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Cyber safety doc

By Shahrzad &Eujin
What’s Digital
Identity Theft?
Identity: who someone is, the name of a
person, the qualities, beliefs, etc., that make
a particular person or group different from
When someone pretends to be someone else in
order to access their personal information, to
obtain resources or benefits
>some examples are
credit card
Legal and Ethical issues!
It is up to us to act
ethically and make
sure that we do not
become victims
Identity theft itself is
a Federal crime
In Australia, 7 years of
jail proposed for
identity theft
Prevention and strategies
There are different varieties of prevention and strategies for Digital identity theft. Some of the
most common ways of prevention and strategies are..
Before you reveal any personally identifying information, find out how it will be used and
whether it will be shared with others.
Ask if you have a choice about the use of your information: can you choose to have it kept
Make and use unique passwords for every website or apps
Pay attention to your billing cycles
Secure your device with anti - virus software
Watch out for the phishing website
Online shop only at reputable websites (web of trust :))
Monitor your credit profile
These strategy relies on using active
ways to directly tackle the situation that
caused the stress:
Coping Strategies
When you become the victim of
identity theft
-analyze the sitiuation
-apply what you have already learned to
your daily life
-Talk to a person that you can trust
-Report to police
Ty for listening:)