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Resolving Challenges of Auto ISVs with Fruitful Technology Partnerships

Resolving Challenges of Auto ISVs
with Fruitful Technology
19 July 2019
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In the past several years, cars have transformed from being a hardware-oriented vehicle to a
software-oriented one. Each stage of the entire lifecycle of any product or software, right from its
conceptualization, development, deployment, and post-delivery support is crucial to gain customer
confidence and long-term relationships. Customers look for speed and agility and it is no cakewalk
for independent software vendors to pull it off.
Automotive software providers need to develop specialist solutions with the latest technologies.
They face many challenges in terms of their capabilities and limited resources while creating these
solutions for their clients.
According to the Coding Sans State of Software Development 2019 report, 21.29% of software
development companies agreed that dealing with a backlog with limited capacity while delivering
software is the most significant challenge they face. Here are some more common challenges
automotive ISVs face:
Data Management Challenges: Automotive software providers help companies by building products
and software that integrate their standard legacy system with technology innovations. They face
challenges in data modelling, data configuration and dealing with large and poor-quality data.
The One Size Fits All Approach: Most ISVs make a typical list of issues faced by automotive industry
professionals and formulate a standard solution to resolve those issues. Although it works for some
automotive software providers, this approach will not work for all. The reason is, every company
has different manufacturing, inventory management, and billing process. The idea is to create
customized software that takes care of the exact requirements of clients.
Resolving Challenges of Auto ISVs with Fruitful Technology Partnerships
Lack of Infrastructure Knowledge: The customers working with the automotive software vendors
expect them to offer quick, versatile, and scalable solutions that can seamlessly extract information
and insights from legacy data sources. It is crucial to find common grounds with developers working
on the solutions and create a Center of Excellence team to streamline processes from development
to deployment.
Schedule and Cost Overruns: One of the biggest challenges for automotive software providers is to
deploy customized solutions for their clients within the given timeline. Sometimes, they lose many
precious clients due to lack of resources and technical expertise followed by the issue of cost
overruns. As several automotive manufacturers start encountering problems with SaaS-based
system even before it goes live, resolving those issues sometimes need investments in creating a
robust support infrastructure system.
Quality of Service Delivery: The quality of service is a critical factor for automotive ISVs. To establish
a strong customer base and enhance the reputation of their organization, they need to implement
advanced product engineering processes. Not just that, they also need to evolve with emerging
technology innovations.
How Can Automotive ISVs Overcome These Challenges?
It gets complicated to stay relevant with digital transformation in the automotive sector when there
is a dire need to stay ahead in the competitive market. ISVs need to constantly innovate and evolve
using advanced technologies, strike the right partnerships with automotive leaders, and interact
with global key industry players. Moreover, once you develop the automotive solution, you need to
make continuous improvement by embracing a dynamic product architecture and the emerging
requirements of the markets.
This might not be practically possible for ISVs due to lack of the right resources and technical
expertise. This is where a fruitful technology partnership can be of help.
Gateway Digital: Helping ISVs to scale up their software offerings
At Gateway Digital, we understand the significance of efforts that the independent software vendors
put in while formulating the solutions or offerings to their customers for better experiences. We
work as a co-creation and co-innovation partner with automotive software providers to help them
with software and product engineering expertise and redefining customer experiences in this digital
era. We provide the right technology insights and solutions to ISVs and businesses and support them
in their growth journey.
If you are a software provider looking for support to co-innovate and co-create digital strategies and
solutions for your automotive clients, get in touch with us at [email protected] To know
more about the partnership opportunities, visit www.gatewaydigital.se.
Resolving Challenges of Auto ISVs with Fruitful Technology Partnerships
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Resolving Challenges of Auto ISVs with Fruitful Technology Partnerships