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Student Handbook Scavenger Hunt

Student Handbook Scavenger Hunt
What time does the school day start and end?
2. How many parent excuses are allowed per school year?
3. How many tardies will count as an absence?
4. Which secret societies are permitted in school?
5. What three behaviors are prohibited on the bus?
6. When will students receive the first progress report?
7. What is the intervention for a student possessing drugs or alcohol?
8. What average must a student have to earn a “C”?
9. Which class will assign a locker to a student?
10. What is the intervention for daily classroom management for the third
11. Can you sell items for personal gain on the bus or during school hours?
12. What is the title of Appendix 3?
13. What percentage of your overall grade is your GRIT grade?
14. Can you wear a rainbow hair ribbon to school?
15. What are the hours of operation for evening school?