamer-84357 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[20:59] * ustreamer-51922 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:00] * ustreamer-8454 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:00] * +xman_charl ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:00] <+catester> en francais, did you notice?
[21:00] <+Reliant> tweeted
[21:00] <@citizenX> yeah , I said a french PBR
[21:00] <+catester> the other side is en anglais
[21:00] <+randy_nacol2002-1> wish brian would do a ustream app for blackberry
[21:00] <@citizenX> awesome
02[21:00] * ustreamer-51922 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:00] * ustreamer-73086 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:01] <@citizenX> you showed the cool side
03[21:01] * Ustreamer752889 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:01] <+catester> it's disconcerting on a Corona, tho!
[21:01] <@citizenX> LOL @ Cate
[21:01] <+Xeogin-1> do any of u guys know a good way to increase your fan speeds? I tried SpeedFan, but it wouldn't work on my laptop... the GPU likes to get too hot, it's worrying me
02[21:01] * ustreamer-73086 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:01] <+DGMurdockIII> what about Microsoft Forefron?
[21:01] <@citizenX> replace the fans
[21:02] <+DGMurdockIII> what about Microsoft Forefron?
02[21:02] * +N3ws123 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:02] <@citizenX> also that sounds like a MB setting to me.. increase fan speeds
03[21:02] * ustreamer-23328 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:02] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> GNC just signd off
03[21:02] * ustreamer-45694 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:02] <+cometflyer> thinking about getting a mac what should i start with?
03[21:02] * xman_charl ([email protected]B1.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:02] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v xman_charl
[21:02] <+Reliant> I never wear a watch anymore, phone has clock MP3 player has clock
[21:02] <+m3rc1978> a pc?
[21:02] <+kellerpaul> big mac
[21:02] <+Tech-Phreak> 21.5" iMac
03[21:02] * ustreamer-28221 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:02] <+Tech-Phreak> it's a great starter
[21:02] <@loutrekshow> !topic Welcome to the Mike Tech Show already in progress. Enjoy.
03[21:02] * Ustream-Bot changes topic to 'Welcome to the Mike Tech Show already in progress. Enjoy.'
03[21:02] * ustreamer-64024 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:02] <+cometflyer> no mac mini why?
[21:03] <+Reliant> USTREAM
[21:03] <+Timster> tweet
[21:03] <+DGMurdockIII> lol
[21:03] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> that would ahve sucked
[21:03] <+kellerpaul> hi all
[21:03] <+u-al> xeogin maybe the bios has settings
[21:03] <@citizenX> hey kellerpaul
03[21:03] * ustreamer-28221 is now known as geekazine-1
03[21:03] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v geekazine-1
02[21:03] * +geekazine-1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:03] * +xman_charl ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:03] * ustreamer-33282 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:03] <+DGMurdockIII> what about Microsoft Forefront?
03[21:03] * jwb14730 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:03] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v jwb14730
03[21:03] * ustreamer-00114 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:03] * ustreamer-33282 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:03] * ustreamer-45694 is now known as askaprojectmanager
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03[21:03] * askaprojectmanager ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:03] * ustreamer-24101 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:03] <+Xeogin-1> nope u-al, I checked, it was my first thought =/
03[21:03] * geekazine-1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:03] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v geekazine-1
[21:03] <@loutrekshow> Its the Mike Tech Show, Show number 2 million 7 hundred fifty two thousand two hundred fourty five for Thursday, January 28, 2363...
[21:03] <+geekazine-1> Hey all!
[21:04] <+catester> ah, heard from sun on the java failed install. short version: clear cache and cookies
[21:04] <+u-al> oh well. lol
[21:04] <+geekazine-1> Todd just got done
02[21:04] * ustreamer-24101 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:04] <@citizenX> someday Lou .. that will be a reality
[21:04] <@loutrekshow> I came up with a MTS Spoof when he was doing the "These Days" commercials
03[21:04] * ustreamer-90257 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:04] * ustreamer-38975 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:04] * ustreamer-64024 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:05] <+Xeogin-1> I downloaded RivaTuner, but I'm scaried to try using it without knowing what I'm doing
[21:05] <+kellerpaul> Anyone know how to make the chat automatically scroll with next text? I have to constantly drag 03[21:05] * ustreamer-38366 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:05] <+DGMurdockIII> i have that problem some time too
03[21:05] * ustreamer-58932 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:05] <+u-al> I haven't used Riva tuner in a long time
03[21:05] * echostar4 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:05] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v echostar4
02[21:05] * ustreamer-90257 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:05] <@citizenX> Keller it is an ongoing issue.. try an IRC client?
[21:05] <+kellerpaul> rgr dat
[21:06] <@loutrekshow> WOW
[21:06] <+NateDawg32> I don't have problem with chat log in ustream
[21:06] <+Xeogin-1> I've never had that issue.... maybe my ad block plus is my saving grace?
[21:06] <@citizenX> it comes and goes Nate
[21:06] <@loutrekshow> maybe we should all have a MTS party in March at Mike's Crib
03[21:06] * ustreamer-19529 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:06] * askaprojectmanager is now known as AskaPM
03[21:06] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v AskaPM
03[21:06] * +AskaPM ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:06] * AskaPM ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:06] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v AskaPM
[21:06] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> I loaded ChatZilla, Firefox addon today, basic but works nicely
03[21:06] * ustreamer-71447 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:06] * ustreamer-19529 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:06] * Courante ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:06] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Courante
[21:06] <+AskaPM> CitizenX!!
[21:06] <+kellerpaul> It was working until I started clicking and it stopped
02[21:06] * ustreamer-38366 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:07] <+AskaPM> Is it better than Webex?
[21:07] <@citizenX> I lose mod powers in irc.. was using pidgin
[21:07] <+u-al> I am running firefox off of a usb stick to try it out. seems ok so far
03[21:07] * triplebud ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:07] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v triplebud
[21:07] <+catester> kellerpaul, i know this isn't what you want to hear, but maybe try using an IRC client or pidgin to login to chat. i uses pidgin, and it's great
[21:07] <+Courante> I use portable Firefox and Thunderbird
[21:07] <@loutrekshow> Oh no Barb..that would be like a powerless Wonder Woman...We just can't have that.
[21:07] <+kellerpaul> thanks catester
02[21:08] * ustreamer-58932 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
01[21:08] <~miketechshow> http://www.karenware.com/powertools/ptdirprn.asp
01[21:08] <~miketechshow> http://www.metal-machine.de/readerror/
[21:08] <+triplebud> i have a tool
03[21:09] * Courante-1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:09] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Courante-1
02[21:09] * +Courante ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:09] <+u-al> I thought it would be slower but it's not, Courante
[21:09] <+DGMurdockIII> did comcast relese the bandwith mesering tool
[21:09] <+Courante-1> Both work great for me at work. Including the many extension I use.
03[21:09] * ustreamer-80691 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:09] <+Courante-1> iPad is useless!
02[21:09] * +Red3Kgt ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:10] * ustreamer-27691 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:10] <+triplebud> oh please dont say you are on board with that new apple crappad
[21:10] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> ipad = fail. Bezel is to big, screen resolution is wacked, no GPS, no cam, no flash, iphone apps only...
[21:10] <+Courante-1> The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 is much better! The biggest hit at CES 2010
[21:10] <+DGMurdockIII> yep
03[21:10] * reelmccoy ([email protected]west.biz.rr.com) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:10] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v reelmccoy
[21:10] <@citizenX> that ideapad is sweet
[21:10] <+DGMurdockIII> i want that on
03[21:10] * ustreamer-4160 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:11] * ustreamer-27691 is now known as Red3Kgt
03[21:11] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Red3Kgt
03[21:11] * +Red3Kgt ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:11] * Red3Kgt ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:11] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Red3Kgt
[21:11] <+Courante-1> More expensive, but it's two computers in one and much more powerful!
[21:11] <+reelmccoy> Good evening [21:11] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> stream is bugging out, darn it
03[21:11] * helptechonline ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:11] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v helptechonline
[21:11] <@citizenX> hey reelmccoy
02[21:11] * +triplebud ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:11] * ustreamer-33769 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:11] <+helptechonline> hi all
[21:11] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> going to switch to FF
02[21:11] * ustreamer-33769 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:11] <@citizenX> hello HTO
[21:12] <+Xeogin-1> If that ideapad is using the same firmwire normal ideapads use, it's gonna be a real pain to put any other form on Linux on it than the included one
03[21:12] * MSSmallBizSpec ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:12] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v MSSmallBizSpec
[21:12] <+AskaPM> No shout out for me Barb!! Veronica in the house!!
[21:12] <+geekazine-1> How about if you tape an insert key on the keyboard? ;)
[21:12] <@citizenX> Veronica!!! SUP GAL!
[21:12] <+AskaPM> :)
[21:12] <+MSSmallBizSpec> oh wow, got FF and IE both going and in FF the show is delayed by about 10 secs
[21:12] <@citizenX> Good luck tomorrow.. will be in chat
03[21:12] * elevatorsinla ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:12] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v elevatorsinla
[21:13] <+DGMurdockIII> geekazine-1 no
[21:13] <+AskaPM> cool... sorry I missed last week.. family issues
03[21:13] * ustreamer-12645 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:13] <@citizenX> np
[21:13] <+Courante-1> Don't access the stream on more browser instances
[21:13] <+Courante-1> Only problems can happen in that scenario
03[21:13] * ustreamer-23328 is now known as N3ws123
03[21:13] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v N3ws123
03[21:13] * +N3ws123 ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:13] * N3ws123 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:13] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v N3ws123
[21:13] <+MSSmallBizSpec> now they are catching up, about 2 secs between them, echo show
[21:13] <+N3ws123> (clap)
02[21:13] * ustreamer-14660 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:14] * ustreamer-17866 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:14] <+kellerpaul> acronis image to usb drive
02[21:14] * +MSSmallBizSpec ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:14] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> back to IE, FF was stuttering more than IE was
[21:14] <+Xeogin-1> what about a dd?
03[21:14] * ustreamer-45169 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:14] <+catester> you need a French PBR
[21:14] <+catester> it did wonders for me
[21:15] <@citizenX> LOL Cate
[21:15] <+geekazine-1> you could have a mute button
[21:15] <+elevatorsinla> (clap)
02[21:15] * ustreamer-12645 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
03[21:15] * Ustreamer771728 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:15] <@citizenX> i wanna clap too
03[21:15] * ustreamer-48965 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:15] <+elevatorsinla> i installed vista into my 2nd HD
02[21:15] * ustreamer-45169 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:15] <+elevatorsinla> or my recovery drive (lol)
[21:15] <+u-al> For some reason I want a beer. Catester. lol
02[21:15] * +elevatorsinla ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
06[21:15] * @citizenX passes Al a beer
[21:15] <+Red3Kgt> (clap)
[21:15] <+catester> "rights on the ground"
02[21:16] * ustreamer-00114 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:16] <+u-al> tx cx
[21:16] <+Courante-1> A couple of new viruses are capable of bypassing DropMyRights and real sandbox programs like Sandboxie.
[21:16] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> I'm going to finally bit the bullet and try to move my notebook to Win7. Going to cheat though, pulling HD and putting in older 100GB drive just in case it doesn't like Win7
03[21:16] * ustreamer-52660 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:16] <+helptechonline> can you say boat anchor?
[21:16] <@citizenX> 11 yr old laptp? sound like the think pad a bought for nostalgia
02[21:16] * +gunrights ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:16] * +geekazine-1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:16] * caddy_mike ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:16] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v caddy_mike
[21:17] <@citizenX> it has win 98 on it
03[21:17] * ustreamer-72879 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:17] * ustreamer-72879 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:17] * ustreamer-4160 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:17] <+Courante-1> So you mean nostalgia as in getting flooded with very old viruses?
02[21:17] * Ustreamer771728 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:17] * Ustreamer235085 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:18] * +vstromdek ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[21:18] <@citizenX> I do not use it
[21:18] <+Red3Kgt> What ever it is its gotta be slooow
03[21:18] * slickee ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:18] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v slickee
[21:18] <@citizenX> I just look at it and grin
02[21:18] * +caddy_mike ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:18] <+Reliant> good night all eyelids are winning see ya next week
[21:18] <@citizenX> night reliant
02[21:18] * +Reliant ([email protected]) Quit (Reliant)
[21:19] <+AskaPM> Hey Barb... are camera questions welcome????
