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“Your Voice”
Production Crew
Director: Prince Kenneth S. Castro
Playwrights: Christia Felice R. Espiritu
Ma. Louise Gabriel M. Panem
Technical Director: Elaiza Carelle A. Liwanag
Production Manager: Glory Ann G. Saulo
Set Designer: Romalyn M. Macatiag
Lighting Designer: Jared Enoch T. Alday
Costume Designer: Ruby Ann B. Mendegorin
Karylle Mae Sevilla
Sound Designer: Crista Angelique Pearl Paclibare
Make-up Artist: Roalyn Mae Cabrera
Alessandra Jewel Y. Ladera
Rhanilyn J. Bondoc
Actors and Actresses
Clara – Dynah Giene L. Sabong
AC / Kenji – Deaniel G. Atienza
Alex – Ashley F. Chua
Hayley – Raiza Ann R. Zarate
Zia – Jasmin S. Agustin
Matt – Angelo Luis D. Aguas
Angela – Andrea M. Rosales
Maureen – Sofia Yvette P. Masanque
Chairman – Louis Paul F. Lorena
Driver – Racid M. Sarmiento
Extra – Racid, Enso, Karylle
*Scene 1*
[You Don’t Know by Katelyn Traver]
I'm so tired, sitting here waiting
If I hear one more "Just be patient"
It's always gonna stay the same
Curtain : /Opens/
/Clara’s Room, painted on fabric/
Outfit: Clara – Casual
Lights: /turn on/
*Clara stares into the horizon,
sadness evident in her eyes*
So let me just give up
So let me just let go
If this isn't good for me
Well, I don't wanna know
Let me just stop trying
Let me just stop fighting
*Clara downs a handful of pills*
*Clara falls back and closes her eyes*
Lights: /turn off/
*Scene 2*
Matt: You can’t let news about my
daughter spread to the public.
*Matt and Angelo are talking on the
phone simultaneously*
Angela: I’m telling you that it’s going
to affect our election campaign, do
something about it!
*Clara wakes up and overhears their
Angela: Clara, why would even think
of killing yourself? We already gave
you everything that you would ever
Clara: That’s my reason, Mom! Even
when I was little all you and Dad ever
cared about was work and politics!
So, don’t ever look at me that way…
*Angela enters Clara’s hospital
/Set divided to two, half is Clara’s
hospital room and another half is
outside her room, bg is white cloth/
Lights: /turn on/
Outfit: Matt and Angela – Formal
Clara – Hospital Gown
Don't look at me like that
Just like you understand
Don't try to pull me back
Let me just give up
Let me just let go
If this isn't good for me
Well, I don't wanna know
You don't know what it's like
Clara: You just don’t…
AC Recording:
[A Little Too Much by Shawn Mendes]
Sometimes it all gets a little too much
But you gotta realize that soon the
fog will clear up
And you don't have to be afraid,
because we're all the same
And we know that sometimes it all
gets a little too much
Clara: This voice… I feel like it’s
whispering to me.
*Angela leaves Claras’s room*
/The door is left open/
/Video of song and artist information/
*Clara turns to the open door,
interested at the song playing.
Lights: /turn off/
*Scene 4*
Lights: /turned off/
Clara: 3 years have passed, that
creator, AC, stopped releasing songs.
/video of news and comments/ or
/image of news and comments about
*Scene 5*
Lights: /turn on/
Clara: I’ve traced which city he
released the songs from and enrolled
into a music school in the same city.
I’m going to find him.
*Clara holds her acceptance letter*
Outfit: Clara – Skirt and shirt carrying
her luggage .
Driver – White polo.
You're the voice I hear inside my head
The reason that I'm singing
I need to find you
I gotta find you
You're the missing piece I need
The song inside of me
I need to find you
I gotta find you
*Driver enters scene with car*
Driver: Miss Clara, it’s time to go!
Clara: Coming!
*Clara enters car and they leave the
stage together*
Lights: /turn off/
*Scene 6*
Clara: Where is it? I can’t understand
this map at all!
Lights: /turn on/
*Clara walking and looking around,
sounding lost*
Alex: I heard The 1978 changed their
vocalist but he wasn’t any better than
*Alex and Kenji pass by and come
from the other direction*
Kenji: That’s a pity, Matt was good at
writing lyrics.
*Clara stops when she hears Kenji's
*Alex and Kenji leave the stage*
Clara: That voice! That's AC.
Set: City streets
Outfit: Clara – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Alex – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for male
Kenji – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for male
*Clara looks around before running
off stage to Kenji’s direction*
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 7*
Alex: Why are you following me?
Clara: I’m looking for AC. I heard this
voice-*Kenji appears*
Kenji: What’s happening here?
Clara: I’m sure of it, I heard your
voice. You’re AC.
*Points at Kenji*
Alex: Kenji can’t even sing. He’s tone
*Alex moves towards Kenji and puts
his right hand on Kenji’s shoulders*
Outfit: Clara – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Alex – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for male
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 8*
Presenter: Welcome to Axis Music
Academy! Before we start the
orientation, let’s hear a performance
from Vendetta!
