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Aerys “The Mad King” Targaryen - Yeah, heʼs dead. Yeah, heʼs caused all the Kingdom
ruckus. So he will play a part here too: once per game, he will “burn them all” by
choosing any unprotected player, having them burned alive.
Cersei Lannister – Will be given two of the King's guard (randomly chosen by Mods) at
the beginning of the game to serve as protectors. Cersei shall not die until both guards
are dead. Also has a one time use poison to instantly kill any unprotected player. (Pycelle
must still be alive in order for cersei to use her poison.)
Joffery Lannister – Will be able to order the instant beheading of any unprotected player
of his choosing; ability has 1 use
Littlefinger – Will be able to get any player with a kill / heal ability to do his bidding for him
– will select a character role with a kill or a heal and they must use the action on
whomever Littlefinger chooses. Littlefinger's use of this ability does deplete from their
abilities;2 uses.
The Mountain – this ungodly Beast of a man can provide protection to any player two
times per game; If the Mountain dies, he will resurrect zombiefied and be granted an
unstoppable kill.
Tywin Lannister – With being the most powerful comes great advantages: Tywin will
choose to see one kill or one protection submitted that day and change fate by reversing
the submission on to whomever submitted it;1 use per game. (the submission will be in
the form of mod notes. the note will be randomly chosen by mods and give who
submitted the request as well as who on - but not their roles; once the note is requested
by tywin, this ability is used whether the action is reversed by him or not.)
Ser Meryn Trant – Ser Meryn will reveal as good if read by Bran, but will be revealed
exactly to Varys. He will also be granted one donning of full knight armor to provide
protection for himself; 1 use, passive ability.
Grand Maester Pycelle - Will be armed with an array of potions and poisons of different
varieties: First will be Tears of Lys, which will be a kill on the night it's given. second is the
Long Farewell, which will take 2 game days after it is given to a player for them to
succumb to it and die. Pycelle will also have 1 healing potion that can heal any player
killed via attack or votes;Each item has 1 use.
Qyburn – Heʼs gotten into Pycelleʼs stash and concocted an evil potion that will
completely dissolve a body to the bone rendering them unidentifiable at death. 2 uses
per game
Night King - the mods will randomly generate two players who, if they die, become white
walkers and join the rogue villain team. after this, Nightypoo cannot be killed until both
white walkers are dead unless killed by Jon Snowʼs Valerian steel sword. (should the
night king fall before his chosen guards turn, they will be released of their duties. if night
king is then revived, he will select another set of guards, just as any other role would be
fully reloaded.)
High Sparrow – Set out to clear the Kingdom from all Sinners, in his own manner – Will
summon Unella to send two players on the “walk of shame”. As Unella chants “shame,
shame, shame” the two players will be bludgeoned by the angry kingdom crowd,
ultimately resulting in their death. Protection cannot prevent this act, as itʼs the Lord's
work; 1 use per game.
Brother Lancel Lannister – Will have the ability to apprehend any one player and have
them reveal their role publicly in the main game room and in red (kind of like confessing
sins, right?);1 use per game.
Ramsey Bolton – This lunatic will have the ability to torment and torture any player he
chooses. The ability has two different results: the first will be death, of course. The
second will be the player is “stripped of his manhood” - or have abilities fully revoked for
the entire game. Each type of torture has 1 use per game.
Melisandre – The Red Lady starts the game quite pregnant and she can give birth
whenever she chooses. “The Shadow” shoots out of her cooch, killing any one
unprotected player instantly. She will also be able to summon the Lord of Light, allowing
her to revive any one player; Each ability is 1 use per game.
The Hound – Will be able to provide protection to any player;2 uses per game. can use
one of the protections as a redirect, killing any unprotected player that attacks The
Hound's protected player.
Theon Greyjoy – This traitor will reveal as good if read by Bran, but will be given exact
role to Varys;can also be found by Bronn. Theon will be awarded vengeance upon any
player that attacks him or is last to vote him and they will die.
Craster – Will be able to “seek a new wife” by having one player randomized by mods to
attempt this with. If Craster receives a female character, he will take her back with him,
forcing her to join the Rouge Villains. If a male character is selected, Craster will take him
and feed him to the White Walkers, killing him; 1 use per game. (protection can shield the
chosen player from either marriage or kill.)
