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How to fulfill your IT Manpower Demand through a Solution Provider

How to fulfill your IT Manpower
Demand through a Solution
26 Jul 2019
All the Tier 1, mid-range and startup companies are either considering to mature organically or
inorganically with the current trends or trying hard to sustain with the global competitions in any
segments. Every company is brilliant in their own technology and domain but to drive these
companies what is needed is manpower to support the management teams and achieve what
company and it board is looking at.
Most of the times it so happens that your company R&D team has a brilliant idea for product
development or your sales team closes a project and you are out of talented resources. To address
this situation, your talent acquisition team starts looking for the right talent aggressively from the
market. What follows next are the interview rounds in fast track mode and the employee is on
boarded. However, to onboard new employees and sync them with your project you need to make
a handsome amount of investment. Moreover, if you make a wrong hire, this investment can bring
an irreparable loss.
Finding the right talent for the right job is one of the major challenges for businesses today. It has
become quite difficult to get a talent onboard. This challenge prevails even with the current
situation of onsite, offsite, offshore, onshore, nearshore etc. models of manpower deployment.
A decade ago, candidates used to anticipate interviews and responses, which is no longer a reality.
Tables have turned around for candidates. Companies no longer have an exposure to a pool of
talent waiting to join them.
How to fulfill your IT Manpower Demand through a Solution Provider?
During such times, partnering with an IT staffing services provider can save a lot of time, cost for
the company and efforts.
So, what are the benefits for your business to partner with a staffing solution provider? A staffing
solution company like Tecbridge has a bank of intellectual assets. They have invested in fostering
talents for years. When we say investment, it does not mean only in terms of money but also pool
of talented IT professionals also providing training that sharpens the skills of budding engineers.
We are well equipped to truly understand your business and provide a customized solution
accordingly. Considering the nature of your project and different factors, we suggest you with the
best resources. This also involves factors like:
-> How long the manpower is needed long-term (1 to 3+ years) or short-term (less than 12
-> How critical is the current phase of the project landscap
-> How productive are the resources once deployed and cost per resource also plays a major
factor in the manpower infrastructure.
We at Tecbridge provide solution for all the current demands of IT manpower. Our consultants
manage your inquiry end-to-end IT landscape that involves:
->Project Initiation
-> Project Planning
-> Execution
-> Controlling/Monitoring
-> Closure/Deployment
-> Support the projects after closure
As a Gateway Group brand that has worked for 22 years, we have the know-how of core
technology areas like JS Frameworks, MS Enterprise suites OpenSource technologies, Cloud
Technologies, Analytics, ERPs, IT products integration and also about emerging technologies like
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Data Sciences.
We help our customers by deploying resources at their sites across Europe / UK at very short
notice. We also help our customers build a dedicated offshore development center in our offices in
For any further information please do not hesitate to connect with us at [email protected]
How to fulfill your IT Manpower Demand through a Solution Provider?
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How to fulfill your IT Manpower Demand through a Solution Provider?
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