02[21:19] * ustreamer-17662 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:19] <+AskaPM> Looking for the best small video cameraa
[21:19] <@citizenX> get the flip Veronica
[21:19] <@citizenX> it is GRFEAT
[21:19] <@citizenX> GREAT EVEN\
02[21:19] * Ustreamer235085 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:19] * Ustreamer771858 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:19] <+Xeogin-1> but u can't expand the Flips memory...
[21:19] <@citizenX> good price
[21:19] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Kodak zi6 or wait for the new ones coming out in March
[21:20] <@citizenX> and there is a HD version
[21:20] <+AskaPM> ah
02[21:20] * ustreamer-00908 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:20] * Ustreamer771858 (Ustreame[email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:20] * ustreamer-103 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:20] <@citizenX> well no.. but you can get what? a two hour one?
[21:20] <+linuxman32147> yes ubuntu!!!!
[21:20] <+Xeogin-1> isn't the zi8 the lastest? And it has white-out issues
[21:20] <@citizenX> well veronica.. what will you be using for?
02[21:20] * ustreamer-52660 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:21] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> the Kodak zi6 takes standard AA battery and SD cards. Go on a trip or a full day at Disney you just switch out cards and battery
[21:21] <+AskaPM> tumblr... on location videos for Askaprojectmanager
[21:21] <+kellerpaul> My passport works awesome
[21:21] <+kellerpaul> me too
03[21:21] * mflstc ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:21] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v mflstc
[21:21] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> The flip dies or runs out of memory your screwed
03[21:21] * ustreamer-65110 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:21] <@citizenX> how long will the videos be.. [21:21] <+AskaPM> 10 min max
[21:21] <@citizenX> yeah get the flip
02[21:21] * +DGMurdockIII ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:21] <+AskaPM> get in get out
[21:21] <@citizenX> perfecvt for what you are doing
[21:21] <+helptechonline> works great with 2008 sbs
[21:21] <+AskaPM> cool
[21:22] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> AskaPM: new kodaks coming out have image stabilzation
[21:22] <+AskaPM> nice... in time for tax return!!
02[21:22] * ustreamer-8454 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:22] <@citizenX> you got it girl
[21:22] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> it's really hard to hand steady these small HD cams
[21:22] <@citizenX> I have seen GREAT quality video from a flip
[21:22] <+AskaPM> taking it to seminars and whatnot
03[21:23] * cooltech-1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:23] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v cooltech-1
03[21:23] * ustreamer-14453 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:23] <@citizenX> I do not think you will be dissapointed
02[21:23] * ustreamer-14453 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:23] <+AskaPM> sounds good.. didn't even know where to start... thank you everyone
[21:24] <@citizenX> Does your digital camera do video/audio?
02[21:24] * +cooltech ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:24] <+AskaPM> yeah
[21:24] <@citizenX> yet you are not considering using that? why?
[21:24] <+Xeogin-1> I know a cheap one, thinkhelpdesk.com
[21:24] <+AskaPM> but, I need something better.... it's really just a camera that happens to have video
[21:24] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> citizen/AskaPM: Here's a sample of my Kodak zi6, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_xGlE_5Yyo
[21:24] <@citizenX> ahh.. I love my cannon
[21:24] <+AskaPM> sony
[21:24] <@citizenX> great video
03[21:24] * ustreamer-65110 is now known as Hagen98
03[21:24] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Hagen98
03[21:24] * +Hagen98 ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:24] * Hagen98 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:24] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Hagen98
03[21:25] * Brad2008 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:25] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Brad2008
[21:25] <+AskaPM> pink!! ;)
[21:25] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> sony likes to use those dang memory sticks
[21:25] <+kellerpaul> i love my canon powershot too
02[21:25] * Ustreamer752889 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:25] * ustreamer-73389 ([email protected]cox.net) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:25] <@citizenX> cool link MSS
[21:26] <+Courante-1> Security Essentials is still unproven. Not thoroughly tested by any independent labs.
[21:26] <@citizenX> tested by ME courante
[21:26] <@citizenX> I love it
[21:26] <+AskaPM> love the youtube!
[21:26] <+Courante-1> Not as good as AVG or my Norton Internet Security.
[21:27] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Courante: it's Forefront based so that's not entirely true
[21:27] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Norton SUCKS!
[21:27] <@citizenX> LOL MSS
[21:27] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> I clean machiens protected by Norton every week
[21:27] <+Timster> Oh hi Courante
[21:27] <+Hagen98> anything that isnt free ends up sucking
[21:27] <+Courante-1> Not their Internet Security product. Their 360 and other products, yes.
[21:27] <+reelmccoy> icon cache problem?
03[21:27] * ustreamer-19187 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:27] <+Hagen98> 360 is absolute garbage
[21:27] <+Courante-1> And I've cleaned three systems this week with Securit Essentials on them.
03[21:28] * ustreamer-19187 is now known as partyvip
03[21:28] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v partyvip
03[21:28] * +partyvip ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:28] * partyvip ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:28] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v partyvip
[21:28] <+Xeogin-1> My guess would be he's adding them to the Default users desktop, and another user on his PC is deleting them
[21:28] <+partyvip> hello
[21:28] <+kellerpaul> i have nothing but norton systems, malware shuts them down
[21:28] <+Courante-1> It will be as ineffective as Microsoft's OneCare product. Same developer.
[21:28] <@citizenX> they must have learned from that mistake.
[21:28] <@citizenX> it is flawless on my end on W7
[21:28] <+Red3Kgt> lightscribe is ho mum
[21:28] <+Hagen98> I would agree that MS track record with onecare doesnt bode well
[21:29] <+partyvip> Hey what do you guys recommend for SBS 2003 antivirus software?
[21:29] <+partyvip> Norton, Mcafee, kasperspy, etc???
[21:29] <+Courante-1> All I here is that it's lightweight and unobtrusive. That tells me it's detection rate is not as good
[21:29] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Courante: sry have to disagree. It's not my preferred but it's good.
[21:29] <+Hagen98> who cares about litescribe..lol..just bust out the sharpie
03[21:29] * ustreamer-32651 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:29] <@citizenX> LOL Hagen
[21:29] <+Red3Kgt> http://www.lightscribe.com/downloadSection/index.aspx
[21:29] <+partyvip> sharpie all day
[21:29] <@citizenX> I have lighscribe.. never use it
[21:29] <+AskaPM> me too
[21:29] <@loutrekshow> amen sharpie... not worth the price of lightscribe discs
[21:30] <+AskaPM> came with the laptop
[21:30] <+Hagen98> i lose cd's too often enough to worry about litescribe
03[21:30] * ustreamer-69845 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:30] <+partyvip> sharpie has all new colors
[21:30] <+kins> lightscribe discs aren't that expensive
[21:30] <+partyvip> lol
[21:30] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> use mine when I make a cd of the kids photos to send to grandparents is about all
[21:30] <+Courante-1> Sharpie's destroy optical discs over a short period of time
[21:30] <@citizenX> its an HP thing -- light scribe
[21:30] <+partyvip> yeah cheap disc
[21:30] <+partyvip> sharpie don't mess up a good disc coating
[21:30] <+kins> I found a spindle of 100 for 30 bucks on amazon
[21:30] <+partyvip> not them no name officedepot disc
[21:31] <+Courante-1> Only archival discs will last longer with sharpie markings
[21:31] <+kellerpaul> I use MS Ess and like it
[21:31] <+Xeogin-1> hmm... I'm inbetween, lol
[21:31] <+Courante-1> Lightscribe is great for optical discs containing coyrighted material. Can easily determine a copy from the original.
[21:31] <+kins> I will not use any MS security software
[21:31] <+kins> free or not
[21:31] <+partyvip> Security for SBS2003 any recommendations
[21:31] <+Timster> I have seen MSE block malware in real time.
[21:31] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> For home users, Free product, in order of preference: aVast, MSE, AVG
02[21:32] * ustreamer-69845 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:32] <+Hagen98> Does anyone find it somewhat of an oxymoron that MS is putting out security software?
[21:32] <+Xeogin-1> I made that icon once before too... then I figured out it was useless
03[21:32] * Teewinks-1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:32] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Teewinks-1
[21:32] <+kins> yes Hagen
[21:32] <+Courante-1> Yeah, it's funny that most people blame Microsoft for the security holes we have to deal with, but then turn around and support their anti-malware product.
[21:32] <@citizenX> yes Hagen98.. I agree a bit od MS releasing MSE
[21:32] <+Hagen98> I didnt think about that until just now, really
02[21:32] * +N3ws123 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:32] <+partyvip> anyone like norton for SBS2003
[21:32] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Courante: I would agree having the fox gaurd the hen ouse is not a great idea.
[21:33] <+Courante-1> Based on extensive testing from many trusted sources, 1. AVG, 2. Kaspersky
[21:33] <+Xeogin-1> I hate Sonicwall...
[21:33] <+Hagen98> yeah, i agree with you Courante
[21:33] <+partyvip> smallbizspec what you think for antivirus for SBS
[21:33] <+kins> doesn't vpn software come with a firewall?
[21:33] <+Courante-1> For paid products, 1. Norton Internet Security, 2. NOD32 by ESET
[21:33] <+kins> or no?
[21:33] <+Hagen98> avg #1 Kasp #2 Avira #3
[21:33] <+partyvip> yeah paid
[21:33] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Would say Sonicwall is probably the largest vendor you see in the SMB space
[21:33] <+Xeogin-1> I'm using some of the older stuff, so maybe that's the problem
[21:33] <+partyvip> yes Sonicwall
[21:33] <+partyvip> is the largest
03[21:34] * ustreamer-71244 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:34] <+partyvip> How do you setup vpn on a TZ170
02[21:34] * ustreamer-63720 ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[21:34] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Supporting a VPN and having the beef to be able to actually push the encrypted data is two different things
[21:34] <+Xeogin-1> anyone try out iBoss before?
[21:34] <+partyvip> hagen98 you saying that for SBS
[21:34] <+partyvip> avg kasp then avira
[21:34] <+partyvip> ?
[21:35] <+kins> I got rid of my cable and haven't missed it so far
02[21:35] * ustreamer-73389 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:35] * ustreamer-21839 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:35] * +Jumboshrmp1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:35] <+Courante-1> For the enterprise, Norton and McAfee offer great products. Much better and more reliable for the enterprise than any of their consumer products. However, they're pretty expensive.
[21:35] <+u-al> that troll
[21:35] <@citizenX> kins I would do the same but I have these "other people" living here that require cable television LOL
[21:35] <+Timster> al
[21:35] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> sry but I'm pulling AVG from all sites. Really ticked me off when their "SBS" version didn't exclude the Exchange folders and they had a KB to have you manually set that up
[21:36] <+Courante-1> Great for advanced users...
[21:36] <+Courante-1> Wouldn't recommend it for average users...
02[21:36] * ustreamer-21839 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:36] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Found their support weak at best as well
[21:36] <+kins> other people ha ha meaning family citizen?
03[21:36] * Jumboshrmp1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:36] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Jumboshrmp1
[21:36] <+Courante-1> can cause major issues if used wrong.
03[21:36] * ustreamer-75874 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:36] <+Xeogin-1> I need to learn more powershell, it's great
[21:36] <+u-al> what are cmdlets
[21:37] <+partyvip> well norton is not expensive when you think business
[21:37] <+u-al> ok thanks I will
[21:37] <+partyvip> when you want someone to call at 3AM
[21:37] <+AskaPM> what about webroot?
[21:37] <+partyvip> thanks all for the suggestions
03[21:37] * aarondgg ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:37] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v aarondgg
[21:37] <+Xeogin-1> u know all those troubleshooting tools built-in 7? they're all powershell cmdlets
[21:37] <+kins> webroot is old news
[21:37] <+Courante-1> True, but many businesses are always looking to cut overhead costs. IT is usually where the cuts start.
[21:37] <+AskaPM> came with laptop... bought it last year
03[21:37] * cooltech ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:37] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v cooltech
[21:38] <+kins> do you guys know who is on computer american tonight?
[21:38] <+catester> use thunderbir
[21:38] <+catester> d
02[21:38] * +cooltech-1 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:38] <+Xeogin-1> webroot is like paying for antivirus that isn't even worth being free
[21:38] <+AskaPM> NICE
[21:38] <+randy_nacol2002-1> google translator works great
[21:38] <+Courante-1> Download a spanish library off the Internet
[21:38] <+m3rc1978> tunderbird rocks
[21:38] <+Hagen98> trendmicro should pay me to use their junk
[21:38] <+partyvip> Anyone have a link to how to setup LT2P on a SonicWall TZ170 with windows LT2P
[21:38] <@loutrekshow> Funny man
[21:38] <+kins> Anyone know who is on Computer America tonight?
