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Sexual Reproduction Revision - student copy

Sexual Reproduction
Draw and label the stages of meiosis
Complete the table comparising mitosis and meiosis
Genetic recombination
Number of cells produced
Genetically identical cells
Number of chromosomes
Reduction division?
How are meiosis II and mitosis similar?
Define crossing over
How does non-disjunction occur?
Suggest a reason that aneuploidy is not picked up by a checkpoint?
Describe how Downs Syndrome can occur
How can triploidy (3n) occur? How is triploidy different from trisomy?
Polyploidy in human zygotes cause the zygote to NOT survive. This is not the case in plants
and some insects. What is a disadvantage of polyploidy in plants?
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of asexual and sexual reproduction strategies.
What are the names of the gametes in humans and flowering plants?
Does pollination always lead to fertilisation?
What is a hermaphrodite and how do they reproduce?
The diploid number of chromosomes in horses is 64. How many chromosomes would you
expect in a horse’s a) fertlised egg b) sperm cell c)somatic cell?