*Presenter stands behind a lectern
and then motions his hands towards
[band name] *
[Nervous by Shawn Mendes]
*Vendetta swiftly readies themselves
and plays their song*
I saw you on a Sunday in a café
And all you did was look my way
*[Band name] plays their song*
And my heart started to race
And my hands started to shake, yeah
I heard you asked about me through a
My adrenaline kicked in
'Cause I've been askin' 'bout you too
And now we're out here in this room
I get a little bit nervous around you
Get a little bit stressed out when I
think about you
Get a little excited
Baby, when I think about you, yeah
Talk a little too much around you (I
talk a little too much, yeah)
Get a little self-conscious (I get a little
When I think about you
Get a little excited (I get a little
Baby, when I think about you
Yeah, when I think about you, babe
*Scene 9*
Clara: This…sounds like AC’s songs,
but it feels so different from him.
*Worried, Clara puts her right hand
on her chest*
What if AC’s voice has changed? Will I
ever find him?
*Clara gasps*
Set: Social Hall set up with space for the
“stage” and for the crowd/
Outfit: Hayley – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Alex – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for male
Zia – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Kenji – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for male
Presenter – Coat and tie
Outfit: Clara – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 10*
Set: [Band Name]’s club room.
Chairman: Alex, Vendetta hasn’t
recorded a new song in over a year,
right? This is my last warning. If you
don’t produce a new song, I’ll take
away your band privileges – including
the recording studio access.
Outfit: Chairman – Axis Music
Faculty Uniform.
Alex – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for male
Alex: You can’t do that! Please give us
some more time.
*Alex tries to convince the chairman,
following him near the club room’s
Chairman: The student who topped
in lyric writing, I want her in your
*Chairman puts his thumb and index
band. Use whatever method you can, finger on his chin and motions his
or else…
right hand to Alex*
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 11*
Alex: Clara, you see… Vendetta hasn’t
produced a new song in over a year.
You’re the student who topped in
lyric writing, I’m wondering if you
want to join our band.
*Alex explains to Clara about their
Clara: I’m sorry, Alex. I can’t do that.
In this lifetime, I will only write for
*Clara stands and tells Alex that she
is only willing to write for AC*
*Clara leaves*
Set: Café, tables and chairs
2nd option: School Corridors,
Outfit: Clara – Pencil skirt, polo blouse.
Alex –Yellow shirt, jeans
[If we’ll go for the 2nd option,
they will be wearing the
academy uniform]
*Scene 12*
Alex: This whole time, I’ve been
getting credit for all of Vendetta’s
song lyrics. But the truth is, I have
no talent for writing lyrics at all. The
real writer has always been…
Alex: Kenji. But ever since what
happened, he stopped.
Lights: /turn off/
*Scene 13*
Lights: /turn on/
Clara: I might never find him…
*Clara sits on a bench, moping*
Set: School grounds
Hayley: Hey, you seem a bit down.
Listen to this song with me.
*Hayley approaches Clara and offers
Clara her other earphone*
Outfit: Clara & Hailey – Axis Music
female uniform
Clara: This song. The recording may
be bad, but this is AC! Who is this
*Clara hears the recording and her
face lights up*
Hayley: I heard it once while
passing by the music room of the
guitar club, but I’ve never heard this
person again since then.
*Hayley explains*
Hayley: But you can’t enter that
room! School rules say only club
members can enter. However… all
members of Vendetta can because
we have special privilege by the
*Clara stands up*
*Hayley grabs Clara by the hand and
stops her*
Clara: Then I have decided to join *Clara, motivated, decides to join
[band name] *
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 14*
Set: Clara’s class room.
Clara: Who wrote on my desk? My
bag is gone, who took it?
*Clara looks for her bag asking her
classmates if someone took it*
Maureen: Getting more confident
after joining Vendetta, huh? You
have to be responsible for your own
things. Stop blaming other students.
*Maureen stands up from her seat
and confronts Clara*
Clara: It’s you, right? Where’s my
*Clara walks up to Maureen and asks
Maureen about her bag*
Outfit: Clara – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Maureen – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Maureen: Stop it, you don’t even
deserve to be part of Vendetta!
Lights: /turn off/
*Scene 15*
*Clara is looking for her notebook *
Lights: /turn on/
Kenji: Hey! What are you doing?!
*Kenji enters the set and asks Clara*
Set: Back of Clara’s Classroom [LMAO I
don’t know how to describe it]
Clara: My notebook, I can’t find it! It
contains all the lyrics I’ve written for
AC in the past three years.
*Clara looks up to Kenji, Clara looks
for her notebook again and finishes
the 2nd sentence of her line*
Kenji: Why are you so fixated on this
one person you’ve never even met?!
*Kenji, irritated, asks Clara*
Outfit: Kenji and Clara – Axis Academy
*Clara cleans her skirt and stands up*
Clara: Because his voice saved me!