[21:38] <+Timster> smooth
[21:38] <+AskaPM> GREAT VOICE
[21:39] <@loutrekshow> I've never been so facinated with another man as I am with Buyer... :)
[21:39] <+AskaPM> HA
[21:39] <@citizenX> LOL LOu
[21:39] <@citizenX> mancruch
03[21:39] * Ustreamer685513 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:39] <+NateDawg32> lol
[21:39] <@citizenX> mancrush
[21:39] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> down boy, down
[21:39] <+Timster> wow lou
[21:39] <@loutrekshow> must be
[21:39] <+Xeogin-1> XD I have some TZ170s too, I might try setting that up myself
[21:39] <@loutrekshow> don't tell him Barb it would ruin our relationship :)
[21:39] <+AskaPM> I'll tell
03[21:39] * ustreamer-45091 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:39] <+AskaPM> LOL
03[21:39] * ustreamer-93795 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:40] <+Courante-1> Computer America tonight, only one guest known. A journalist talking about the Apple iPad.
[21:40] <+kins> I was doing that at one point, made me want to shoot something
[21:40] <+kins> I think I like pc repair and troubleshooting better
[21:41] <@citizenX> Lou, I will keep your crush on the downlow
02[21:41] * Ustreamer685513 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:41] <@loutrekshow> thanks Barb...I don't want Mike to think I'm cheating on him after all.
[21:41] <+kins> has the boxee box been released yet?
[21:41] <+Courante-1> That's fine with USB products that don't require high amounts of power.
[21:42] <@loutrekshow> And everyone keep it from my wife, I don't have the money for child support.. :)
[21:42] <+Courante-1> 2010 Rocks...
[21:42] <@citizenX> roaring over here Lou
03[21:42] * ustreamer-82069 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:42] <+Courante-1> Free until October
03[21:42] * ustreamer-93795 is now known as chuckyd
03[21:42] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v chuckyd
03[21:42] * +chuckyd ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:42] * chuckyd ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:42] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v chuckyd
[21:42] <+Hagen98> Bruce has a whole lotta USB goin on
[21:42] <+kins> why lou did you spend it on computer "junk"!?
[21:42] <@citizenX> def hagen
[21:42] <+chuckyd> i cant believe that apple would not include a webcam on the ipad. retarded. [21:43] <@loutrekshow> yeah. I can't stay off of one sale a day.. :)
02[21:43] * ustreamer-71244 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:43] <+Courante-1> Yeah. You need a separate $70 dock to add any USB device to the iPad
[21:43] <+Xeogin-1> speaking of usb stuff... we have an LED lit fan running aways on our oldest dell server's front USB ports... lol
[21:43] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> citizenX: BTW did you view that video in 720, Full Screen? See that quality of color and image.
03[21:43] * ustreamer-98356 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:43] * +AgentJohnson ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:43] <+chuckyd> its ridiculous. [21:43] <@citizenX> now you are showing off MS
[21:43] <@citizenX> LOL
[21:44] <+jrpcrepair> im back
[21:44] <@citizenX> wb jr
[21:44] <+kins> I didn't know you left
[21:44] <+jrpcrepair> lol
[21:44] <+Hagen98> why would you have a 5 year old jpeg file anwyays?
[21:44] <+chuckyd> better off with a nice hp atom netbook than an ipad
[21:44] <+Courante-1> No backup!?!
[21:45] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> citizenX: well if trying to see what the kodak can do you need to see it in full HD
[21:45] <+chuckyd> we got one in tonight...nice
[21:45] <+kins> hmmm maybe something not kosher Hagen98
[21:45] <+catester> i was going to send mike a report
01[21:45] <~miketechshow> http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/index.html
[21:45] <+catester> but it had too much stuff about my drive
[21:45] <+catester> !
[21:45] <+Xeogin-1> Hagen98, cause u want to look at the sexy ex girl friend one more time sometimes, and she's no longer your friend on facebook xD
[21:45] <+chuckyd> although i dont care for the smudgy glossy cover. [21:45] <+Hagen98> LOL Xe
[21:45] <+jrpcrepair> that looks pretty cool
[21:45] <+jrpcrepair> i got 72gb of jpg on my hdd
[21:45] <+Hagen98> Xe, thats when you upload it to [21:46] <+Hagen98> err upload it to youtube instead of keeping it
[21:46] <+kins> thats scarry jrpc
02[21:46] * +kellerpaul ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:46] <+jrpcrepair> i know..work and family pics
[21:46] <+jrpcrepair> i have a copy on another hd
[21:46] <+kins> you should stop looking at those you will go blind eventually
[21:46] <+kins> sure family pics
[21:46] <+kins> yeah thats the ticket
[21:46] <@citizenX> kins are you pointing at yourself?
[21:46] <+Courante-1> He didn't say his family!
02[21:47] * ustreamer-71447 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:47] <+kins> oh
[21:47] <+jrpcrepair> sickos
[21:47] <+kins> i see...
[21:47] <+chuckyd> vpn client free?
[21:47] <+Courante-1> logmein hamachi
[21:47] <+chuckyd> i think the cisco one costs
[21:47] <+Xeogin-1> ditto at Hamachi
[21:47] <+jrpcrepair> i still use old school team viewer
[21:47] <+Courante-1> And recently improved this year
[21:48] <+Red3Kgt> Team Viewer might work
[21:48] <+Hagen98> When are mike and Carey gettin together again? They work well with each other
[21:48] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Live Mesh
[21:48] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> simple, free and it works
[21:48] <@citizenX> Hagen .. tomorrow night on Computer America
[21:48] <+Hagen98> awesome
[21:48] <+chuckyd> cool
[21:48] <+jrpcrepair> i gotta check computer america out
[21:48] <+chuckyd> CA is good stuff
[21:48] <+Xeogin-1> I remember testing out Live Mesh when it was beta, does it work a bit smoother now?
[21:48] <+NateDawg32> Too bad you can't use OEM or Retail XP disk for a branded computer
[21:48] <+jrpcrepair> is he on itunes
[21:48] <@citizenX> tomorrow night computer america 10p EST
[21:48] <@loutrekshow> we're not complaining...
[21:49] <+Timster> marathon
[21:49] <+kins> yeah its good but more than half the show is commercials
[21:49] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> NateDawg: ? huh? Retail?
[21:49] <+chuckyd> they have a podcast but i dont think it is on itunes
[21:49] <@citizenX> LOUD commercials kins
[21:49] <+chuckyd> could be wrong though
[21:49] <@citizenX> CA is not on itunes
[21:49] <+aarondgg> ya QB
[21:49] <@citizenX> you can catch the archives (2 weeks back) at computeramerica.com
[21:49] <+Hagen98> taxes
[21:50] <+kins> taxes are already done
[21:50] <+NateDawg32> If I was to buy an OEM or Retail disk of XP from Newegg, for example, I was told you can't reinstall on a Dell (for example)
[21:50] <+Hagen98> uughghg
[21:50] <+Courante-1> Go through IRS.gov. You might qualify for free filing.
[21:50] <+NateDawg32> using the key on side of computer
[21:50] <+Xeogin-1> tell him to try gnucash, tis free
[21:50] <+chuckyd> i have a taxman..i dont have time for that crap
[21:50] <+Red3Kgt> What about 25% of my taxes [21:50] <@citizenX> 1st time home buyer this year CHA-CHING
02[21:50] * +Tech-Phreak ([email protected]) Quit (Tech-Phreak)
[21:50] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> NateDawg: You can install Retail on anything you want, including VM
[21:50] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> NateDawg: OEM no
[21:50] <+Hagen98> too bad i already did my taxes and paid already
[21:50] <+jrpcrepair> i gotta buy a screen for my macbook pro
[21:50] <+chuckyd> doing taxes is a huge time sync
[21:50] <+NateDawg32> Ok...that makes sense, I have a ton of OEM disks, no retail disks
[21:50] <+jrpcrepair> im getting the repair vids also
[21:51] <+kins> retail key goes with retail media
[21:51] <+Courante-1> Not if you know how to do it right
[21:51] <+kins> I still need to get those videos
[21:51] <+jrpcrepair> come on income tax
[21:51] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> stream is almost worthless to me tonight, buffering and stutter
[21:51] <@citizenX> fine here MS..
[21:51] <+chuckyd> ive done mine for years...its always a sync
03[21:51] * ustreamer-24171 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:51] <@citizenX> huh.
[21:51] <+Xeogin-1> that sucks MSS, it's smooth here too
[21:51] <+kins> no problems here MS
[21:51] <+AskaPM> great here too
[21:51] <+chuckyd> now i just pay some guy $100 bucks and he does it all. [21:51] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> I had no issues with GNC's show, this one is killing me
[21:52] <+chuckyd> i dont have time for that crap
[21:52] <+kins> no post show?
03[21:52] * ustreamer-6648 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:52] * +jwb14730 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:52] <+Courante-1> I am a professiona tax preparer and never charge over $60
[21:52] <+jrpcrepair> i just go to the tax guy and tell him "let me know what im getting back"
[21:52] <+chuckyd> there is a post show
01[21:52] <~miketechshow> Post show in a minute
[21:52] <@loutrekshow> yes post show coming
[21:52] <@citizenX> of COURSE POST SHOW
[21:52] <+kins> oh
[21:52] <+NateDawg32> Is ShadowProtect a no go?
03[21:52] * DGMurdockIII ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:52] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v DGMurdockIII
[21:52] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Post Show is all we come to hear ;)
[21:52] <@citizenX> he is finishing the podcast recording 02[21:52] * +Hagen98 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:52] <+kins> I'm using Acronis [21:53] <+DGMurdockIII> what the letter of the day
[21:53] <+Courante-1> ShadowProtect is much better than Aconis
[21:53] <@loutrekshow> whats the letter of the day Mike??
02[21:53] * +aarondgg ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:53] * +jac378 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:53] <+kins> Shadowprotect is too expensive for me
[21:53] <@citizenX> yeah what is the letter???
03[21:53] * ustreamer-30436 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:53] <+Timster> don't anger Barb kins.
[21:53] <+NateDawg32> Reference to Shadow Protect sponsoring Mike's show?
[21:53] <+Courante-1> And the best option for servers
[21:53] <+kins> but I'm 03[21:53] * aarondgg ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:53] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v aarondgg
[21:53] <+kins> 'po
03[21:53] * ustreamer-33113 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:53] <+Timster> lol
[21:53] <+chuckyd> heh, was trying to replicate a drive today with norton and the damn thing wanted me to put in multiple dvds...ugh
[21:53] <+tlee58> this might be a silly question but what is best way to keep laptop clean?
03[21:53] * ustreamer-30436 is now known as jac378
03[21:53] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v jac378
03[21:53] * +jac378 ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:53] * jac378 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:53] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v jac378
[21:54] <+kins> don't drop your soup tlee
[21:54] <@citizenX> never et or dink near it Tony
02[21:54] * ustreamer-82069 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:54] <@loutrekshow> man save the audio before messing with the project
[21:54] <@citizenX> drink even
[21:54] <@citizenX> LOL
[21:54] <+kins> keep it away from kiddies tlee
[21:54] <+aarondgg> windex
[21:54] <+Courante-1> Just that, keep it clean as you go along
[21:54] <+chuckyd> there has got to be a better way to make a drive image
[21:54] <+NateDawg32> Mike, what is the deal with Shadow Protect?
[21:54] <+Xeogin-1> I don't like Acronis simply for how crappy a time it is to disable it, I haven't reenabled it since because of that
[21:54] <+kins> no Windex
[21:54] <+m3rc1978> i have a jelly like substance i use to clean my computer
[21:54] <+kins> Windex = bad
[21:54] <+tlee58> computer wipes
[21:54] <+AskaPM> nice song
[21:54] <+Courante-1> DriveImageXML is great, and free.
[21:54] <@citizenX> never use a laptop on the bed with lotsa blankets
[21:54] <+Red3Kgt> Tonight the letter will be A thru Z
[21:54] <@citizenX> too much dust builds up inside
[21:54] <@loutrekshow> !Topic Welcome to the Mike Tech Show post-show fun. Tech Question or Music Request? Ask.
03[21:54] * Ustream-Bot changes topic to 'Welcome to the Mike Tech Show post-show fun. Tech Question or Music Request? Ask.'
