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2. Montessori lesson plan Grade6 revisi (1)

Elementary Gr. 6 Lesson PlanWeek of : 22nd – 26th July 2019
Monday, 22nd July 2019
Wednesday, 24th July 2019
Math – Arithmetic
Math – Geometry
Lesson title: Adding and Subtracting Negative
Reference: Math 2 p. 27 - 32
 To learn to add positive and negative
 To learn to subtract positive and
negative numbers
Lesson title: Drawing the Parts of a Circle
Reference: Math 3 p.184-187
Aim: to review and draw the parts of a circle :
circumference, arc, chord, diameter, and
HOTS Question:
1. How can you describe the process of
–9 + 7 ?
2. How can you describe the process of
+5 – 8 ?
Follow Up Work:
1. Draw and label a circle. Showing
major and minor circular sector
2. Draw and label a circle. Showing
major and minor circular segment
HOTS Question:
1. What can you say about minor and
major circular sector?
Follow Up Work:
1. Working with a partner, make up
addition problems that include at
least one negative numbers
2. Write the following as an equation
and solve for the answer (word
Lesson title: Plants Generative Reproduction
Reference: MB p.121
Aim: to increase students' knowledge
of plant sexual reproduction and learn about
Lesson title: Plants Vegetative Reproduction
Reference: MZ p.119-201
Aim: to learn about types of vegetative
HOTS Question:
1. How does sexual reproduction take
places in flowering plants?
2. What is part of flower?
HOTS Question:
1. What do you mean by vegetative
2. Which part of the following part of a
plant take part in asexual
Follow Up Work:
3. Observe flowers
4. Write about parts of flower
Follow Up Work:
3. Observe some plants
4. Make a table of natural vegetative
Elementary Gr. 6 Lesson PlanWeek of : 22nd – 26th July 2019
Thursday, 25th July 2019
Math – Geometry
Lesson title: Measuring parts of circle (radius
and diameter) and circumference –
Calculating the Circumference and Area of a
Reference: Math 3 p.188-190; p. 331-334; p.
 To learn to measure the radius,
diameter, and circumference
 To learn that a circle is like a polygon
with an infinite number of sides
 To learn the formula for area and
circumference of a circle
HOTS Question:
1. What are the relation between a
circle and a rectangle?
Follow Up Work:
1. Find two different jobs or activities
for which it might be important to
know the radius, diameter or
circumference of a circle (example :
manufacturing a CD player)
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