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Idioms are phrases which
people use in everyday
language which do not
make sense literally but
we understand what they
mean .
-an expression that has a
meaning apart from the
meanings of its individual
a feather in the cap
-an honor and
achievement to a person
all ears
–eager to hear what
someone has to say
Apple of one’s eye
–a person who is very
special to someone
Baker’s dozen
-13 pieces, not 12
beat around the bush
-avoiding the main topic
Break someone’s heart
–make someone feel very
disappointed or discouraged
Burn the midnight oil
–study or work until
very late at night
Change one’s mind
–to make a different decision
(usually the opposite of what had
Cock and bull story
unbelievable tale that is intended
to deceive; a tall tale
Drop someone a line
–write to someone
Eager beaver
-a person who is always willing
to volunteer or do extra work
Feel blue
-feel sad and depressed
Get going
–to start moving, to depart
Grab a bite
–get something to eat
Have one’s hand full
–be extremely busy
hit the books
-to study; prepare for class
Hit the hay / sack
–go to bed / go to sleep
Hold your horses
–“hold on" or wait
Keep in touch
–to maintain communications or up-todate knowledge about someone or something
Keep one’s fingers crossed
–hope for the best
Know it inside out
–know something very
lend a hand
-to help; to give assistance
Make up one’s mind
–make a firm decision
Raining cats and dogs
–raining very hard
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