[21:55] <+kins> got rid of my laptop recently
[21:55] <+jrpcrepair> earth wind and fire
[21:55] <+AskaPM> Anything better out there than MS Project?
[21:55] <+partyvip> i know right
02[21:55] * ustreamer-38975 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:55] <+kins> now I am little less of lazy slacker
[21:55] <+chuckyd> got any velvet underground?
[21:55] <@citizenX> @veronica.. Mike has an extensive music list. he plays DJ now
[21:55] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> Acronis is a fine product, yes ShadowProtect is better but cost tons more. You can get Acronis on sale and rebate for as little as $4
[21:55] <+chuckyd> sorry
[21:55] <+AskaPM> hmmm
[21:55] <+AskaPM> ok
[21:55] <+NateDawg32> I have to send my laptop back to Gateway to get screen fixed under warranty, they wont send the screen to me
[21:56] <+AskaPM> nice
[21:56] <+AskaPM> ya'll didn't know I could sing
[21:56] <+Courante-1> MS Project has no real competitor.
[21:56] <+kins> I Like Acronis although I did have some problems with it at first, but than again I have no patience
[21:56] <+Courante-1> many just don't know it's full capabilities
[21:56] <+AskaPM> right
[21:56] <+chuckyd> how much is shadowprotect?
03[21:56] * Tijuanotj ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[21:56] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Tijuanotj
[21:56] <@citizenX> you sin ging over there Veronica? [21:56] <+jrpcrepair> i got a used macbook pro and a month later screen is going out...
03[21:56] * ustreamer-07492 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:56] <+DGMurdockIII> what about Basecamp and QuickBase
[21:56] <+Tijuanotj> noooo
[21:56] <+AskaPM> right
[21:56] <+kins> kind of jump to conclusions sometimes but I gave Acronis a second chance and was not dis-apointed
[21:56] <@citizenX> sad to hear jr
[21:56] <+AskaPM> tearing it up
03[21:57] * ustreamer-71352 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:57] <+jrpcrepair> first mac too
[21:57] <+Courante-1> Hear that, everyone send Mike an e-mail right now! :-)
[21:57] <+Tijuanotj> look me tijuanotj
02[21:57] * ustreamer-89762 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:57] * ustreamer-32651 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:57] <@citizenX> LOL I will ask you to sing tomorrow
[21:57] <+AskaPM> ha
[21:57] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.managepro.com/
02[21:57] * +slickee ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:57] <+chuckyd> i don't think you've ever talked about nuke software mike
03[21:57] * ustreamer-69017 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[21:57] * ustreamer-69017 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:57] * ustreamer-75874 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[21:57] * ustreamer-24171 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[21:57] * ustreamer-32524 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:57] <+Tijuanotj> where?
02[21:57] * ustreamer-07492 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:57] <+AskaPM> can't hit that note though
[21:57] <+Red3Kgt> Hey Mike on the Netmeter tool...will that measure the traffic on all my computers or just the one its running on?
[21:58] <@citizenX> he is in PA [21:58] <+DGMurdockIII> OpenProj
[21:58] <+Tijuanotj> i live in riverside
[21:58] <@citizenX> CHIMAY .. SHCWING
[21:58] <@citizenX> cheers everyone!!!
[21:58] <+AskaPM> cheers
[21:58] <+Tijuanotj> wowowowoww
[21:58] <+NateDawg32> Is the Shadow Protect sponsorship a no go, Mike?
[21:58] <+DGMurdockIII> http://openproj.org/
[21:58] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> might grab a Longboard myself, hate drinking this late though
02[21:59] * +John-T ([email protected]) Quit (John-T)
[21:59] <+echostar4> mike is there a way to get multiple desktops on windows 7
[21:59] <+Courante-1> Now play a racing game. Instant DUI
03[21:59] * ustreamer-42886 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:59] <+NateDawg32> cool
02[21:59] * ustreamer-6648 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:59] <+kins> what do you mean Multi Desktops echo?
[21:59] <@citizenX> How do you think the sales were for them with your promos.. I know some bought
[21:59] <+Teewinks> CHEERS! I have Bridgeport Hop Czar IPA - Portland Oregon beer!
[21:59] <+NateDawg32> I agree
03[21:59] * ustreamer-38795 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[21:59] <+DGMurdockIII> mike: check out http://openproj.org/
03[21:59] * ustreamer-18166 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:00] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> BridgePort, sweet, I love Ropewalk
[22:00] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> huh, where did that -1 come from
[22:00] <@citizenX> suhweet teewinks
[22:00] <+Courante-1> multiple desktops in Windows is only possible with third party software
03[22:00] * ustreamer-37392 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:00] <+tlee58> good guys
[22:00] <+AskaPM> go to meeting... how do they compare to webex
[22:00] <+Courante-1> Not built-in like in Ubuntu
[22:00] <+kins> what do you guys mean by multiple desktops
[22:00] <+echostar4> similar to apple spaces or in linux you can have 4 different desktops
[22:00] <+kins> ?
[22:00] <+MSSmallBizSpec-1> jumping out and back in
02[22:01] * +MSSmallBizSpec-1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:01] <+Courante-1> GoToMeeting is much easier and more reliable to WebEx
[22:01] <+jrpcrepair> i wanna build an ubuntu server
02[22:01] * +aarondgg ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:01] <@citizenX> not sure you can echo?
[22:01] <+tlee58> good night guys
[22:01] <+catester> before it even has the chance of sticking
[22:01] <+jrpcrepair> seeya tlee
[22:01] <@citizenX> night Tony
[22:01] <+catester> before it even has the chance of sticking
[22:01] <+catester> before it even has the chance of sticking
[22:01] <+kins> what for jrpc?
[22:01] <+catester> before it even has the chance of sticking
[22:01] <+catester> before it even has the chance of sticking
[22:01] <+catester> before it even has the chance of sticking
02[22:01] * +tlee58 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:01] <+Courante-1> Been there, done that. An Ubuntu server build is a great project!
[22:01] <+catester> that's six
03[22:01] * MSSmallBizSpec ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:01] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v MSSmallBizSpec
[22:01] <@loutrekshow> careful
[22:01] <@citizenX> cate is malfunction
[22:01] <+catester> that's six times
[22:01] <+helptechonline> its a joke lol
[22:01] <@citizenX> she was being funny
[22:01] <+MSSmallBizSpec> ok back, in FF now, now is that dumb -1 gone
[22:01] <+jrpcrepair> just to learn [22:02] <+catester> no chance that stuck, then?
02[22:02] * +Tijuanotj ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:02] <@citizenX> blame the french PBR?
[22:02] <@loutrekshow> you have to be careful, Barb yields a mighty sword...
[22:02] <+kins> yeah but why would you want to learn that?
[22:02] <+catester> i'll try to be good
[22:02] <+NateDawg32> lol
03[22:02] * ustreamer-15741 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:02] <+kins> just wondering jr
[22:02] <@citizenX> I never hovered for a sec Lou
[22:02] <+DGMurdockIII> http://basecamphq.com/?source=37signals+home
[22:02] <@loutrekshow> but only you can get away with that Cate.. :)
02[22:02] * ustreamer-15741 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:03] <+chuckyd> you know that USB 3.0 is coming out this year right mike?
03[22:03] * ustreamer-82403 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:03] <+kins> have you guys seen that movie where there is virus in peoples electronics and phones and its supposedly a ghost?
[22:03] <+kins> pretty funny really
[22:03] <+Courante-1> USB 3.0 will be awesome, but LightPeek will soon surpass it!
[22:03] <+echostar4> thanks - courante-1
[22:03] <+Red3Kgt> Hey Mike on the Netmeter tool...will that measure the traffic on all my computers or just the one its running on?
[22:03] <+jrpcrepair> hey kins i heard its pretty robust
[22:04] <+DGMurdockIII> check out this for a project alterntive http://openproj.org/ or http://basecamphq.com/
03[22:04] * Ustreamer74793 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[22:04] * ustreamer-38795 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:04] <+reelmccoy> Going to fire off e-mail to Shadow Protect peeps for supporting you. I did end up ordering a couple seats too.
[22:04] <@citizenX> yay! the printer is fully functional!!
[22:04] <+chuckyd> hp is going to kick ass in netbook sales this year
03[22:04] * ustreamer-67839 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:04] <+kins> netbook smetbook
[22:05] <+kins> they are a fad
[22:05] <+chuckyd> they are good for certain things
[22:05] <+Courante-1> And they have the slate PC featured in the keynote address at CES
[22:05] <+kins> yeah a centerpiece
[22:05] <+AskaPM> DG: Thanks... Checking them out
[22:05] <+Teewinks> Dadgum, I'm missing the chat cuz I'm cooking dinner!
[22:05] <+Teewinks> Oh, I love dogs too
02[22:05] * ustreamer-37392 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:05] <+kins> thats one happy doggie!
[22:05] <@citizenX> is the dog cold?
[22:05] <+Teewinks> So, anyway, hi everybody
[22:05] <+catester> is that bear?
[22:05] <+kins> give me steak mike!!
[22:05] <+reelmccoy> dogs rock :)
[22:05] <@loutrekshow> @Mike you have to right click the link and "open in new browser." You can't left click a link in MIRC and have it open.
[22:05] <+kins> Bacon Bacon Bacon!!!
[22:06] <+Teewinks> Mike your dog is CUTE!
[22:06] <+jrpcrepair> remember new years with the baby
03[22:06] * ustreamer-43407 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[22:06] * ustreamer-43407 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:06] <@citizenX> my dog ate a grape and a green bean today
[22:06] <@citizenX> my cate at a greenbean too
[22:06] <+duffertv> should I buy a macbook now or wait for new models?
[22:06] <+chuckyd> since you guys appear to know it all, i'll let you do the talking. [22:06] <@citizenX> my cat..not CATE LOL
[22:06] <+Courante-1> My dog used to eat jalapenos
02[22:06] * Ustreamer74793 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[22:06] * TheMacGeek ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:06] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v TheMacGeek
[22:06] <+AskaPM> OMG
02[22:06] * ustreamer-67839 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:06] <+catester> i was confuzzed
[22:07] <+Teewinks> "Bear," so funny, cuz my real name is Teddie, and when I take my dogs to the vet, they think the dog's name is Teddie. :)
02[22:07] * ustreamer-82403 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[22:07] * ustreamer-62604 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:07] <+kins> my wife and I called my mom on Skype and my wife was calling the dog and he went NUTZ
[22:07] <+kins> he is a German Shepard mix
[22:07] <+kins> named Otto
03[22:07] * ustreamer-69443 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:07] <+jrpcrepair> i want a german shepard
02[22:07] * +linuxman32147 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:07] <+kins> He kept going nutz looking for us thinking we were there
[22:07] <@citizenX> ryan will not be happy when he gets home
03[22:07] * ustreamer-69443 is now known as l_sch
03[22:07] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v l_sch
03[22:07] * +l_sch ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:07] * l_sch ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:07] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v l_sch
[22:07] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Mike I think you need to put MTS in just a few more places. Wall, hat, shirt
02[22:07] * +Xeogin-1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:08] <@loutrekshow> Mike...want a MIRC tip???
[22:08] <+Teewinks> Oh, cute, Bear is on the couch
[22:08] <+kins> yeah I love big dogs, the little ones remind me too much of a cat
[22:08] <@loutrekshow> @Mike you have to right click the link and "open in new browser." You can't left click a link in MIRC and have it open.
[22:08] <@citizenX> carey showed a picture sitting next to him (for scale) dog is ENORMOUS
03[22:08] * AvgJim ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:08] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v AvgJim
[22:08] <+Courante-1> Name dropping is a proven technique!
[22:08] <@loutrekshow> here try it... http://miketechshow.com
[22:08] <+kins> I was wondering if anyone elese tried it
[22:08] <+partyvip> mike brke out the pimp cup
[22:08] <+catester> did he find a home for that golden retreiver?
[22:08] <+partyvip> yall see that cup
[22:09] <+jrpcrepair> my german shepard lived 14 years
[22:09] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Courante: that's not name dropping, it's a bat ;) of course Mike your missing the banner within ustream so your missing one
[22:09] <+kins> you gotta try it
[22:09] <@citizenX> and WOW someone actually married Carey
[22:09] <@citizenX> LOL
[22:09] <@citizenX> joke
[22:09] <+Teewinks> That's Ryan's spot!
[22:09] <@loutrekshow> ready Barb???