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 16*
*Kenji picks up Clara’s notebook*
*Kenji reads her notebook, constantly
Kenji: When I hear you sing, it gets
hard to breathe
Can't help but think every song's
about me
And every line, every word that I
You are the muse in the back of my
mind, oh
*Kenji gets his guitar and plays*
*Kenji pauses*
*Kenji continues*
*Kenji stops*
Kenji: After reading Clara’s lyrics,
the music notes that disappeared
from my world are slowly coming
[Why by Shawn Mendes]
Don't want to ask about it 'cause
you might brush it off
I'm afraid you think that it means
nothing at all
I don't know why I won't admit that
you're all I want
I pretend that I'm not ready
Why do we put each other through
Why can't we just get over
And you say hi like you just met me
Why do we put each other through
Why can't we just get over
Why can't we just get over
*Kenji continues playing*
*Clara enters set*
*Clara stops upon hearing Kenji’s
*Clara moves closer to the music
*Clara speaks*
*Kenji stops*
Clara: That’s my song. AC…I’ve
finally found your voice.
*Clara enters the music room*
Clara: Kenji! I was right, it’s always *Clara goes to Kenji and talks to him*
Set is divided to two, the other is
outside guitar club’s music room, the
other is inside.
Outfit: Axis Music Academy uniform.
been you. You’re AC.
Kenji: The person you’re looking for *Kenji stans up, walks past Clara and
is dead, I’m not AC.
then speaks*
Clara: Then, from now on, the *Clara persistently talks to Kenji*
person I like is Kenji!
Kenji: Whatever…
*Kenji leaves*
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 17*
*Clara is sitting in her classroom*
Hayley: What’s wrong? Did
something happen?
*Hayley sees her and approaches her*
Clara: Did you know that Kenji is AC?
*Clara, looking on the floor, asks
*Hayley answers*
Hayley: I did. I’ve known Kenji since
we were young, but since he didn’t
want to say anything about it, I
didn’t either.
Clara: I heard him sing…
*Clara, still looking down, replies*
Hayley: The reason why Kenji
became this way is because of two
*Hayley starts telling Kenji’s past*
Set: Clara’s classroom
Light: Gold-ish
Outfit: Clara & Hailey – Axis Music
female uniform
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 18*
Hayley: When Kenji was a child, he
was sent to the orphanage with
wounds all over his body. His
mother was a prostitute and hate
Kenji clinging to her, so she abused
him and even slit his wrists, this is
why he always wears a wristband.
*Props are moving/ images are flashes
on a TV screen as Hayley narrates
Kenji’s past to Clara*
Set: Hanging props/Images flashed on
TV screen, black background
Outfit: Clara & Hailey – Axis Music
female uniform
Hayley: He’s always been distant.
The only person who he let into his
world was Dianne. He fell in love
with her, but he caught her
Clara: Kenji, he went through so
Hayley: I’ve liked him for a long time
too, but my feelings are nothing.
You made him sing again, Clara.
Please don’t give up on him.
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 19*
*Kenji walks along Axis Music
Academy Corridor*
Set: School Corridor.
Clara: Kenji!
Kenji: Stop following me like a lost
dog, Clara.
Clara: Kenji, you listen to me right
now. You saved me, when I was on
the verge of losing all hope. I want
to help you, please let me into your
*Clara sees Kenji and runs to him*
*Kenji, irritated, shouts at Clara and
then tries to walk away*
*Clara grabs Kenji by his hands*
*Clara catches her breath*
*Clara explains*
Outfit: Clara – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for female
Kenji – Axis Music Academy
Uniform for male
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 20*
Clara: I want to quit the band, Alex.
Please accept these three songs I’ve
written as my farewell gift. After this
day’s performance, I’m afraid I can’t
write for Vendetta again.
*Clara speaks to Alex*
Set: [Band name]’s club room
*Clara gives her notebook to Alex*
*Alex, dumbfounded, took the
Outfit: Axis Academy Uniform
*Clara leaves*
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 21*
*[Band name] readies themselves*
*[Band name] plays*
Set: Social Hall setting, stage.
[Hold On by Shawn Mendes]
(Insert lyrics here)
*Clara walks away from the venue of
the performance*
*Kenji runs after her*
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 22*
*Clara is sitting on a chair*
Kenji: Clara, you’re already a part of
my world. The truth is, I don’t want
you to leave… But we can’t be
together right now.
*Kenji walks up to Clara, holds her
hand and talks to her*
Set: School grounds
[Save Myself by Ed Sheeran]
Life can get you down so I just numb
the way it feels
I drown it with a drink and out-ofdate prescription pills
And all the ones that love me they
just left me on the shelf
No farewell
So before I save someone else, I’ve
got to save myself
And before I love someone else, I’ve
got to love myself.
Outfit: Axis Music Academy Uniform
Lights: /turn off/
Lights: /turn on/
*Scene 23*
News Presenter: Today is the first
concert of Kenji Mendell, the same
artist who became famous seven
years ago as AC.
Clara: Kenji gave me front row
tickets for his concert. Today, he will
perform in front of everyone and
show who really is, Kenji and not AC.
Set: Concert Hall
Light: Various lighting.
Outfit: News Presenter – Vest and
Kenji – Polo, Jeans, silver colored
Necklace, guitar with
Clara – Red dress, heels.
Kenji and Clara:
[Song by Artist]
(To be decided)
Lights: /turn off/
Curtains: /close/
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