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[CEDSR-55983] Technical Report [1]

Technical Review Report
SR Ref: CEDSR-55983
Submission Count: 1
Report Date: 18-Apr-2019
Applicant Information
Client Name
Trakhees ID
Consultant Name
Trakhees ID
Capital Engineering Consultancy
Contractor Name
Trakhees ID
Project Information
Project Location
Plot No.
Project ID (if any)
Project Description
International City 2 &3
Construction of 2B+G+8 Residential building with Retail shops @Ground floor
Service Request Reference
Service Requested
Service Request #
Building Permit - New
Requested on
Review Comments
Review Status
1. As per the submitted drawing , holding tank is proposed for the swimming pool back wash collection.Please clarify the method
of disposal of back wash water from the tank ... [To be responded]
2. We note from your submission that you have not provided fencing around the swimming pool. Please be advised that these
are required as part of the regulation in order to ensure safety of the Children. In its absence client is required to provide a
letter of undertaking taking full responsibility for the life safety and protection of the children. The letter should clearly identify
the safety steps taken by you in terms of providing life guards and access control for child safety ... [To be responded]
3. The location of the swimming pool shall be revised by providing adequate gap/set back (Minimum 1.5 meter) from the
parapet wall. Separation barrier (Minimum 90 cm height) shall be provided between kids pool & Main pool. ... [To be
4. Submit way finding drawings as per DUDC (Please refer clause 14.16, page 256 & 258 of DUDC) ... [To be responded]
5. Submit Dubai Police Approved CCTV Layout Drawings ... [To be responded]
6. Horizontal bar which facilitates child climbing is not permitted in the stair railing due to safety reason ... [To be responded]
7. Please provide typical details of Balcony railing /parapet wall by specifying the railing material, upstand dimensions , height of
the railing measured from the finished floor level & upstand.The top of the balcony railing/parapet wall must at least 1.1 meter
(1100mm) from the finished floor level. (Up stand near the railings will be considered as the finished floor level ... [To be
8. Emission discharge from the generator with installation of Air Pollution Control Device (Filter) and measures for noise control
to be complied. Please incorporate the same on revised drawings & re-submit ... [To be responded]
9. The drainage pipes shall be made not to run through electric rooms, Generator room or electric sub-stations.Drainage pipes
shall not run over occupied area such as living/dining /bedroom/ retail area etc. All the drainage pipes shall be routed through
the utility shaft / utility service area only ... [To be responded]
10. Above 7 stories stack sizes (mm) shall be as follows:
Soil Pipe :150mm; waste Pipe: 150 mm Vent Pipe:100 mm ... [To be responded]
TKS EHS Comments
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11. CO sensor shall be installed in the basement parking area. Please ensure that the CO sensor detection limit is to 20 ppm.
Please submit confirmation from the client and the consultant regarding the adjustment of CO Concentration Limit in the
basement ... [To be responded]
12. Comment from Project Safety & Environment Department:
Client to secure IEE Approval from Trakhees – Project Safety and Environment Section. Proposed project falls under Category B
... [To be responded]
Review Status
1. 3D&2D models are created by none supported version, consultant is requested to attend a meeting to present the structural
design models ... [To be responded]
2. Transfer beams shall be rechecked properly. ... [To be responded]
3. Raft design and thickness shall be checked accourding to anaylysis result and soil report ... [To be responded]
TKS Structure Comments
TKS Architecture Comments
Review Status
Concept Design NOC ref: TKS/CEDSR-45740/IC3-R-35/2018 shall be re-validated prior to BP stage, noting that valid M/s
Nakheel NOC shall be provided.
All comments or conditions issued in Concept Design NOC ref: TKS/CEDSR-45740/IC3-R-35/2018 or in Concept Design
Revision ref: TKS/CEDSR-53084/IC3-R-35/2019 and indicated on approved drawings shall be rectified and all to be
responded in cover letter.
... [To be responded]
TKS EHS Green Bldg Comments
Review Status
WEp1, WEc3: Transient count in the water calculation does not match the count in the occupancy calculation. To correct
and update the water calculation accordingly.
EAp2, EAc1: To correct discrepancy in the roof u value between energy simulation input/ report and HAP.
IEQc3.2: Revise the flush out calculation matching the FAHU airflow quantity in the FAHU schedule.
IEQc5: Indicate in the drawing that the length of the roll out mat is 10 feet or 3 meters from the primary direction of travel.
IEQc6.1: Provide the basis/additional information for the total number of individual occupant spaces (444) in the lighting
control calculator.
... [To be responded]
TKS HVAC Comments
Review Status
Layer number of the external wall section should be matched with selected concrete block.
According to DEWA requirement; Consultant shall ensure that there is no wet area above the L.V room and substation,
otherwise double attic slab is required.
Section of the main exhaust duct of the parking area is required to keep clear height (2.4 meter) as per the D.M& Trakhees
● Compliance with latest version of Trakhees HVAC check list shall be provided.
... [To be responded]
Final Status
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This is a system generated Technical Report and doesn’t require signatures.
Refer comments marked as [To be responded] and provide relevant response for Trakhees Review.
Pending Re-submission requests will be cancelled if not responded in time.
Applicants submitting/resubmitting documents or drawings without implementing previous comments OR
submitting/resubmitting drawings, data, calculations or information that are incomplete, without sufficient details,
unclear, incorrect, not in agreement with other area or disciplines (Architectural/Structural/Services) OR
submitting drawings for works already executed at site without mentioning the status of such work etc., will be
subject to imposing relevant penalties in compliance with Trakhees CED violation procedures.
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