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Portfolio of Gustawana

Portfolio of Gustawana
My portfolio consists of drawings, photos, and paper model/craft
and String Play.
•All my drawings are handrawing. The tools I use for my drawings are
pen, pencil, ruler, compass. I don’t use any drawing software to create
I love origami since it only use an relatively affordable, easy to get
material: a sheet of paper. Yet, the forms constructed from it can be
amazing. As far as I could remember when I was a child, I was
already fond of origami although the forms were much simpler than
what I present in this portfolio. Folding activities can be challenging,
since as a discipline of origami, glue, scissors are not allowed to be
Miura Fold Origami Tesselation
Miura Fold OrigamiTesselations
Miura fold Origami
Miura fold can be
shaped to form
Hyperbolic Origami
Brick Origami Tesselation
• Front View
Brick Origami Tesselation
• Rear View
Brick tesselation Origami
We could construct a
castle tower model
using the brick
tesselations origami
Geometric folding
Pyramid Tesselation 1
Pyramid Tesselations
Photo 1: Old Building in Old Batavia
This building is an old building located somewhere in Old Town West
Jakarta (once It was known as Batavia). In the Dutch colonial age, they
locate their governmental administrative center there. Now it has become a
historical tourism destination place.
Photo 2: Old Bicycle In Old Town
I was hunting with community of photographer when I saw this man
riding an old bicycle.
Drawing 1: Quincunx from Lugano in Teverina
Quincunx Pavement
Drawing 2: Alhambra Decoration 12
fold Rose
I am fascinated with Euclidean geometry. I think the practical application of the
geometry must be drawing of architectural decoration. Like this one.
8 fold Rozzete
Persian Orosi Glass
A persian architecture orosi drawing.
Alhambra Tiling
Using euclidean geometry 2 dimensional basic form: the circle, hexagram,
and triangle, we can draw this picture. It is Another example of practical
aplication of euclidean geometry.
String Play: Fish Trap
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