The Waif – Extensive training from the Faceless Men has allowed The Waif the ability to
mimic living any player's abilities for the day, being able to use them for herself that same
day;2 uses per game. (the mimic does not punish the mimicked player;only duplicates
the ability for the waif.)
Hodor - Can protect a player once per game with an unbreakable protection;when the
protected player is attacked, Hodor dies during the attack.
Eddard "Ned" Stark - Honorable Ned was destined to be the martyr. If he dies day one, a
player of his choosing has protection the remainder of the game and can only die with a
protection break;player must be chosen by 3pm EST
Podrick - The faithful squire can replenish a playerʼs abilities to full reload;2 uses per
Maester Aemon - Can heal any player of his choosing;3 uses per game.
Robb Stark - The Young Wolf can evade an attack or vote if protecting another player. He
can also transport a player to attack, outwitting the target's protection. Both abilities
once or either ability twice, 2 total uses per game.
Brienne of Tarth - Brutish bodyguard: If you attack who sheʼs protecting and youʼre
unprotected yourself, you are killed by her. 2 uses per game
Barriston Selmy - Can gain intel on one bad playerʼs attack plan already submitted for the
day (in the form of mod notes);if Selmy chooses a good player or a bad who hasnʼt
submitted a power, his turn is forfeited. 3 uses per game.
Davos Seaworth - The Onion Knight was a seasoned thief long before his knighthood. He
has the ability to steal power from any player (chosen before voting closes), rendering
them drained the following day and allowing him to use the power for himself the day the
player is drained. If Davos selects a player without a role or any bad role, heʼll be given a
random power by Mods. 2 uses per game;Cannot choose the same player twice.
(draining a player of their power does not use up their ability; only leaves them powerless
for the day they're drained.)
Tyrion Lannister - Clever half man. Can talk himself out of a vote lynch. He can also get
very drunk, voting the same person 3 times in one day. Each ability 1 use per game.
Samwell Tarly - Can ask a Mod how to kill a player, in regards to protection. For example,
if a player is unprotected - any kill will do; if protected - a protection break or
unstoppable kill is required. 2 uses per game.
Jon Snow - fuck the watch: if killed, will revive on the day following his death. Jon can kill
Night King, if correctly selected, with a single swing of his Valerian steel sword;no other
character can die by this fate. each ability 1 use per game.
Benjen Stark - His ability remains dormant until heʼs attempted to be killed - then he will
only half die, soldiering on as a semi-walker, and living to save one other player from
death (must save someone each night after half-death);He dies completely only after
saving another.
Bran Stark - has the ability to reveal a playerʼs true nature (good or bad) once per day.
Also once per game can revert to “Bran the Builder” and construct THE WALL that will
prevent both villain teams from successfully carrying out their night kill; both abilities can
be used same day.
Meera Reed - Meera is skilled with many a weapon, but her emotions need expressed.
Sheʼll pair two lovers at the start of the game by 3pm EST, linking them in life and death.
If either player dies, the other dies of a broken heart.
Jojen Reed - Should Bran be slaughtered or - hell, I dunno - pushed out of a tower
window to his death, Jojen will fulfill the daily reveal of a playerʼs true nature as good or
Rickon Stark - Has the capability to behold Bran and will be notified of this playerʼs
identity at the game start; Rickon has the protection of his dire wolf, Shaggy. He can
dispatch Shaggy twice per game to protect Bran as well as himself - but if Bran dies,
Rickon dies as well.
Daenerys Targaryen - She has dragons! Sends her babies out to find a player and
perform an unstoppable kill. Dracarys. However, using this ability causes the Khaleesi to
remain unprotected during the day of her kill; 2 uses per game.
Sansa Stark - Can shield herself and redirect an attack twice per game; in one of these
instances, she can exact revenge and turn the attack on her assailant, killing them if
Osha - Sheʼs been a chameleon most of her life, shifting her actions to fit in and waylay
death. will choose a player at game start by 3pm EST and, if that player dies, she will
immediately assume their role with a full reload of any abilities.
Grey Worm - Can assemble The Unsullied for one unstoppable kill per game.
The Three Eyed Raven - Can choose to manipulate the progress of time for one day per
game. His sorcery allows him to end a game day at whatever time he chooses, causing
all votes and ability submissions at that time to be final, and all will close as it would
normally at 9pm EST.
