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Digi Notes - Eng - 03-12-2015

Chapter 2: ARTICLE S
A book (any one book)
The book (a particular book)
An inkpot (any one inkpot)
The inkpot (a particular inkpot)
An apple/An IAS/An umbrella
An x-ray/An idea
The (apple/IAS/umbrella/xray/idea)…specific.
A European/A useful idea/A
university/A year
A hotel/An ear/An MP/AN
An NCC officer
The (European/useful
The (hotel/ear/MP/MLA)
The NCC officer
A/An/The can be used before any common/countable noun, A/An for
singularity and the for specificity.
Fixed rules of article The: There are a number of things before which article
“the” is used as a fixed rule or general acceptance.
At least these rules should be taken into account...
The used before… Omitted before….
(chain of mountains)
Proper Nouns
(Ram/ Shyam/ India etc.)
Superlative Adjectives
Abstract Nouns
Rivers (Ganga/Nile)
Asia (continents)
Oceans (Pacific/Indian)
Countries (India/Pakistan)
Heavenly bodies
(Earth/Moon/Stars )
States (UP/Bihar)
Deserts (Sahara/Thar)
(Hazaratganj/ civil lines)
(Freedom struggle/French
Names of seasons
Dynasties (Mughal/Slave)
Names of diseases/medical
Musical Instruments
Names of conditions
(illness/life/old age/absence/
Ordinals (1st/2nd)
Names of metals(gold/copper/iron)
Names of countries with union
In general/universal sense
Man is mortal.
Society has corruption.
(The bay of Bengal/Gulf of
Individual peaks(Mt. Everest/Mt.
Imaginary lines dividing the
globe (The equator/The tropic
of Capricorn)
Geographical directions(the
east/the west)
Religious books/epics
(The Veda /The Geeta/The
Mahabaharata etc.)
The branches of Government
(The executive/legislature etc.)
Historical monuments (The
Taj/The Lal kila)
The + NOUN + of + NOUN
(The Bay of Bengal)
Q1. Ganga is one of the most sacred rivers of the world.
Q2. I want you to return from your office before the sunset.
Q3. He is very weak in geography and you can very well figure it out
from this fact that he doesn’t even know where Himalayas lie.
Q4. People in this area are not at all interested in studying English.
Q5. Economic development of our country is slow because of the vast
population of our country.
Q6. Out of all the oceans, Arctic Ocean is the least explored.
Q7. He has been elected the president by the board.
Q8. The Life is a very complex process and that’s why it is very hard to
understand its nature.
Q9. He came to my residence at nine pm by the taxi.
Q10. The dinner we had at the Taj was really good and I still remember
the taste of the food.
Ans 1 : Add “the” before Ganga.
Ans 2 : remove “the” before sunset.
Ans 3 : add “the” before Himalayas.
Ans 4 : add the before people here.
Ans 5 : add “the” before economic.
Ans 6 : add “the” before arctic.
Ans 7 : remove “the” before president.
Ans 8 : remove “the” before life.
Ans 9 : remove “the” before taxi.
Ans 10 : No Error.
Vocabulary Help: Sentences uses
The government’s bank bailout program was a real help to the
automobile industry. (Fund given by govt.to help at the time of
 Most of the banks are not eco-friendly and they leave an enormous
carbon footprint. (Impression).
 GREEN BANKING IN INDIA with Sustainable development has
emerged as a new paradigm (new class/example) of development in
response to the current discourse (expression/discussion) of
development that over-exploits natural environment for economic
 Encouraging environmentally responsible investments and prudent
(careful and sensible) lending should be one of the responsibilities of
the banking sector.
 Further, those industries which have already become green and those,
which are making serious attempts to go green, should be accorded
(granted/allowed) priority to lending by the banks.