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Best Methods to Solve
Linear Programming
Problems Using Graphical
In linear programming, the
graphical method is used to
solve equations by finding
the lowest and highest points
of intersection between two
Here we would illustrate
simple methods to solve the
linear programming
problems using graphical
methods. To know more
about it you can buy
assignment help online.
Step 1: Formulation of the
linear programming problem:
This is the initial step where
you have to formulate the
linear programming
Step 2: Construct a graph with
constraint lines: You have to
construct the graph in “n”
dimensions. The “n” denotes
the number of decision
variables. These lines should b
constructed by combining
horizontal and vertical
Step 3: Highlight the feasible
region on the graph: After
marking the constraints
inequalities, you have to find
the one which is satisfied with
all the constraints.
Step 4: Mark the objective
function on the graph: As we
are using linear equation, it will
be the straight line. To avoid
confusion you must draw it
differently than the constraint
Step 5: Now find the optimum
point: This optimum point
recline on either one corner of
points in graph’s feasible
region. For this, you have to
slide your ruler across the
graph along with the gradient
of the objective function.
Following these steps can help you solve the linear
programming problem using the graphical method.
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