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Chemistry 1B Assignment 3

Chemistry 1B Assignment 3
Due date: 1st August 2019
Question 1. Draw the structure of 1-butynal (2 marks), then indicate the hybridization state of each atom heavier
than hydrogen (5 marks) and indicate bond angles (3 marks) between a sp carbon-H, and sp2 carbon-H and a sp3
carbon –H bond in the molecule.
Question 2: Draw Lewis dash-bond structures for three constitutional isomers that have molecular formula
C2H4O, and that have no formal charges on any atom. Draw all atoms and lone pairs of electrons (6 marks)
Question 3: Draw a resonance structure for the compound shown below and indicate which the major is and
which the minor contributors (3 marks)
Question 4
For the molecules, hydrazine (1 mark for correct structure), propyne (1 mark for correct structure and sodium
methoxide (1 mark for correct structure), draw the Lewis dot structures for each molecule (2 marks each). Draw all
valence electrons as dots. If there are formal charges, draw them on the appropriate atoms.
Reminder: Test 1 is on Wednesday 31st July 2019 at 9am MLT
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