[22:09] <+partyvip> did you see that pimp cup
[22:09] <+Courante-1> That's a woman with a lot of patience!
[22:09] <@citizenX> yes really
[22:09] <+partyvip> lol
[22:09] <@loutrekshow> we may see who has the faster click
[22:09] <+partyvip> that's mike's pimp cup
[22:09] <+kins> Try calling your dog on Skype, my parents dog Otto went nuts and thought we were there he looked and looked for us, we had to disconect!!
[22:09] <+Courante-1> And definitely not an Apple lover!
[22:09] <@citizenX> Carey drags his feet on ALOT of things apparently
[22:09] <@loutrekshow> oh what your drinkin
[22:09] <@citizenX> LOL
03[22:10] * ustreamer-54594 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:10] <+catester> barb, I think we need to organize the Mike Tech Show drinking game. Every time Mike mentions Carey, we have to chug.
02[22:10] * ustreamer-54594 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:10] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.openworkbench.org/
02[22:10] * ustreamer-42886 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:10] <@citizenX> I am queen of the drinking game rules
[22:10] <@loutrekshow> hey Mike....here test the link click http://miketechshow.com [22:10] <+Courante-1> How about playing quarters over the chat?
[22:10] <+Courante-1> Uh, oh!
06[22:11] * @citizenX hant played quarters since high school
[22:11] <+Red3Kgt> I dont need any games to get me to drink
[22:11] <+helptechonline> WE rent sharepoint for 8.95 a month and use it for a trouble ticket system
[22:11] <+Timster> that explains alot
[22:11] <+kins> I stoped drinking when I got out of high school
[22:11] <@citizenX> perfect job are you kidding???
[22:11] <+Courante-1> I'll post a YouTube video in a minute about a quarters expert!
03[22:11] * aareinaikens ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:11] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v aareinaikens
[22:11] <+Timster> dude
[22:11] <+catester> subjected to
[22:12] <+catester> lol
[22:12] <+kins> don't the kids play something new today?
[22:12] <+helptechonline> http://www.apps4rent.com for sharepoint
[22:12] <+kins> so new kind of drinking game?
[22:12] <+Courante-1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eWF9zAWVdA
[22:12] <+AskaPM> PMI uses sharepoint
02[22:12] * ustreamer-32524 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[22:12] * ustreamer-8770 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[22:12] * +aareinaikens ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:12] <+kins> beer pong thats what the kids are playing today right?
03[22:12] * aareinaikens ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:12] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v aareinaikens
[22:12] <+AskaPM> played it at work today...
[22:13] <+AskaPM> seriously... no beer tho
03[22:13] * ustreamer-16810 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:13] <+duffertv> Mike gotta run have a great week
[22:13] <@citizenX> 40x7 hmmm
[22:13] <+Courante-1> I'm not a kid and I still play it...
[22:13] <+Courante-1> Just don't always remember it :-)
02[22:13] * +aareinaikens ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[22:13] * aareinaikens ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:13] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v aareinaikens
02[22:13] * +aareinaikens ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:13] <@citizenX> why did mike just look at his fingers? [22:13] <+kins> Courante-1 how old are you?
02[22:13] * +duffertv ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:14] <@citizenX> LOL that was funny
[22:14] <+AskaPM> drinking
[22:14] <@citizenX> i thought it was the chimay
[22:14] <@citizenX> i am laughing so hard over here
[22:14] <+m3rc1978> i thought u were wearing varnish
[22:14] <+jrpcrepair> i gotta go now guys and gals..seeya later mike
[22:14] <+Courante-1> 32, will be 33 in April
[22:14] <@citizenX> nighty jr
[22:14] <+AskaPM> bye jr
[22:15] <+kins> geting up there Courante-1
[22:15] <@citizenX> a little beer at the pulse points aint so bad.. right?
[22:15] <+jrpcrepair> ill check ya out tomorrow with carey
[22:15] <+Courante-1> I'm a bartender to. Easy access!
02[22:15] * ustreamer-62604 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:15] <+kins> Now you should only drink Ensure!
03[22:15] * Ustreamer39320 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:15] <+Courante-1> Yeah, I ensure not to miss my mout with that shot glass!
[22:16] <+Jumboshrmp1> What did the termite say when he walked into a bar? 02[22:16] * +helptechonline ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:16] <+AskaPM> what?
[22:16] <+DGMurdockIII> what do yo]u think of the jay leno, Conan O'Brien stuff that going on?
[22:16] <@citizenX> well there was that beer can (bottle?) christmas tree I saw this year on the internets
[22:16] <+Red3Kgt> I have a Billy Beer Can somewhere
[22:16] <+chuckyd> anybody know how to stop "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" popups that say my software is not genuine when it is?
[22:16] <+kins> What about bottles?. I loved the taste of Coke in the old Glass bottles
[22:16] <+Jumboshrmp1> Is the bar tender here?
02[22:16] * Ustreamer39320 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:16] <+Courante-1> Long Island Ice Tea, Cuba Libre and Mojito are my favorite drinks!
[22:16] <@citizenX> conan needs to go to Rev3
[22:16] <@citizenX> that would be epic
[22:17] <+DGMurdockIII> why rev3
[22:17] <+kins> Conan is gonna have a court room drama show!
[22:17] <@citizenX> long island iced tea is V I C I O U S
[22:17] <+kins> Seriously [22:17] <+kins> I don't think he will be good in it though
[22:17] <+kins> yeah that was great I saw it Mike
[22:17] <+Courante-1> Revision3 already offered to host his show
[22:17] <+DGMurdockIII> zz top was on
[22:17] <+MSSmallBizSpec> NBC was sending takedowns to Youtube within mins of everyone posting the last show
[22:17] <@citizenX> yes they sent conan an open letter
[22:18] <+Courante-1> Don't think he'd be able to keep it going online though
03[22:18] * helptechonline ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:18] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v helptechonline
[22:18] <+kins> on Hulu of course since I got rid of those thieves Timewarner Cable
03[22:18] * ustreamer-76549 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:18] <@citizenX> yes, you did sir
[22:18] <+catester> and let's hope conan doesn't get as screwed as you did
[22:18] <@citizenX> you were amazingly cool about it
[22:19] <@citizenX> Conan is SOOO tall. he is like a giant
[22:19] <+kins> yeah he is over 7 feet isn't he?
[22:19] <+Courante-1> Never found any of them that funny though. Always preferred Johnny Carson!
[22:19] <+Teewinks-1> Mike, you're a class act too!
[22:19] <+helptechonline> bumped into him and another guy in vegas about 4 years ago. He was trying to not be seen, and didn't speak
[22:19] <+kins> it seems most late night talk show hosts are tall for some reason
[22:19] <+Courante-1> They sit up from behind the desk nicely with that height
[22:19] <+u-al> I don't blame Leno. Leno gave up the tonight show because the execs asked him too so Conan would stay at nbc
[22:20] <@citizenX> I wqonder is the stars and viewers are going to watch/guest Leno
[22:20] <+Courante-1> Anybody remember Arsenio?
[22:20] <@citizenX> Leno will ber on Oprah to "imorove his image" :whatever:
[22:20] <+kins> Conan was awesome, watched him on NBC at 12:30 am for years [22:20] <@citizenX> LOVEd Arsineo
[22:20] <+Courante-1> Yeah, then it just got old
[22:20] <+Jumboshrmp1> Sure Courante
[22:20] <@citizenX> dog pound YEAH
[22:20] <+Courante-1> And the whole Bill Clinton apperance was lame
[22:20] <+kins> too bad he didn't go back to that time slot
[22:20] <+MSSmallBizSpec> u-al: NBC contracted Conan years back to take over the Tonight Show. It was a done deal they had to complete or buy him out.
02[22:21] * ustreamer-8770 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:21] <+kins> They need to take of that new kid!
[22:21] <+AskaPM> heading out everyone... have a great night. Great show... new viewer, will be back!!
[22:21] <+DGMurdockIII> Conan O'Brien — Height: 6' 4" (1.93 M)
[22:21] <+Courante-1> I think Letterman has the driest humor
[22:21] <+partyvip> Hey did anyone have a link that shows how to setup a Sonicwall tz170 for vpn
[22:21] <+kins> He is on at 12:30 but I forget his name
[22:21] <+partyvip> with the LT2P
[22:21] <@citizenX> I need me some counting crows
[22:21] <+kins> who is it?
02[22:21] * +echostar4 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:21] <+kins> the guy who was on SNL for a few years?
03[22:21] * ustreamer-34736 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[22:21] * +TheMacGeek ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:21] <+AskaPM> PEACE
[22:21] <+kins> whats his name I can't remember?
03[22:21] * ustreamer-6137 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[22:21] * +AskaPM ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:22] <+partyvip> all those late shows kinda suck
[22:22] <@citizenX> i can see his face kins...
02[22:22] * ustreamer-34736 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:22] <+kins> you guys know his name?
[22:22] <+partyvip> cause when the writers went on strike all the original comedy that Jay was good for was gone
[22:22] <+Jumboshrmp1> MTS is practically a late show these days....
[22:22] <+u-al> yes but they had to ask leno first to allow conan to take overMss
[22:22] <+kins> come on I can't think of it help!
[22:22] <+partyvip> dried up
[22:22] <+DGMurdockIII> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Late_Shift_%28film%29
02[22:22] * ustreamer-6137 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:22] <@citizenX> JIMMY FALLON
[22:22] <+Courante-1> I would prefer a host that writes his own material
[22:22] <+Jumboshrmp1> :)
[22:22] <+catester> that's nice
[22:22] <+DGMurdockIII> any The Black Crowes?
[22:22] <+partyvip> Anyone have a good link for the TZ170 vpn setup
[22:22] <+MSSmallBizSpec> CRAIG FERGUSON is pretty funny
02[22:22] * ustreamer-17866 ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:23] <+catester> will you be using GoToMeeting?
[22:23] <+catester> by any chance
03[22:23] * ustreamer-63824 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:23] <@citizenX> thas always nice Mike
[22:23] <+DGMurdockIII> The Black Crowes
[22:23] <+kins> Jimmy Fallon he is aweful!
[22:23] <+catester> heh
02[22:23] * ustreamer-16810 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:23] <@citizenX> i <3 Jimmy Fallon
[22:23] <+Courante-1> Hey Mike, any copyright concerns here?
[22:23] <+kins> Craig ferguson I don't like so much, he is funny once in a while
[22:23] <+u-al> Fallon needs better writers
[22:23] <+Courante-1> With the music?
[22:23] <@citizenX> he had diggnation on his show.. very tech savvy
[22:23] <+catester> I really like Craig Ferguson
[22:23] <+helptechonline> he was better as Nick Burns computer guy
[22:23] <+kins> fallon needs to stop laughing at everything
03[22:23] * Ustreamer115869 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:23] <+DGMurdockIII> how is gotomeeting compaired to webex?
[22:23] <+chuckyd> no tech questions for the post show?
[22:23] <+Courante-1> Tell the RIAA that
03[22:23] * ustreamer-7159 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:23] <+Courante-1> :-)~
[22:23] <+catester> I'm reading his book, "American on Purpose"
[22:23] <+kins> he has a silly grin on his face all the time
[22:24] <+Red3Kgt> Mike are you driving your car or holding off untill Toyota fixes the problem?
[22:24] <+chuckyd> guess not
03[22:24] * ustreamer-06770 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:24] <+helptechonline> wow 60 viewers
[22:24] <@citizenX> check ..ASK!
[22:24] <+kins> yes as Nick burns the computer guy he was AWESOME
[22:24] <+DGMurdockIII> how is gotomeeting compaired to webex?
[22:24] <@citizenX> CHUCK ask!
[22:24] <+kins> you guys ever watch Chuck!
[22:24] <+kins> I love CHUCK
[22:24] <@citizenX> yeah caught chuck a couple of times
03[22:24] * ustreamer-49639 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:24] <+helptechonline> My new Honda CRV saw 32000 miles first year
02[22:24] * ustreamer-18166 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:24] <+chuckyd> did, twice. he ignored them
[22:25] <@citizenX> Mike you are ignoring CHUCK.. he has a question
[22:25] <+chuckyd> i think he is not seeing my posts
[22:25] <+u-al> No it is the electric pedal
[22:25] <+chuckyd> ok
[22:25] <+catester> how can it be worse than that?
[22:25] <+MSSmallBizSpec> You see where the RIAA is trying to get the Thomas-Rasset dismissed. They don't like the Judge overriding the judgement amount or some of the judgement statements
[22:25] <+catester> whoa
[22:25] <+kins> you have one of those cars mike?
