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Post - literate

Post - literate
In a book Re-Defining Post-Literacy in a Changing World.
It was proposed that Post-literate be redefined as the provision of assistance to all
those who feel that they are having difficulties with the practice of literacy in real
situations, and that such assistance be provided outside the classroom, as well as
in it, at the time and point of need.
Every country has a different definition and a different way to see Post-literacy
Why Post literacy.
Research has found that people tend to forget their basic literacy, if they don't use
in their daily lives. So to overcome this issue a new plan called post literacy was
A postliterate society is a hypothetical society in which multimedia technology has
advanced to the point where literacy, the ability to read or write, is no longer
necessary or common.
UNESCO definition
"activities designed to fill the gap which often occurs between the completion of
conventional literacy programmes for adults and those which demand for
admission a higher level of learning" (Townsend Coles 1994 p29).
In Nigeria, Post literacy is defined as "the education received by the literate adult
after basic literacy has been attained"
Difference between post literate and low literate
Low literate
Post literate
No basic literacy
Have basic literacy
Functionally illiterate
Functionally not illiterate
No idea of using modern devices
Have used modern devices in the past
Gets minimum output on more effort
Tries to get maximum output with
minimum effort
Post literate effect on the society
People gravitate to the easiest possible technology when they're learning - textmessaging is so popular among the younger set, since there's so little to learn and
almost no interface. Contrast to an email, where there's more to learn, more to
write, more interface, and more actions to perform.
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