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What we do

What does Aqua ChemPacs Do?
First, let us describe exactly what a ChemPac is. A ChemPac is a concentrated cleaning
solution that is encapsulated in a 100% water dissolvable film.
Basically what this means is we took this
and turned it into this
So, What do we do?
We manufacture 26 unique product formulations with a variety of dilution sizes
We also have over 30 variations of product formulas
We have:
3 formulating tanks consisting of 2500 gallons each; all on load cell for accuracy
Over 13,000 gallons of formulated product in stock and ready to convert to
6 custom stainless steel vertical form fill and seal machine to deliver the best
water soluble pacs manufactured today
A chemist who creates, maintains and updates formulas
A graphics department that can create and print regulatory compliant private
The ONLY EPA Registered liquid disinfectant in a water-soluble pack
A wide variety of Green Seal certified products
Custom packaging and private label opportunities
Additionally, we are 100% self-sustaining from formulating to packaging to shipping
No Over-Use
No Spills
No Waste
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