[22:25] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Chuck: Call MS, they privide free support for WGA issues
[22:25] <+Courante-1> I don't think the RIAA likes any except money in their pockets
[22:25] <+kins> BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:25] <@citizenX> so now driving is like lottery? interesting...
[22:26] <+catester> if they had a solution, they wouldn't have stopped production
[22:26] <+chuckyd> k
[22:26] <+u-al> electronically controlled gas pedal
03[22:26] * ustreamer-37646 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:26] <+kins> shift into neutral if it happens
[22:26] <+NateDawg32> they did stop production of 8 models
[22:26] <@citizenX> MIke you are not permitted to go out like a fark link.
[22:26] <+u-al> or shut the engine off
[22:26] <+catester> i think people practice that in boston just about every day
[22:26] <+Courante-1> No anti-lock brakes?
[22:26] <+catester> but they do it in the breakdown lane
[22:26] <+kins> yeah but can you ever be ready for that kind of thing MIKE
[22:26] <@citizenX> LOL Cate
[22:26] <+kins> ?
[22:26] <+chuckyd> or dont buy one of those toyotas with the sticky gas pedals....;)
[22:27] <+kins> trade it in mike
[22:27] <+Red3Kgt> will the E-break work for this problem
[22:27] <@citizenX> what would be the trade in with this issue?
[22:27] <@citizenX> gotta ask
[22:27] <+kins> I don't think in the middle of traffic Red3Kgt
03[22:27] * ustreamer-63824 is now known as ivanaem
03[22:27] * ivanaem ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:27] * ivanaem ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:27] <+Courante-1> Toyotas are usually good products. And, they actually have more American made parts in them than Chevy or Ford do.
[22:27] <+chuckyd> i have a 4 cylinder 1994 standard bed pickup
[22:27] <+u-al> It is not a cable it is electronically controlled
03[22:27] * ustreamer-52011 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:27] * ustreamer-59268 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:27] <@citizenX> toyotas are die hard cars
[22:27] <+chuckyd> almost every 3 months i get a note on my truck asking if i want to sell it
[22:27] <+Red3Kgt> Be safe mike
[22:27] <+kins> get a Hydai Sonata, mine is still running strong
[22:28] <+chuckyd> np
[22:28] <+chuckyd> ok, so regarding nuke software
[22:28] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Chuckd: http://support.microsoft.com/ph/9860
[22:28] <+kins> Hyundai
[22:28] <+DGMurdockIII> toyota close a factory here in the states
[22:28] <+chuckyd> what is the best
[22:28] <+chuckyd> I use dban
02[22:28] * ustreamer-37646 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:28] <@citizenX> dban is the best
[22:28] <+chuckyd> ok
[22:28] <+Red3Kgt> I vote Deban
03[22:28] * checkpointplans ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:28] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v checkpointplans
[22:28] <@citizenX> that is fed approved
[22:28] <@loutrekshow> what is it?>??
[22:28] <+chuckyd> easy
[22:28] <+Courante-1> Same here. Industry standard
[22:28] <+kins> I know another one I really like
02[22:28] * ustreamer-44552 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:28] <+Red3Kgt> to DOD standard
[22:29] <+partyvip> Tech Question with SonicWall TZ170 does any one have a reference for VPN setup [22:29] <@citizenX> makes data unrecoverable
[22:29] <+MSSmallBizSpec> best nuke disk? sledge hammer
[22:29] <+u-al> wipes the drive
[22:29] <@loutrekshow> does it destroy the drive or just erase it?
[22:29] <+Courante-1> There's only one bettw alternative, explained by Scott Moulton. Not easy for the standard end-user though.
[22:29] <+chuckyd> what is sledge hammer?
[22:29] <@citizenX> just erases
03[22:29] * ivanaem is now known as ivannaem
03[22:29] * ivannaem ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:29] * ivannaem ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:29] * kellerpaul ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:29] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v kellerpaul
[22:29] <+chuckyd> dban works great from my experience
[22:29] <+chuckyd> right....
[22:29] <@citizenX> \oooohh lets write a nuke prog and call it sledgehammer... how awesome would that be???
02[22:29] * ustreamer-49639 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:29] <@loutrekshow> or just accidently drop it three feet from the desk, that always works to me.....notice I said to me??
[22:29] <+Red3Kgt> We had drive shreders at teh Bank I worked at
03[22:29] * ronnhomer ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:29] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v ronnhomer
02[22:30] * ustreamer-52011 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[22:30] * +ronnhomer ([email protected]) Quit (ronnhomer)
[22:30] <+chuckyd> but if you want to recover the drive for other use, dban is good enough?
02[22:30] * +kellerpaul ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:30] <+u-al> yeah citizenx. lol
[22:30] <@citizenX> ..there ya go. Make your millions programmers
[22:30] <+helptechonline> let me mention again sharepoint for trouble ticket system.. It's awesome, on http://www.apps4rent.com @ $8.95 a month 500mb unlimited users
[22:30] <+kins> Dispose Secure is the best IMO
[22:30] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Get really ticked off at something, get the hammer, trust me the drive is toast.
03[22:30] * ronnhomer ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:30] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v ronnhomer
02[22:30] * +checkpointplans ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:30] <+Jumboshrmp1> Peter Gabriel (Sledge Hammer)
02[22:30] * ustreamer-59268 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:30] <+chuckyd> but if you want to recover the drive for other use, dban is good enough?
[22:30] <+Courante-1> Yes!
[22:30] <+kins> heres a link guys
[22:30] <+DGMurdockIII> let me mention again sharepoint for trouble ticket system.. It's awesome, on http://www.apps4rent.com @ $8.95 a month 500mb unlimited users
[22:30] <+kins> http://www.east-tec.com/enterprise/disposesecureent/index.htm
[22:30] <+Jumboshrmp1> beat ya :)
[22:30] <+chuckyd> but if you want to recover the drive for other use, dban is good enough?
03[22:31] * ustreamer-33294 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[22:31] * ustreamer-33294 ([email protected]B93F2BB.38A4A3A6.841B4DE7.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:31] <@citizenX> MIKE did you ever get the concert CD from the spectrum SP 02[22:31] * ustreamer-06770 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:31] <+kins> great product better than Dban
[22:31] <+Courante-1> First, use DBAN, then reformat it.
[22:31] <+kins> http://www.east-tec.com/enterprise/disposesecureent/index.htm
[22:31] <+Red3Kgt> a Drill press will work nicely as well
[22:31] <+chuckyd> oh...good [22:31] <+chuckyd> reformat
[22:31] <+ronnhomer> Hi Mike. I'm late. I just got home from work.
[22:31] <@citizenX> sad face
[22:31] <+chuckyd> thx
[22:31] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Some of the drives use a cermic platter, hammer will break it into pieces of glass
[22:31] <@citizenX> hey ron
[22:31] <+Courante-1> Where's his drink?
[22:31] <+kins> hey ronhomer
[22:31] <+u-al> again
03[22:31] * ustreamer-79162 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:31] <+ronnhomer> hi barb
[22:31] <+chuckyd> right, but we have to reuse our drives
[22:31] <+ronnhomer> hi everyone
[22:32] <@citizenX> suhweet
[22:32] <+DGMurdockIII> what do you think of microsoft forefront?
02[22:32] * ustreamer-79162 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:32] <+mflstc> gonna see NJ and Flyres on Feb 8th
[22:32] <+kins> french canadian?
[22:32] <+kins> maybe?
[22:32] <+MSSmallBizSpec> DG: management is overkill
[22:32] <+Jumboshrmp1> Panthers...
02[22:32] * +partyvip ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:32] <@citizenX> OMG I just got the song.. duh. sledgehammer.. [22:32] <+Courante-1> Don't care about any sport right now except football
[22:32] <+Courante-1> Go Peyton!
03[22:32] * DarkHorse2160-1 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:32] * chat02.ustream.tv sets mode: +v DarkHorse2160-1
02[22:32] * Ustreamer115869 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:32] <+mflstc> ehhh?
[22:32] <@citizenX> I am stupified
[22:32] <+u-al> again with the officiating
[22:32] <+kins> good song citizenx
[22:32] <+catester> she knows her credit from her cash, tho
[22:33] <+chuckyd> second tech question
[22:33] <+catester> ;-)
[22:33] <+helptechonline> new software called stupified
[22:33] <+Jumboshrmp1> Courante Super Bowl is down the road from me...
[22:33] <+chuckyd> ?
[22:33] <+u-al> lol
02[22:33] * ustreamer-76549 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:33] <+DGMurdockIII> microsoft forefront
[22:33] <+kins> http://www.east-tec.com/enterprise/disposesecureent/index.htm
[22:33] <+u-al> oh darn
[22:33] <+chuckyd> do tou have to do the same for USB sticks?
[22:33] <+kins> sorry I really love that software
[22:33] <+Courante-1> Good luck with all that traffic.
[22:33] <+chuckyd> to completely clean them
[22:33] <+Red3Kgt> OK Barb How many beers you have so far tonight?
[22:33] <+kins> usb sticks only have so many writes
[22:33] <+catester> look at the waggy tail dog
[22:33] <+Courante-1> You lose count after 7 or 8
[22:33] <+Timster> nite guys
[22:33] <+Jumboshrmp1> I will be here for ProBowl, but heading to Atlanta for SB weekend
[22:33] <+DarkHorse2160-1> Flyers SUCK
02[22:33] * +Timster ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:33] <+Courante-1> NO!!!
[22:34] <+kins> I would just smash a usb stick
[22:34] <+chuckyd> is there a dban for USB drives?
[22:34] <+catester> except you can stomp on it
[22:34] <+kins> easily breakable
[22:34] <+u-al> nite timster
[22:34] <+chuckyd> never tried
[22:34] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.microsoft.com/forefront/en/us/overview.aspx
[22:34] <+Courante-1> Yes, it will work. But it reduces its life span. Better to securely wipe individual files or simply trash it and replace it. Very cheap
[22:34] <+chuckyd> just wondering
[22:34] <+catester> i bet
[22:34] <+DarkHorse2160-1> Whatcha think og the iPad?
[22:35] <+chuckyd> right because you can only write so many times
[22:35] <+chuckyd> i do [22:35] <@citizenX> brb
[22:35] <+MSSmallBizSpec> I was told it was not required on flash media. Delete, reformat
[22:35] <+Jumboshrmp1> Hitler doesn't like the iPad
[22:35] <+kins> trail version of east tech dispose secure, I would try it [22:35] <+catester> not necessarily mike
02[22:35] * ivannaem ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:35] <+catester> well yes, for that
[22:35] <+Courante-1> Many single file shreddar utilities available online
[22:35] <+u-al> good idea
[22:35] <+catester> but there is a limit
[22:35] <+catester> to how many times you can write and rewrite
[22:35] <+catester> to a usb stick
02[22:35] * ustreamer-7159 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:35] <+catester> so truecrypt
[22:35] <+chuckyd> i think quite a bit
[22:36] <+catester> does that write and rewrite?
[22:36] <+catester> yeah but when you decrypt
[22:36] <+Courante-1> DBAN would overwrite several times to all sectors. Just like defragging, not a good idea for flash based devices
[22:36] <+chuckyd> right but TC only goes up to 4GB
[22:36] <@loutrekshow> or depending on the size try to copy and paste a dVD on to the thumb drive to over write it
[22:36] <+catester> does it write?
[22:36] <+catester> see what i mean?
[22:36] <+DGMurdockIII> Microsoft Forefront delivers end-to-end security and access to information through an integrated line of protection, access and identity management products.Security should be a means to a business en
[22:36] <+chuckyd> else you have to create a file volume
[22:36] <+catester> i mean, i don't know
[22:36] <+catester> but i think it would write
[22:36] <+DGMurdockIII> Microsoft is working to deliver business ready security to help companies achieve their business goals while managing risk and helping ensure that the right people always have access to the informatio
[22:36] <+Courante-1> With TrueCrypt, no it's not re-written
[22:36] <+u-al> I use Panda usb vaccine on my usb sticks. to prevent a virus
[22:36] <+catester> thanks courante
[22:36] <+catester> that answers the question then!
[22:36] <+chuckyd> TC will not create an encrypted disk larger than 4GB for FAT32
[22:37] <+catester> it's panda night!
[22:37] <+kins> how much do you really think people are going dumpster diving to find your personal files. Do you really think someone will go as far as to piece together your hard drive and get your files?
