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LTTS Scavenger Hunt

“Lamb to the Slaughter” Scavenger Hunt
Use the passage to answer the questions, record all answers
in you notebook. Be sure to use complete sentences and
always cite your evidence!! This will serve as a study guide for
your LTTS test!
1. What symbolism of character can you find in the strength
of Mary and Patrick’s drinks in paragraph 6?
2. Summarize the whole story in one sentence.
3. When Patrick first comes home, it seems that Patrick is
just tired from a long day of work. Find a piece of
evidence that proves Patrick has a stressful job.
4. What impact does Mary’s overuse of the word “darling”
have on your feelings about their relationship.
5. How does the pacing of lines 7-8 in paragraph 3 create a
feeling of suspense?
6. Describe Mary Maloney in one sentence. Then, select a
piece of evidence that supports your description.
7. Find one simile in the story and explain it.
8. In one word, describe the mood of the first paragraph.
Then, explain why you chose that word.
9. In paragraph 9, we see a shift in tone when the author
uses the word “unusual”. What impact does this word
create on the overall tone?
10. This short story is written in the third person limited
point of view. How does this create suspense throughout
the story? Be sure to explain what “third person limited”
means in your answer.
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