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Strange Rocket Story - Forces

Strange Rocket Story:
A rocket is ignited and launched from the ground. It goes through
the next 7 steps and only travels vertically:
Step 1: rocket accelerates for 4 seconds
Step 2: rocket’s engine adjusts to make rocket continue upwards at
constant speed for the next 13 seconds.
Step 3: rocket’s engine stops working entirely and rocket decelerates
to a stop in 2 seconds
Step 4: rocket reverses direction and starts to fall; accelerating to
terminal velocity in 3 seconds
Step 5: rocket continues to fall at constant speed for the next 20
Step 6: rocket opens its parachute
Step 7: rocket falls the remaining distance to the ground.
Question ONE:
 Draw a rocket and include ALL forces during each of the 7
 This will involve SEVEN diagrams.
 Each diagram should have labelled forces (words) and the length
of the force arrow should signify how large the force is.
 Also include an arrow for the Net Force for each diagram.
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