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Office 365 Exchange Online Administration and Configuration WorkshopPLUS (3 Days)

All the benefits of Exchange
Server on-premises in the
Office 365 Exchange Online: Administration
and Configuration
The Office 365 Exchange Online: Administration and Configuration WorkshopPLUS course
provides students with the knowledge and skills to migrate users from Exchange Server
on-premises to Exchange Online. Additionally, the workshop teaches students how to
perform Exchange administration and management tasks with the Exchange Online
interface. The workshop introduces new features available in Exchange Online and includes
various hands-on labs that simulate managing Exchange Online in a daily work
The workshop contains Level 300 content. Please review the Target Audience information
and contact your Microsoft Services representative to ensure that this workshop is
appropriate to the student’s experience and technical expertise.
WorkshopPLUS Benefits
Incoming Assessment to baseline knowledge. It is important for students to get
feedback on how much they have learned during the WorkshopPLUS course. To
accomplish that end, the Incoming Assessment measures what students know at the
beginning of the course. This 25-question assessment was developed by a team of subject
matter experts at Microsoft.
Outgoing Assessment to measure knowledge transfer. Students like to know how
much they learned as a result of the training. At the end of the WorkshopPLUS course,
students compare their Incoming and Outgoing results. In addition, the instructor reviews
the questions and discusses the answers in detail to ensure that students understand the
concepts. (Note: Individual results of the Incoming and Outgoing Assessment are not
provided to management.)
Action Planning Exercises to take workshop-acquired knowledge and apply them to
the workplace. Applying new knowledge in the real world is key to getting the most value
out of your training budget. The purpose of the Action Planning Exercises is to identify key
problems or proactive opportunities in your workplace — and then to use the skills
For more information about
Consulting and Support solutions
from Microsoft, contact your
Microsoft Services representative or
visit www.microsoft.com/services
learned in this course to develop real-world action plans.
Technical Highlights
After completing this course, students will understand:
Microsoft Online Services, including Office 365
Exchange Online management tools
Exchange Online features
Exchange Online simple migration options
Identity Federation and Directory Synchronization
Hybrid deployment and Exchange Federation
Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
Target Audience
This workshop is intended for Exchange Server administrators
who work with Exchange Server and require knowledge about
using Exchange Online as their hosted messaging solution. To
ensure the high-quality knowledge transfer expected by the
attendees of this three-day workshop, class size is limited to a
maximum of 16 students who meet the following criteria:
Current on-premises Exchange administrators
Microsoft Certified System Engineers or those with similar
simple Exchange migration, staged simple Exchange migration,
and simple data migration.
Module 5: Identity and Authentication Management. This
module describes Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
and how to use the Directory Synchronization tool to synchronize
the Exchange on-premises organization to the Exchange Online
Module 6: Hybrid Deployment and Exchange Federation. This
module describes how to create coexistent Exchange onpremises and Exchange Online organizations, which includes
configuring Exchange Federation and organization relationships.
Module 7: Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for
Exchange. This module describes how to secure the Exchange
organization by using Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
(FOPE) and common FOPE mail flow scenarios.
Outgoing Assessment. Students complete the quiz again and
compare Incoming and Outgoing results to measure knowledge
transfer and to discuss the questions.
Action Planning Exercises. Students develop Action Plans to
improve real-world situations and/or implement proactive
This workshop runs a full three days. Students should anticipate
consistent start and end times for each day. Early departure on
any day is not recommended.
Incoming Assessment. Students take a 25-question quiz that
measures their baseline knowledge.
Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange
Online. This module introduces Microsoft Online Services, most
notably, Office 365, and describes the benefits of Exchange
Module 2: Microsoft Exchange Online Management. This
module describes the tools you use to manage Exchange Online.
These tools include the Exchange Management Console and the
Microsoft Online Portal. Additionally, you will learn how to
perform a variety of management tasks such as managing users
and assigning licenses.
Module 3: Microsoft Exchange Online Features. This module
describes how to use features such as item recovery, transport
rules, auditing, and legal hold from within the online
Module 4: Microsoft Exchange Online Simple Migration
Options. This module describes three methods for migrating
your Exchange on-premises organization to Exchange Online:
This data sheet is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,
This workshop is just one of
many available from Microsoft
For more information, contact
your Technical Account
Manager or Services
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