[22:37] <@citizenX> panda night
[22:37] <+catester> lol
[22:37] <@citizenX> LOL
[22:37] <+Courante-1> However, dont recommend TrueCrypt for USB drives. Won't be readable on systems where you don't have administrative rights
[22:37] <+u-al> they are cute
[22:37] <+catester> i have it about snakes
[22:37] <+catester> for mike, it's pandas
[22:37] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Panda makes a decent A/V product, it's on some firewall products as well
[22:37] <+DGMurdockIII> http://research.pandasecurity.com/panda-usb-and-autorun-vaccine/
[22:37] <+catester> penguins!
02[22:37] * +DarkHorse2160-1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:37] <+chuckyd> TC will work on a Mac. You just have to have NTFS-3G on your macs
[22:38] <+Courante-1> I guess he doesn't like Linux hugh?
[22:38] <+chuckyd> format the stick to NTFS
[22:38] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Courante: Do what? I TC my thumbdrive and use it on desktop machines all day
[22:38] <+u-al> No wonder he hates the pens
[22:38] <+catester> i am really sure ryan apprecites you sharing that
[22:38] <+catester> with all of us!
[22:38] <+kins> I mean really...Are they going to jump in a dumpster, find the pieces of your hard drive, and somehow piece it together bring it to a lab and find your files!
[22:38] <+chuckyd> no camera....weak
[22:38] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Now I don't TC the entire whole drive, just volumes on the drive
[22:38] <+Courante-1> In a work environment, your user account may be blocked from using TrueCrypt. It requires elevated rights to function correctly.
[22:38] <+chuckyd> i agree
[22:39] <+randy_nacol2002-1> my son always took dead mice to my daughter when she was about 7
[22:39] <@citizenX> camera is not a make or break deal
[22:39] <@citizenX> srsly
[22:39] <+chuckyd> wait a year
[22:39] <+catester> there's a really interesting discussion breaking out among authors...
[22:39] <+catester> ebook guys
[22:39] <@citizenX> kindle ebay fever.. [22:39] <+jac378> a year..ipad 2
[22:39] <+chuckyd> that is a smart way to think. [22:39] <+catester> interesting
[22:39] <+Jumboshrmp1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQnT0zp8Ya4 (iPad)
[22:39] <+chuckyd> i knidle for me. I hate DRM. [22:39] <+catester> but will it read that format?\
[22:39] <+chuckyd> sony reader
[22:39] <+l_sch> iPad is only an enlarged iPod touch with 3G capable if you want 3G
[22:39] <+kins> I love Jumbo Shrimp!
[22:39] <+DGMurdockIII> what about the HP slate?
[22:39] <+catester> is there drm?
[22:39] <+Courante-1> Why not have it all in one device? The IdeaPad U1 fills all needs!!!
[22:39] <+NateDawg32> Well, Mike, you did a great job as usual...I need to get a bite to eat before nutz at night...have a great night
03[22:39] * ustreamer-40791 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:40] <+kins> Fried of course!
[22:40] <+chuckyd> yeah, kindle is all drmed
[22:40] <+chuckyd> no thanks
[22:40] <+DGMurdockIII> what about the HP slate?
[22:40] <+catester> mike
[22:40] <+Jumboshrmp1> I'm an oxymoron
[22:40] <+catester> i really like this time
[22:40] <+kins> Nutz at night is boring
[22:40] <+u-al> Barb just tweeted her sledgehammer idea, better jump on it. lol
[22:40] <+chuckyd> wrong
[22:40] <+catester> it works great for ME!
[22:40] <+chuckyd> sony reader is not
[22:40] <+catester> well that's what i'm asking
[22:40] <+Courante-1> The IdeaPad product review by Tekzilla: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5DYuVN6nuY
[22:40] <@loutrekshow> @Mike and other.... My windows Vista keeps rebooting itself every night. Automatic updates are set to download but let me choose to install them. Any other thoughts???
02[22:40] * +NateDawg32 ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:40] <+catester> can you download from amazon.com
[22:40] <+randy_nacol2002-1> audible books for the win
[22:40] <@citizenX> I am more of a fan of audible than ebook
[22:40] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/06/the-hp-slate/
[22:40] <@citizenX> just saying
[22:40] <+chuckyd> sony reader is not drmed mike
[22:40] <+catester> and read the book on an iPad
[22:40] <+MSSmallBizSpec> you can send PDF to Kindle I thought
[22:40] <+kins> I used to like Podnutz daily, but now it seems as if I am just evesdropping on someone eleses conversation!
[22:41] <+catester> check the Windows Secrets
[22:41] <+catester> newsletter
[22:41] <+DGMurdockIII> http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/06/the-hp-slate/
[22:41] <+catester> they just wrote about that
[22:41] <+chuckyd> good question MS, not sure about that. [22:41] <+catester> last week or the week before
[22:41] <+kins> there is no audience participation anymore on podnutz!
03[22:41] * ustreamer-39575 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:41] <+MSSmallBizSpec> pretty sure Kindle will accept PDF files
[22:41] <@citizenX> steve is not consistant and I warned him
[22:41] <+catester> because?
[22:41] <+chuckyd> that would be great to know MS
[22:41] <+kins> I mean I can stop a listen to someones conversation at wal-mart if I want
[22:41] <+Courante-1> Yes, the kindl will accept PDF files, but through e-mail though
02[22:41] * +Jumboshrmp1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:41] <+chuckyd> oh
[22:41] <+catester> i read that
[22:42] <+chuckyd> well that is good
[22:42] <+kins> I like steve though he knows a whole lot about laptops, too bad he doesn't work anymore
[22:42] <+catester> what are they going for in US dollars?
[22:42] <+Courante-1> Kindle is just like Thunderbird versus Outlook. Simply designed for only one task, therefore, it does it eceptionally well!
[22:42] <@citizenX> when he sold the shop I predicted a downward spiral
[22:42] <+chuckyd> i use a sony reader
[22:43] <+kins> I like regular books
[22:43] <+MSSmallBizSpec> So you know Google is watching the ipad, if they even start to sell there will be a gPad, Chrome OS with full flash, etc
[22:43] <+kins> nothing will replace a regular paper book for me
[22:43] <@citizenX> regualr books shoutout!!!
[22:43] <+chuckyd> only problem is it can be slow when changing pages. [22:43] <+DGMurdockIII> gateway tsblet was great
[22:43] <+catester> i read in the bathtub, so regular books for me
[22:43] <+catester> and magazines!
[22:43] <+Courante-1> Google already has the ChromeOS, which can be installed on any netbook. No need for a "gPad"
[22:43] <+kins> yes regular books!
[22:43] <+MSSmallBizSpec> I won't give up my Gateway Convertiable.
[22:43] <+kins> I even have a bookshelf
[22:44] <+kins> with actual books on it
[22:44] <+m3rc1978> nite guys, good show mike it was worth staying up til 03:45 lol
[22:44] <+catester> can a netbook act like a kindle
[22:44] <+chuckyd> When the netbook readers become paper thin and support true color THAT will be the day!
[22:44] <+catester> i think it can
[22:44] <+catester> i like my netbook
[22:44] <+kins> can I drop a netbook from 10 feet and have it not break?
[22:44] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Courante: Disagree. A "slate" type device with full PC features is not the same as a netbook.
[22:44] <@citizenX> yes BECAUSE it uses apps iphne apps -- remember
[22:44] <+jac378> battery on that iPad??
[22:44] <+Courante-1> Netbooks, the Kindle and the iPad are all low powered and not very functional. The Lenovo product leaves them all behind!
[22:44] <+catester> i take it to clients
[22:44] <+catester> and use it to test
[22:44] <+Courante-1> Mos iPhone Apps are just time wasters!
[22:44] <+catester> bless your heart mike
[22:44] <+u-al> Steve is still a great interviewer with the podnutz .and mhdd
02[22:45] * +m3rc1978 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:45] <@citizenX> clients like seeing netbooks.. [22:45] <+catester> i have aps on it!
[22:45] <+mflstc> i love my netbook
[22:45] <@citizenX> they think they are cute and wwant one
[22:45] <+catester> i have evernote on it
[22:45] <+kins> the reason I like the Mike tech show is the audience participation
[22:45] <+catester> i can access anything with a connection
[22:45] <+l_sch> philly tech guys is fun to listen to
[22:45] <+u-al> new years eve was fun
02[22:45] * ustreamer-60512 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:45] <+MSSmallBizSpec> People will look at a slate device for doing things like having a bedside PC for streaming, email, web. Having something mounted in the kitchen, etc, etc
02[22:45] * +cometflyer ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:45] <+catester> mike, i would rather crawl over barbed wire and broken glass than buy an apple product
[22:45] <+Courante-1> Can't install anything very powerful on a netbook. But, its great as a supplement machine with remote access to your home computer
[22:46] <+catester> agreed, courante
[22:46] <@citizenX> cate.. wow.. I appreciate MAC and I do not own one
[22:46] <+kins> yeah the cost just is justifiable to me
[22:46] <+catester> it's not my primary computer by any stretch of the imagination
[22:46] <@loutrekshow> Ok Mike...the only errors that comes up alot is a VSS error, "Volume Shadow Copy Service error"
[22:46] <+Courante-1> Apple TV, another big failure in my opinion!
[22:46] <+randy_nacol2002-1> jobs is smart he wants to be king of the netbook/kendle world
[22:46] <+catester> barb, long story
[22:46] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Courante: most people never use 10% of a PC. They email, web, chat
03[22:46] * AgentJohnson ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:46] * chat04.ustream.tv sets mode: +v AgentJohnson
[22:46] <+catester> skype me some day
[22:46] <@citizenX> 'ahh Cate
[22:46] <@loutrekshow> carbonite??
[22:46] <@citizenX> LOL "someday"
[22:46] <@loutrekshow> thats the only backup I use
[22:47] <+catester> when you have a moment ;-)
[22:47] <+catester> not to you mike
[22:47] <+catester> that was for barg
[22:47] <+kins> VSS is normaly enabled in windows 7 correct?
[22:47] <+catester> barb
[22:47] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Carbonite Sucks.
[22:47] <@citizenX> it was to me MIke
[22:47] <@citizenX> get out of my CONVO
[22:47] <+Red3Kgt> Carbonite will use VSS
[22:47] <+Courante-1> 10%? Tell that to all my clients who have teenagers trading music and video files and playing extensive video games on their machines
[22:47] <+catester> but you're always welcome to skype me!
[22:47] <@citizenX> LOL
[22:47] <+catester> mike
[22:47] <@loutrekshow> carbonite works for me. I can't complain
[22:47] <+DGMurdockIII> 10:47 Red3Kgt: Carbonite will use VSS
[22:48] <@citizenX> turn off the fire.. I heard you can do that.. I cannot
[22:48] <+catester> hey, this is too fun, but it's almost 8PM and i should eat something. dinner, probably.
[22:48] <@citizenX> MIKE-- go outside.,. I hate when people have weather apps
[22:48] <+Courante-1> Just look out the window!!! :-)
[22:48] <+catester> have a good evening.
[22:48] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Don't crash my server, it's under powered but: http://www.bitsofws.com/index.php/2009/03/23/carbonite-loses-the-data-of-7500-customers/
[22:48] <+Courante-1> You don't need an app for everything!
[22:48] <+catester> <poof>
03[22:48] * +catester ([email protected]) has left #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:48] <@loutrekshow> Mike...where in the event log would I find a start up of windows or something telling me when it started???
[22:48] <+l_sch> 9 degrees here wind chill 1 degree
[22:48] <+AgentJohnson> haha i got 14F here in Detroit!! Its like paradise
[22:48] <@citizenX> dang MS... blame the cloud
[22:48] <+u-al> The last time you were on Computer America I told them in the chat to adjust your sound but they did not
[22:48] <+AgentJohnson> lol
[22:49] <+Teewinks> QUICK QUESTION?
[22:49] <+randy_nacol2002-1> let me see oops it's 49 here
[22:49] <+kins> must be a configuration problem
03[22:49] * ustreamer-4486 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:49] <+DGMurdockIII> lou: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/freitasm/2516
[22:49] <+MSSmallBizSpec> citizenX: huh?
[22:49] <+kins> with the VSS problem whoever has that problem
[22:49] <+Red3Kgt> thats what I call the "Big Chill"
[22:49] <+DGMurdockIII> lou: http://www.webuser.co.uk/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/422147/an/0/page/3
[22:49] <+Teewinks> sorry - how do you like syncing iphone
[22:49] <+randy_nacol2002-1> brb need to reboot
[22:49] <+kins> VSS is normally enabled by default in Windows 7 and Vista also
[22:49] <+Teewinks> with outlook?
