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ETERNITY by Shobhana N. Ramankutty

The dark spread its cloak of smiling stars,
That glittered as if they were magical lights,
The moon was hidden behind the clouds,
She seemed to be shying, shying away from my thoughts,
The wind moaned, the shadowy branches groaned,
They tuned a doleful song,
That of a pining heart,
I looked at the rippling waters,
And stared at the floating lotus,
Tears dropped like trickles,
On its snowy white petals,
And as it drifted away from my life forever,
I returned a downcast soul,
A forlorn figure,
To the tomb, my home,
( I penned this composition when I was 15 years and still at school. I remember the
lines to this day, inspired by a dark shadowy night. The night and the dark have always
been a source of great inspiration. The reason is unknown to me and cannot be
explained. The bright moonlight and the dark shadows together with the moans and
groans of the wind through the trees are like a movie playing in my mind. I find the
night a captivating scene with its mystery and horror that provides the right ingredients
for the fertile mind to flourish.)
The above poem was rewritten and lengthened and editted when I was older. It goes as
The dark spread its cloak of smiling stars
Glittering like magical lights
The moon waned behind the clouds
She seemed to be hiding........
Shying away from my thoughts
The wing moaned, the shadowy branches groaned
Tuning a doleful song
That of a pining heart
Like the shepherd Endymion
And the Goddess Artemis
She was the soul and I.... the light
But God! Which God would do us apart?
Having brought despair
He caught us in a tide
Taking my beloved away from my eyes
Leaving me the cold, lonely, barren shore
For there she lay, my Artemis
Beside the jagged rocks
A withered lotus, wasted but free
To the song of the sea
Its spray upon her virgin mounts
Were but blessing from above
To cleanse her from sin
Upon her last rites
Her eyes closed, her lips sealed
She slept serene
Oh! So tranquil
Away from the flashes
The hard stares
Of both young and old
From far and near
Cast upon her nakedness
What claws had sunken deep
Deep enough to scar her?
With hunger pangs
That forced itself to devour her
Off her sweetness and innocence?
Questions! Questions! Nothing but questions
Filled the void
In broad daylight
Nature the witness, judge and jury
To an enigmatic moment
When she breathed her last
Unable to speak
Unable to reveal
The mystery concealed
The ugly truth
Surrounding her motionless form
I looked at the rippling waters
And stared at the floating lotus
Tears dropped like trickles on its snowy-white petals
And as it drifted away from my life forever
I returned the downcast soul,
The forlorn figure
To the Tomb
My home, for ETERNITY
Written By Shobhana N. Ramankutty
Penang Malaysia
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