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African Art Exhibit

African Art Exhibit
You are part of a team of curators gathering artwork that will become part of an exhibit at the Cincinnati Art
Museum entitled, “Independence and After: An African Struggle.” As part of this team you will create a visual
symbol in the exhibit. Under this symbol you will provide text that explains the symbol and how it fits with this
part of Africa’s story. Remember that you are creating just one part of an exhibit that will tell a complete story.
Thus, your segment should flow with the other topics by relating back to the overall theme of the exhibit.
Because visitors may choose not to move from the beginning to the end of the exhibit in the correct order, each
part of the exhibit should be able to stand alone.
The Cold War (p. 792-793)
Dictatorship (p. 792-793)
Urbanization (p. 794, 796, 860, 888)
HIV/AIDS (p. 794, 860)
Rwandan Genocide (p. 794-795, 873)
Civil War (p. 861)
Colonial Borders (p. 795, 873)
Darfur Genocide (p. 873)
Deforestation (p. 888)
Desertification (p. 888)
Choose one of the topics listed above (you may NOT choose the issue you researched for the PowerPoint!) and
complete the following tasks:
1) Create an appropriate symbol
The symbol must take up at least 3/4 of a sheet of 8.5/11” paper and may be hand-drawn, cut out
of a magazine, created using digital tools, or found on the internet. If using a pre-made item you
need to recombine it/change it somehow to make it your own.
2) Write the name of your topic above your symbol.
3) Create a typed caption for the symbol following the order listed below:
Describe the elements/parts of the symbol.
Explain how the symbol is an appropriate representation for either an issue Africa faced
immediately after independence (19.3, 20.2) or how it is an issue for Africa today (21.2).
Discuss the origins of this issue (how did it start?)
Describe how your issue relates to one other issue in the same section from the textbook.
Explain why this issue was/is an obstacle to Africa’s development.
Discuss how this issue has impacted Africa (aka what effects this issue has had on nations in Africa).
This caption should be between 6 and 12 sentences.
You may use the book, internet, and our classroom notes to aid you in this project, but you MUST use your own
wording as part of your explanations. Copying/pasting from any of the above sources will result in a zero for this
assignment. You will sign up on a Google doc for your topic and may, if you wish, work with anyone else who has
also signed up for that segment. This assignment is due Wednesday, August 30th.
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