02[22:49] * +randy_nacol2002-1 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:50] <+DGMurdockIII> yes
[22:50] <+l_sch> only a PS3 here for my bluray
[22:50] <+Teewinks> i'm typing from a netbook and it lags!
[22:50] <+DGMurdockIII> blu-ray
[22:50] <@citizenX> @MS re: http://www.bitsofws.com/index.php/2009/03/23/carbonite-loses-the-data-of-7500-customers/
[22:50] <+DGMurdockIII> here
[22:50] <+Teewinks> me, too
[22:50] <+Teewinks> ok, sold!
02[22:50] * ustreamer-4486 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:50] <+kins> what was the VSS problem again?
[22:50] <@citizenX> vblu ray via PS3
[22:50] <+Teewinks> i'm gonna buy me an iphone!
[22:50] <+MSSmallBizSpec> citizenX: but how is that "blaming the clud"?
02[22:50] * +cooltech ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:51] <@citizenX> does not carbonite back up to internets?
[22:51] <+MSSmallBizSpec> citizenX: they did lose the data, the CEO admitted it in my blog
[22:51] <+DGMurdockIII> is it good
[22:51] <@citizenX> MIKE I WATCHED IT LAST NIGHT
[22:51] <@citizenX> I decided I want to own it'
[22:51] <@citizenX> he is my elvis
03[22:51] * ustreamer-51695 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:51] <+chuckyd> oh god...my girlfriend was wanting me to buy that....no thanks. [22:51] <+Red3Kgt> New Smasing Punkins song (A Song for a Son) free down load @ http://www.smashingpumpkins.com/
[22:51] <@citizenX> but looked like a skeleton
[22:51] <+Courante-1> His bucharest concert was the best ever (to date)
[22:51] <@citizenX> I told D to rent it
[22:51] <+MSSmallBizSpec> citizenX: not blaming "the cloud" just piss poor design and management by carbonite
[22:51] <+kins> he can't compare to elvis citizen
[22:51] <+Teewinks> I loved Michael Jackson
[22:51] <@citizenX> he is my elvis
02[22:51] * +u-al ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
02[22:51] * ustreamer-51695 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:52] <+Courante-1> Elvis was highly overrated!
[22:52] <@citizenX> extras MIKE???????
[22:52] <+Teewinks> Barb, Michael was my Jim Morrison :)
[22:52] <+Courante-1> No better entertainer, ever!
[22:52] <+chuckyd> SP...nice
[22:52] <+chuckyd> thanks for the info
[22:52] <@citizenX> Jim Morrison is my Jim Morrison (fist bump)
[22:52] <@loutrekshow> Mike...where in the event log would I find a start up of windows or something telling me when it started???
[22:52] <+DGMurdockIII> Smashing Pumpkins
[22:52] <@citizenX> Loved it.. immensly
[22:52] <+Teewinks> Barb, you are my .....
[22:53] <+kins> Gunz N Roses was the best group ever for my generation
03[22:53] * u-al ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:53] * chat01.ustream.tv sets mode: +v u-al
[22:53] <@citizenX> nice to see you buying again Mike.. grinning
[22:53] <+AgentJohnson> I am having trouble getting my wallpaper to stretch accross my two monitors. any help. i'm using vista.
[22:53] <+Courante-1> Much of that concert that never took place s very similar to his bucharest concert in the 90's.
03[22:53] * ustreamer-2946 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:53] * justice76 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:53] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v justice76
[22:53] <+Courante-1> Metallica kicks Guns 'N' Roses A**!
03[22:53] * ustreamer-43586 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:53] <+chuckyd> agent...upgrade to win7
[22:53] <+kins> no way Courante
[22:53] <@citizenX> AgentJohnson: I am having trouble getting my wallpaper to stretch accross my two monitors. any help. i'm using vista.
02[22:53] * ustreamer-43586 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:53] <@citizenX> OMG saw
[22:53] <+kins> they are a close second though
[22:53] <@citizenX> nice
[22:53] <+DGMurdockIII> i hate saw
02[22:54] * +justice76 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
03[22:54] * justice76 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:54] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v justice76
[22:54] <+AgentJohnson> I would upgrade to 7, but I don't have any money right now. i am only 17 lol.
[22:54] <@citizenX> 2 for 1?
[22:54] <+chuckyd> i have on multiple machines. its way better. I only have this one i am typing on still left to do. [22:54] <+kins> mike no spoilers PLEASE
[22:54] <+Teewinks-1> oh, crap, my netbook battery ran out...
[22:54] <@citizenX> AgentJohnson: I am having trouble getting my wallpaper to stretch accross my two monitors. any help. i'm using vista.]
[22:54] <+MSSmallBizSpec> loutrek: bring up task manager, Go to Performance and it will show uptime
[22:54] <+Teewinks-1> ... and I had to run to the desktop in the basement...
[22:54] <+Courante-1> G'N'R only had one complete album, Appetite for Destruction. The rest only had a couple of good songs and several crappy ones.
[22:54] <+kins> No Spoilers haven't seen it yet!
[22:54] <+Teewinks-1> ... and I'm cooking.
[22:54] <+Courante-1> And boy did Axel let his health go!
[22:54] <@citizenX> STILL cooking teewinks??
[22:54] <+Teewinks-1> Barb, you are my Janis. :)
02[22:54] * +mflstc ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:54] <+MSSmallBizSpec> loutrek: bring up command prompt, type sysinfo
[22:54] <@citizenX> what you cooking up?
[22:54] <+chuckyd> mike, another question for ya
[22:54] <+justice76> Whats a good web cam to watch black <censored> in high resolution
[22:54] <+Courante-1> Loved Saw, didn't care much for the sequals though.
[22:55] <+DGMurdockIII> lol
[22:55] <+chuckyd> what is the hands down best mp3 player out there?
[22:55] <+MSSmallBizSpec> sorry, systeminfo
[22:55] <@citizenX> joplin?
[22:55] <+chuckyd> ipod?
[22:55] <+Courante-1> sansa fuse
03[22:55] * loutrekshow sets mode: +b *!*@dev-EE77AD7C.dllstx.fios.verizon.net
[22:55] <+kins> first one was good
03[22:55] * justice76 was kicked by loutrekshow (loutrekshow)
[22:55] <+Teewinks-1> Yeah, I'm roasting tomatoes and red peppers and sautee'ing mushrooms.
[22:55] <@citizenX> ipod
[22:55] <@loutrekshow> Done Boss
[22:55] <+DGMurdockIII> zune
[22:55] <+Courante-1> I have Sansa Fuse, View and Clip, all are ten times better than any iPod
[22:55] <@citizenX> zune is good
[22:55] <+Teewinks-1> BWB
[22:55] <+kins> you guys liked Last house on the Left?
[22:55] <+chuckyd> i had a sansa..but the darn thing died on me
[22:55] <+MSSmallBizSpec> Sansa with rockbox
02[22:55] * +jac378 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:55] <+l_sch> sansa Fuze works great with linux :)
02[22:55] * +Teewinks ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:56] <+DGMurdockIII> zune HD
[22:56] <+kins> I saw the original and it was pretty cheesey
[22:56] <+Courante-1> Loved that movie!
[22:56] <+chuckyd> I'm currently using the Sony Walkman...it works great!
[22:56] <+Courante-1> I love any movie that includes unpredictable twists!
[22:56] <+Courante-1> Even if they're disturbing
[22:56] <+MSSmallBizSpec> You can pick up Sansa e200's on ebay for under $20, rockbox it and grab a 16GB card
[22:56] <@citizenX> saw makes me wonder what i would do
[22:56] <+kins> Corante you should see that vacation one than
[22:56] <@citizenX> WW CX do.. LOL
[22:56] <+kins> it is pretty good
[22:57] <+kins> lots of twists
[22:57] <+DGMurdockIII> mike: Smashing Pumpkins
[22:57] <+chuckyd> i just had issues with the sansa before so i'm a bit reluctant to buy their stuff
03[22:57] * ustreamer-40308 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:57] <+DGMurdockIII> danny glover was in one
[22:57] <+DGMurdockIII> right?
[22:57] <@citizenX> mike you ever get the smashing pumpkins concert CD????
[22:57] <@citizenX> spectrum
[22:57] <+Courante-1> The Myst was one with an ending I liked. Sorry to say!
[22:57] <@citizenX> totally hellz no could I do that
02[22:57] * ustreamer-40308 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[22:57] * ustreamer-2946 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:57] <+chuckyd> any of you guys play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 yet?
[22:58] <+Courante-1> Nothing but issues with iPod products
03[22:58] * Teewinks ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
03[22:58] * chat03.ustream.tv sets mode: +v Teewinks
[22:58] <+MSSmallBizSpec> chuckyd: go refurb and go cheap. Any e200 series. Get a micro SDHC and rockbox it
[22:58] <+chuckyd> OMFG
[22:58] <+chuckyd> what a great game
[22:58] <@citizenX> yep my D gives modern warefare 6 thumbs up
03[22:58] * ustreamer-39133 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
02[22:58] * ustreamer-38910 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:58] <@citizenX> game of the year
[22:58] <@citizenX> easliy
[22:58] <+chuckyd> yep
[22:58] <+kins> I will see you guys next week
[22:58] <+chuckyd> what time?
03[22:58] * ustreamer-77684 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[22:58] <+kins> its 10pm est
02[22:58] * ustreamer-39575 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[22:59] <+MSSmallBizSpec> LouTrekShow: did you get that uptime answer I posted?
[22:59] <+chuckyd> 7 my time
[22:59] <+chuckyd> ok
[22:59] <+u-al> I'am afraid of Carey. lol
[22:59] <+kins> Love Careys attitude
[22:59] <@citizenX> be not afraid
[22:59] <+u-al> joking
[22:59] <+Courante-1> Hey, his dog can't be that bad a judge of character
[22:59] <+Teewinks> Ok, got the netbook on AC. - yeah Carey is brusk
[22:59] <+chuckyd> is it a skype call?
[22:59] <+u-al> good tech bad tech switcharoo
02[22:59] * ustreamer-98356 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[23:00] * +l_sch ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[23:00] <+Courante-1> Just too bad he's a little bitter because of past experiences with clients
[23:00] <+chuckyd> can I skype?
[23:00] <+kins> I just listened to it, but I stoped at the certification question becausde I am sick of that subject already
[23:00] <+chuckyd> ok
03[23:00] * Ustreamer562224 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[23:00] <+Teewinks> Beauty of a son, Mike!
02[23:00] * ustreamer-77684 ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[23:00] <+MSSmallBizSpec> oh crap missed Burn Notice
[23:00] <+kins> some things just get debated over and over and nothing gets acomplished
[23:00] <+chuckyd> sinatra....nice mike ;)
03[23:00] * ustreamer-39984 ([email protected]) has joined #mike-tech-show-tv
[23:00] <@citizenX> the fam here watched it ..THAT and 24..OMG
01[23:00] <~miketechshow> Love 24 and House
[23:01] <@citizenX> they love those shows
02[23:01] * Ustreamer562224 ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[23:01] <+u-al> lost coming back on
[23:01] <@citizenX> you are loved mike
[23:01] <+chuckyd> great show [23:01] <@citizenX> <3
01[23:01] <~miketechshow> You know where I am on Monday nights
[23:01] <+Courante-1> Mike, working on that video tutorial for the Tech-Vets show regarding registering a domain and setting up Google Apps. Should have it by Monday.
01[23:01] <~miketechshow> Thank you
02[23:01] * ustreamer-39984 ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[23:01] <+kins> I started watching 24 on the first season but forgot about it
01[23:01] <~miketechshow> That is great Courante !
[23:01] <+kins> maybe I will rent the first season till now to see how the show turned out
[23:01] <+DGMurdockIII> 24 was supposted to be onlt one season
[23:01] <@citizenX> get someone on that sledgehammer utility ... [23:02] <@loutrekshow> good night Mike...until tomorrow night, I might call in.
[23:02] <@loutrekshow> dont know why.
[23:02] <+Teewinks> Nighyt-night!
02[23:02] * +DGMurdockIII ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[23:02] * +chuckyd ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[23:02] * +kins ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
02[23:02] * ustreamer-43164 ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
Session Close: Thu Jan 28 23:02:24 2010
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