Hot Pie - Serves a healing/killing meat pie, 1 use each per game.
Beric Dondarrion - Will be revived once (come on, five times is too many) per game, Also
has one instant kill to be used on any unprotected player. Each ability is 1 use per game.
Oberyn Martell - Will take on the “red viper” persona and be able to swiftly kill an
unprotected player instantly. 1 use per game.
Drogo - The Khalʼs braun will serve him well. He has the strength of an ox and the
bloodlust of a...well, a Dothraki. If attacked by the bad, he will take one of the attacking
team members to death with him (randomly chosen). Yay! But if a good role tries to kill
him, outside of the voting event, that player will die as well. Choose carefully.
Shae - Sly and cunning. She's fucked her way to the top and she's sitting pretty. But
beware - if a bad team attacks her (either with the nightly kill or an ability kill), she turns
and joins their team where sheʼll no doubt continue to serve.
Grenn - If a bad team chooses Grenn for their nightly kill, the karma of killing such a good
guy will bite them in the ass the following day, voiding their room kill.
Varys - So much knowledge gained from whispers around the lands gives Lord Varys the
ability to reveal a playerʼs exact role once every other day; his singing birds can also
“surround” him, warding off an attack or vote once per game.
Tormond Giantsbane - Can summon a Wildling giant, having them kill one unprotected
player once per game.
Ygritte - As a skilled bowman, she has two arrows. If she successfully kills a bad with her
first arrow, she may use her second for the same goal. If she kills a good player with
either bolt, she dies and points are deducted for herself and the good player sheʼs killed.
Olenna Tyrell - A skilled matchmaker, Lady Olenna will select 2 players at the start of the
game by 3pm EST and theyʼll be linked until one dies. The other will follow in death
immediately, overcome with grief. However! Olenna, being able to get her hands on all
sorts of potions and poisons, she can give them a potion that breaks the link.
Daario Naharis - The first one cause he's hotter. He can use his cunning to clear the
votes for one player;this can be used on himself. He can also break a protection, leaving
that player vulnerable. Each ability is 1 use per game.
Arya Stark - Arya has her “list” that sheʼll choose at the start of the game by 3pm EST.
After choosing these three, sheʼll kill one of them (if they're unprotected) each day as
long as sheʼs still alive.
Gendry - Can choose a player to impersonate at the beginning of the game, hopeful to
hide from the array of characters (The Lannisters, Melisandre, etc) wanting to kill him. If
he makes it to the third day, he gains one unstoppable kill.
Jorah Mormont - Loyal to a fault. But if you stick your neck out too far and a bad team
attacks you (by nightly kill or ability kill), youʼll turn and become one of them. Guess itʼs
better than being slave traded...
Catelyn Stark - If Cat is murdered, sheʼll be resurrected as Lady Stoneheart and sheʼll be
equipped with one unstoppable kill.
Lord Commander Mormont - Can “alert” 2 times per game. While on alert, anyone who
‘visitsʼ him for any reason dies. (Includes anyone who attacks him or who uses any ability
on him, good or evil.)
Jaqen Hʼghar - Can choose a player who has died and use their ability twice per game;
abilities will be used the day after playerʼs death.
Margaery Tyrell - A lovely distraction. So charming, you forget to vote! Daily use; must
be submitted before vote close to go into effect the following day.
Child of the Forest - This magical pre-teen forest dweller can select any player to have
their game chat restricted to emoji the following day until voting closes. (That means the
player can only type in emojis in any game room or game pm or theyʼll die and points will
be added or deducted based on the playerʼs nature.) 1 use per day.
Ros - Our favorite courtesan. She can choose any player to sleep with in order to evade
attack. But if her chosen lover is attacked, sheʼll die. If she chooses a bad player, sheʼll
die. What a sticky situation.
Sand Snake - Has a single poison that has one use; will kill an unprotected player unless
their role specifies otherwise.
Bronn - His experience intermingling with evil has earned him great skill. bronn has one
unstoppable kill to be used at any point in the game. He also has Ability to check for
“magic cock” in one player a day; will find Podrick, or any eunuch (Varys, Theon, Grey
worm) as they donʼt have cocks. (if mimicked, the cock check is only ability to be
transferred. Both abilities can be used in the same day.)
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