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2018-19 AVID Elective 6th Grade Syllabus

2019-2020 AVID Elective 7th Grade Syllabus
Mrs. Hannah
AVID Overview:
This year the AVID Elective course is an introduction to
the AVID philosophy.
Students will develop awareness of the values
accompanying academic goals and success. The course will
focus on building self-confidence and communication skills in
working with peers and adults.
Students will be exposed to reading strategies that will
assist in vocabulary building and understanding a variety of
texts, and will also focus on prewriting techniques, summary
writing and structural components of note-taking.
The students will increase college and career awareness
through guest speaker presentations, field trip opportunities
and research.
Assignment Grading:
• Formal & Informal Assessments = 60%
➢ TRF (Tutorial Request
➢ Research Projects
➢ Essays
➢ Presentations
• Classwork = 35%
➢ Binder Checks
➢ Note-Taking/Note Checks
➢ Goal Setting
➢ Pre-Writing
➢ Vocabulary
➢ Marking the Text
➢ Quickwrites
• Homework = 5%
➢ Learning Logs
➢ Summaries
➢ Reflections
Focus Areas:
• Introduction to basic elements of AVID
➢ tutorials (every A-Day & D-Day)
➢ focused notes
➢ Organization
➢ Costa’s Levels of Thinking
• Stage 1 relationship building
• Exposure to college and career options
Units of Study:
• “The Language of Higher Education” College Unit
• “First Day of College” Narrative Essay Unit
• “The Language of Careers” Career Unit
• “School Start Time” Argumentative Essay Unit
• Portfolio Unit
Focused Note-Taking Skill Development:
• Introduction to Focused Note-Taking
• Connecting Thinking
• Applying Learning
• Summary Reflections
• Focused Note Checks – approximately every C-Day & every